9 proven ways to get a man’s attention, how to get him to talk to you

When you try to get the attention of the man you are attracted to, it is frustrating

But when you don’t want her, all the weird and weird guys are giving you their attention

Grabbing the attention of the guy you like without showing that you are doing it on purpose, and subtly edging him to make the first approach move is one of the best ways to start a flirtation with everything in your favor.

There are a number of attitudes and tricks that will help you push the right buttons in the brain of any man you want to attract. They are very subtle but powerful tools that have been proven over and over again by successful women in love for years.

Number 1: Create opportunities for him to approach you

If you want him to be the one to take the initiative, you have to make things a little easier for him: clear his path of obstacles so that he gets closer to you. Looking spectacular is not enough if you are surrounded by an insurmountable wall of friends, or if you have a haughty and intimidating attitude.

Remember that there are shy men who are afraid to approach beautiful or attractive women and that is when you should give them the push. How to do it? It’s super simple! Use open body language.

To play your body language to your advantage, you need to make eye contact and smile. Do not be afraid to give him a look and a natural smile that says “you can approach without fear, I do not bite”. These are gestures that will automatically make him feel confident and dare to speak to you.

Sure, it doesn’t hurt to look for opportunities to appear on their radar and their peripheral vision so they can exchange approach signals, but always try not to look too obvious; The last thing you want is for one of his friends to realize that you follow him everywhere and put you in evidence.

Number 2: Wear the same perfume every day

The smell is one of the senses that are most linked to seduction, not for nothing do people spend small fortunes on products that make us smell better and leave a particular aromatic mark that characterizes us.

Try to always use the same perfume when you are around the boy you like. So the simple fact that you are there or pass by his side will make him aware of your presence, without necessarily having to be looking at you.

Try to use simple, subtle, and sweet fragrances, such as vanilla or citrus lotions. So when he smells something like that, he will inevitably remember you.

Number 3: use your body language 

Playing with hair is a technique with body language, but the truth is that it is already somewhat hackneyed. In fact, men almost always take it for granted that if a girl fiddles with her hair while talking to or looking at them, it is because she is attracted. And that can sometimes backfire; it is better to leave your mark with something more subtle and original.

Therefore, instead of resorting to the usual trick, try this variant: look for a signal or a repetitive gesture that is very yours and that projects that you feel comfortable and authentic with it. It can be touching your earlobe, stroking your own shoulder, biting your lip, etc.

The important thing is that he notices you because your body language is inviting him to come closer and observe those little details that make you unique.

Number 4: Be playful

Men are naturally distracted, but if anything makes the thoughts in your head stop short and all the attention signals go on, it’s physical contact of any kind with a woman.

In the attraction phase, it is very useful to find a way for them to touch but without it being obvious that you caused the situation. This requires a bit of skill and a lot of patience to observe situations and find the right moment to brush their shoulder or bump into them without everyone noticing that you are approaching them deliberately.

An excellent tip for you to touch his hands is to borrow a pencil or pen.

Number 5: Ask him for help!

Men love to feel useful in front of women; This greatly strengthens their self-confidence, and when their confidence increases, so do their testosterone levels, which in turn causes a hormonal increase in their libido and their willingness to flirt and take the initiative.

If you want to set off all these chain reactions in the guy you like, find a way to ask him for help with something he’s good at or talented at. For example, if he’s good at math, you can ask him to help you understand some formulas. If you know English, you pretext that you need to translate a song.

Of course, think about your strategy well because, if you ask him for help with something that he does not really know or cannot do (such as changing a tire or helping you study for a subject he hates), you will cause the opposite effect: anxiety and a need to go out of that commitment as soon as possible, so as not to look bad.

Number 6: Show your talents

Psychologists and experts in love relationships know that a person never looks more attractive than when he is doing something well that he likes and for which he has a facility.

Can you see how he seems super attractive when he is saying something clever, when he makes all his friends laugh, or when he is on the court sending precise and skillful passes? Well, the same thing happens to them: a woman who becomes the owner of the situation and who builds her personality and her image based on her talents is irresistible to them.


In other words, if you are given to write, sing, dance, or do some sport, you should never hide it out of modesty, but quite the opposite: express it whenever there is the opportunity. That others place you as the girl who does wonder this or that thing.

Number 7: Be kind and honest to everyone.

Forget about the haughty and aggressive posture of the capricious and unapproachable girl. That may have been fashionable in the past, but nowadays guys are turning their attention back to genuine, kind, and simple women.

Kindness, kindness, and honesty are very attractive virtues for a man who wants a serious relationship, in the same way, that you would prefer someone trustworthy and generous for a long-term courtship, right?

So project exactly what you are hoping to receive: great treatment and a lot of consideration for yourself and those around you. Do not be hostile, do not speak ill of other people, and make sure that your language is always open and harmonious. Needless to say, this is an excellent opportunity for you to genuinely improve as a human being.

Number 8: Add it to your social networks 

Think of the time of your grandparents or your parents, when there were no smartphones, social networks, or WhatsApp. They did not have the wonderful neutral pretext of “adding Facebook to Instagram or Tik Tok” that we do have, and they had to risk directly asking for the phone or a date, which immediately gave away their dating intentions.

Today you have powerful tools in the palm of your hand that allow you to make a presence with the boy you like and attract him in a subtle and progressive way. In addition, social media allows you to take a very useful look at their lifestyle and interests. This will allow you to highlight the commonalities and draw their attention to essential compatibility. Do you like the same music? Are they fans of the same author? Do you both love movies? All that you can find out in the things he shares.

First, dare to add it to your networks, most likely it will accept you immediately. Then analyze their profile and their publications, and interact sporadically and in a relaxed way with the ones you like the most. Of course, avoid exaggerating and liking posts that are more than three days old, because that would reveal that you had a good time checking their wall. What you want is not to make it clear that there is interest on your part, but precisely to sow doubt in his head, will this girl like me?

Number 9: Take care and love yourself!

We end with this tip because it is definitely the most important. Men are not only attracted to pretty girls, they go crazy over women who project a ton of self-love and a certain dose of healthy vanity.

Why do you think everyone is after the most popular? We can assure you that it is not because she is the prettiest, the most fitness or the most intelligent, but because she is the one who is the most demanding when choosing her suitors and friends because she knows what she is worth and makes sure that everyone around you notices it.

Taking care of and loving yourself is an easy thing to say but, in practice, it involves a whole lifestyle and changing many not-so-positive habits. It includes exercising to feel strong, resistant, and powerful, watching your diet because your body is a temple, giving yourself at least thirty minutes of personal grooming a day, worrying about finding your own style in which you feel comfortable, but at the same time you stand out of the rest, and above all, focus all your emotional energy on your own goals and passions, not on like others.

The reality is this: when you learn to love yourself, everything else – friends, accomplished goals, and healthy emotional relationships – comes in addition.

As you can see, getting a guy’s attention and getting him to talk to you is not that difficult as long as you are observant, tactical, and most of all, confident in yourself. The key is to use body language to your advantage, such as smiles and looks while showing all the good things about your personality. Persevere in each of the techniques that we have described and you will achieve your goal.

Don’t despair if you don’t get immediate results. It’s all a process and some men take much longer to initiate than others. What is a fact is that if you follow the advice we have given you, you will always project the best version of yourself and that will make you much more attractive in general.