17 Romantic And Affectionate Things You Can Do For Your Boyfriend

Want your man to know the extremely adorable side of you?

Repay his loving gestures with these romantic things you can do for your boyfriend.

When you love a person, it’s natural to want to fill them with love, affection, and sweet words.

We always want to make the men in our lives feel special, appreciated, and loved.

Courting women with flowers and dates might be cliché, but let’s face it, it works.

However, the idea of ​​romance in men’s minds, if there is such a thing, might be a little different.

Before you give up on treating your boyfriend or husband well, let’s not forget that his needs are actually associated with the things he likes the most.

So, we’ve already found a way for you to do romantic things for your boyfriend with just everyday elements… only this time, you’ll add the element of surprise to make everything even more special.

Romantic Things To Do For Your Boyfriend.

1. Give Him a Gift.

This is the first tip because it is indispensable.

Whether it’s his birthday or he’s been promoted… even if you don’t have a specific reason, you can give him a gift to brighten his day.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an expensive gift or you made it yourself, he’s sure to like it, especially if you take special care to find out what he really likes.

2. Give Him a Massage.

Giving your man a massage after a long day at work may be old-fashioned, but it’s still very effective.

Impress him with incense or scented candles…and fill his fantasies with a “happy ending” after a satisfying, satisfying massage.

3. Give More Spontaneous Kisses.

Kissing is easy, and even better, it’s free.

A couple can kiss at any time, but add the element of surprise and give him a kiss when he least expects it.

Better yet, kiss and then give him a sensual wink or squeeze his ass, run your hands through his hair, across his chest or arms.

There’s nothing like showing affection to melt his heart

4. Write Him a Letter.

Resurrect his diary or give him a card in his style… and write cute phrases or punch lines.

Resurrect the old ways of writing.

In a 100% digital world, this gesture will be positively unforgettable for him.

Don’t forget to write an impact sentence.

5. Do A Little Dance.

Chances are he likes the way you dance when the two of you are alone.

But if you really want to impress, learn a dance without him knowing.

Something sensual like belly dancing to make his jaw drop.

6. Breakfast In Bed.

Yes, it was a delight when he made you breakfast in bed.

This time, though, why not reciprocate with something special by preparing and serving him breakfast without clothes on?

Don’t forget to hint that he might have you for dessert.

7. Prepare His Lunch For Him To Take To Work.

You may have already done this several times, especially if you are already living together, but why not make things more fun and special by posting unexpected messages?

It can be in a paper bag or napkin.

You can even cut the cheese into a heart shape to make the gesture even cuter.

8. Dinner.

First, it was breakfast, then lunch… now it’s dinner.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Prepare his favorite dish for dinner or learn how to make a recipe with his favorite ingredients.

You’re sure to melt his heart after he sees the time and effort you’ve put into taking care of him.

9. Plan a Date.

The man is the leader, he’s always the one who bangs his head to find a nice place to take you on a date.

This time, it’s time to reverse that role and take him out to dinner.

It could be a place in another city, a new restaurant or even the same place you always go to, he will love the surprise.

And since we’re in the 21st century, you can foot the bill, too, if you want.

10. Surprise Him With A Three-Day Travel Plan.

Men like adventure, and it doesn’t matter if it’s an adventure in another country or just camping by the river, make his belly freeze by planning an impromptu trip.

Instead of going to the same place where you spend your vacation, try to discover a new world.

Try diving, climbing, or hiking.

11. Learn More About His Favorite Hobby.

He might like martial arts, football, or just video games.

Whatever it is, he’s sure to think you’re the best woman in the world if you put the extra effort into learning more about his hobbies and interests.

This is also a great way to improve the couple’s relationship.

12. Get Tickets for Him.

Whether it’s for his favorite band or a football game, you can also melt his heart by paying more attention to the other things that are important to him.

Surprise him with an envelope with tickets to the hottest and most anticipated international show of the year, or better yet, buy him a band t-shirt.

13. Dress Nicely.

Another effective way to make your man melt for you is to groom yourself impeccably.

This is always easy for women, it’s natural, but many women forget that they have to conquer their boyfriend every day and end up relaxing.

When he sees you, you’ll see that all the effort was worth it.

14. Show up by surprise at his office.

Another trick to being kind and romantic with your man is to show up by surprise.

Go to his place of work and bring him food or whatever else we mentioned here.

Showing up with nothing in hand is also effective, he might be in need of a break from that stressful report.

15. Make A Paper Trail.

Awaken the child in him by creating a romantic treasure hunt.

Spread out those sheets of that heart-shaped notebook and leave a paper trail with clues on the floor all over the house until he finds the special reward at the end: you.

16. Surprise Him.

There’s nothing like surprises to make someone feel special.

The same goes for your man, so think of creative ways to surprise him, from a romantic gesture to a friendly prank.

This is sure to make him smile.

17. Let Him Out At Night With Friends.

If your boyfriend or husband is always apprehensive about whether or not you’ll let him hang out with his friends… or if you’re the type of woman who has to call him and order you to come home, then surprise him with an amazing attitude: let him hang out with his friends for a whole night or even encourage him to go out with his friends.

Let him have fun with his friends.

Depending on his personality or limits, he can feel extremely free.

Trust me, it’s really worth doing this once in a while and he’ll like you even more for it.


Here it is. Very easy, isn’t it?

With the right attitude and enough preparation, you can make everyday occasions and activities a little more romantic for your man with these tips.

What men appreciate about a woman’s romantic gestures is this: It really doesn’t matter if it’s an expensive, sophisticated, or humble thing.

What matters is the effort you put into the plan or gesture and the simple, authentic way you used to care for it.

Romance can be celebrated every day.

You can also inject a little romance into everything you do just by following these tips.

Most are easy, cheap, and well worth it. Guaranteed.