15 tricks to get closer and talk to the guy you like, talk to your CRUSH

In love life, many suffer from not having many options to have a partner.

And the reason you don’t have a lot of options is that you go out all the time but DO NOT meet new people.

And the reason why you do not meet new people is that you wait until you have the perfect phrase to say to meet that person, you feel you look at the person you want to talk to and you do not do it because you want to look good.

Think of it this way we are all trying to look good with each other, we are all nervous at being vulnerable by approaching someone else you don’t know and talking to them and making a fool of ourselves or doing something embarrassing.

For that reason, people instead of being open to meeting new people have that annoying attitude of few friends, which is what happens when you go out at night and look at those intimidating looks, when in reality most would like to meet more people.

1. If you find him in a restaurant ask him to borrow the salt and if he is in a bar ask him if he can take a picture of you

Many psychological and sociological studies have shown that men and women fall in love in different ways. While the women do it through what they hear, the boys feel the first crush of Cupid by the look. So your main goal is for him to look at you and get hooked on your feminine appeal.

Information is power and now that you know this is time to act. If you meet him in a restaurant, cafeteria, or bar, you are in luck because in those places there are many excuses to encourage him to look at you and he will not even realize that everything has been planned.

So he kicks in by borrowing salt or asking what he’s drinking.

If you approach his table to ask him for salt, it will be inevitable that he will turn to see you while you walk away and that is where you should look very attractive. But yes, do not forget to remove the salt shaker from your table to avoid suspicion.

At the bar, you have everything to win, pluck up your courage and go to his group to ask if he can take a picture of you with your phone. Hopefully, he will ask you to stay with him and he may even buy you a drink.

2. Trip over your crush on the way to the bathroom

“Fate is the one that shuffles the cards, but we are the ones who play,” is a very popular phrase by the British writer William Shakespeare. So based on that premise, why don’t you make fate play a bit in your favor. How? Let’s see:

This technique will need your maximum attention because you will have to go to the bathroom at the same time as the boy you like.

When you notice that he leaves the group to take the path to the bathroom, you must do the same but more quickly to be in the hall before your crush.

Once you have him very close, trip him and apologize. After that, he will know that you exist and if you come by his side again, while the evening passes, much better.

He can think of two things at that moment:

The first: That fate is placing you in its path and that is just what you want.

The second: That you are using all your cards to promote a rapprochement and Bingo! You also get all the chips.

From this to start a conversation there is only one step. So go ahead, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

3. Be a different girl: switch roles and send him a drink 

Of all the tricks to get closer to your crush, this is one of the ones we like the most because it makes you look daring, confident, attractive, modern and it is almost impossible for him to refuse to meet you.

Surely you have seen in many movies the typical scene where the protagonist sends a drink to the girl with the waiter. Well, it is exactly the same, but this time it is you who takes the initiative.

At the moment of receiving the drink, you must be prepared, because he will look up to look for that woman who dared to break the mold. You will be there to say hello and toast with him from the other end of the room. That will make his heart race, it will leave him wanting to meet you!

A few tips for this strategy: You already looked daring and interesting, but you can give it a little more intensity by being enigmatic. How? Send him with the drink your phone number written on a napkin and the moment he looks up to see you, you just greet him, raise your glass and leave the room. We assure you that he will not resist and will have to call you.

4. Make him smile by making faces

Men love funny girls and you can show them from the outset that you have a good attitude towards life, that they will always have a great time with you. This is very simple to achieve, when you are close to him, he makes faces until you get a smile, your crush will be intrigued with your personality and will have no choice but to come to meet you.

It will be a good memory and they always smiled at this.

5. Go out on the floor to dance alone and while you do, do not take your eyes off her

What better way to get noticed by the guy you like than by showing how good you are at dancing? With this technique, he will be the one who approaches you, but it will be you who will push him to do so.

There is something that you should not overlook. If you are with your group of friends and you are not indifferent to this boy, it is very possible that he will feel intimidated to approach. So if you leave the group, dance alone, and also stare at him, you are leaving the option open for him to take control of the situation.

If your crush is still too shy or clueless to pick up the signals you send him, you will have no choice but to go to where he is, take him by the hand, and ask him to dance.

Don’t be shy! a scientific study showed that people who dance are happier. Yes, as you hear it. In addition, dancing improves your confidence and reduces anxiety levels, therefore while you are moving your body, you send positive signals to that boy who melts your heart at the same time.

6. What if you pretend you know him but don’t remember where?

This technique has been used by boys for a long time and you can be sure that, just as it works for them, it will also work for you.

This plan goes like this: Go over and say hello to him, tell him that his face looks familiar and you think you know him from somewhere but can’t remember where. This will allow you to continue the conversation, ask him where he works, what university he attends, you can even find out if he is single.

When your crush enters into confidence and you realize that there is an attraction between the two of you, why not confess that you did this to talk to him?

