14 Signs He’s Pulling Away (Without You Knowing)

You’d think that when people end relationships they just end them and save everyone the trouble of confusion and even more heartache, but things aren’t always that simple.

Many times the man goes away little by little…

In this article, you will see 14 clear signs that he is slowly moving away (even if you don’t realize it)

1. He’s leaving you out of important decisions.

He used to control things for you and was eager to hear your opinion, but now he doesn’t even talk about your decision-making process and you’re figuring things out as they happen.

2. He’s Happier Hanging Out With People That Aren’t You

You’re getting the hang of putting up with his bad mood, especially since he seems to be quite happy in the company of other people.

3. He is starting to become friends with other women.

Your guy always seemed to respect your feelings around other women, but now it’s like he’s almost trying to make you jealous.

4. He fights for nothing. 

The missing remote turned his living room into World War III, and for some reason, he sincerely believes you’re to blame.

5. He suddenly can’t stand certain things about you. 

You’ve always worn blue nail polish and tried bold makeup, but now he thinks your style is over the top and criticizes your appearance on a daily basis.

6. He Said You Deserve Someone Better

He talks about important things like reasons he’s just not very good at being a boyfriend and doesn’t stop when you try to disagree.

7. He almost never responds to text messages when he’s out.

He used to keep in touch all day and now when he responds to your messages he is always apologizing for how long it took but the excuses are flimsy.

8. You just don’t feel close anymore.

Your feelings towards him haven’t changed, but there is a great distance between you and you don’t know what in the world could be causing it.

9. He started talking about a future that doesn’t include you. 

Recently, he’s been excited, for example, about the idea of ​​going back to college, but he’s probably going to have to move and he knows you won’t be leaving your job anytime soon.

10. He is not very affectionate with you. 

If you’re sharing the “I love you” status, he’s running away from it… He never gives you unexpected kisses or cuddles again and makes excuses to pull away once you start.

11. He is not committing to anything else.

You’re trying to buy concert tickets and he’s being very uncertain and evasive like he doesn’t know if he’s going to be around all this summer.

12. He tries to avoid posting pictures together.

You could seriously feel his hesitation when he tried to set up a double selfie during a hike last weekend.

13. He talks about the different qualities he wants in a woman.

If your guy starts saying things like:

“Where can I find such a wife?” in reference to your favorite TV character, he’s clearly trying to mention that you’re not.

14. Your friends have moved away a bit.

You used to consider his best friends some of your own too, but lately, it’s almost like they know something is up and just don’t want to let you know what it is.