7. Ask a friend to introduce you

If none of the previous techniques suits your personality or you simply do not dare to take the reins so directly, then it is necessary to go to a plan B by asking a friend to introduce it to you.

Keep in mind that this will only work if you both have a mutual friend. The good thing about asking a friend to introduce you to get closer is that you are going the safe way, you do not have to make plans, or be nervous about not knowing what to expect.

In addition, that friend you have in common can also help you by giving you some clues about the things they like and it will depend on you if they feel like having an encounter with you again.

8. Ask him who is winning the game or what is his team

Sports bars are more than suitable places to flirt with a guy, these places are the classic of the classics and they never go out of style. The reason? Playful activities and sports promote social contact, so if you are in a sports bar this is your opportunity to promote a rapprochement.

Try asking who is winning the game and be interested in the activity. Surely you have heard the term “sporty girls”, if not, let us tell you that these are girls who like sports and also practice them.

Being a sporty girl, even at the bar, to catch the man of your dreams is not bad at all.

9. Ask him for help with your car

Boys like to feel useful, that they can become the protector of a girl, and also that they recognize the things they do. Since you know this, you have the winning card in your hands. A good way to get closer and make a good impression is by allowing her to reinforce her strengths and abilities with you. Consider the following ideas:

Pretend your car won’t start or you have a tire problem to ask for help, men love to have the power behind the wheel. He will not hesitate to give you the necessary help.

If this is too complicated for you then venture into something simpler like asking for an address. He may even offer to accompany you to prevent you from getting lost.

10. Break down barriers using social media

At this point, we are going to stop a bit, because it deserves your maximum attention and it is worth it that you understand very well how social networks are perfect to find a partner in the era where the internet is everything.

A couple of American sociologists conducted a study on the use of social media in dating relationships and what they discovered was surprising: Today approximately 40% of couples in a relationship fell in love through internet conversations, while in the last century only 2% of people found love on the network of networks.

What happens is that with the passing of time online chats have become an effective means of communication, there both men and women are uninhibited and can assume their own personality without fear of being judged.

If you are a super modern girl and even with everything we have proposed, you are afraid of approaching the boy you like, because with this advice there is no way to fail. Using social media to flirt is a great idea.

So grab your cell phone and send that boy who has a crush on your heart a friend request. Once they are friends online, it’s up to you to make them want to meet you and be more than just virtual companions.

Remember that you only get one chance to make a good first impression. So before sending the friend request make sure you have the best photos on your profile, those where you look irresistible. With social networks, you can plan that approach very well.

11. Ask him to tell you the time

It can be a bit cliché but if you meet your crush without having anything prepared and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to get closer, then go for the reliable question: Could you tell me what time you have, please?

Getting closer is the hardest, but once you dare to ask, the rest of the conversation will come out on its own. But you have to make sure they can bring up a topic where there is feedback because the last thing you want is for both of you to end up in awkward silence.

But before moving on to the next tip, don’t forget that if you’re going to ask your crush for the time to get closer, first remove the watch from your wrist and hide your cell phone. Otherwise, you will realize that it was just an excuse to talk to him.

12. Ask for their opinion on something

This advice has also been used infinitely many times by men and since what is the same is not cheating, we invite you to make use of their techniques to flirt. These ideas will be very helpful:

If you are in a bar and a band is playing, come over to ask them how the music was, if they have already been in another presentation with this band or if they can suggest a place where they also put music like the one that is playing.

As we have already told you, daring girls are very attractive so come to his table to question him about what you are wearing. You can tell her that your friends don’t like your dress and you would love to have a boy’s opinion.

Another idea is to walk past him and commit. Don’t you think it’s starting to get hot? If he says yes, don’t miss the opportunity to invite him in some fresh air.

13. Get along with his friends and let him notice your presence

If no matter how hard you try, your nerves will not let you get close to the boy of your dreams, you can take other paths that will eventually lead you to that same destination. And in this case, you should take into account the possibility of making friends with your crush’s close companions.

In this way, you will also have the opportunity to meet him, find out what things he likes, what are the topics that interest him, and from all this information design your conquest strategy. Sounds good! And if you get down to work in a very short time you will be close to that boy whose heart is beating at a thousand kilometers per hour.

14. Throw a party and make sure it’s on the guest list

If you have the house to yourself on the weekend, it’s time to organize a party and spread the word that it will be amazing. But for him to attend, you must be friends with someone in his group, make sure you invite that person and tell him to go with the rest of his friends including that boy you like so much.

Being the hostess, you have every right to approach him to ask how he has been going and if he wants something. From there they can have more topics of conversation, dance and even meet to see each other another time: parties are ideal times to socialize.

15. Be honest and ask him out

So far we’ve given you 14 ways to reach the guy you like with hints, and trust us when we tell you they work. But if you want to skip all these steps and get straight to the point, our last advice is that you tell him that you are attracted to him and you would like to go out with him. The truth is an excellent alternative!

Remember that female empowerment is setting the tone and what better way than to take control of your life than by standing in front of that boy you love to ask him out.