How to Apologize to Your Boyfriend: 11 Ways to Make Him Smile

There are times in a relationship when you will make your boyfriend angry or disappointed.

When that happens, here are 11 tips on how to apologize to your boyfriend and get over it.

There must be a plethora of studies on couples trying to determine which is more important: being right or being happy.

And guess what? For most, it’s more important to be right.

This causes a big problem and creates arm wrestling in relationships.

The worst part of a fight is when you want to break up but don’t know how to apologize to your boyfriend.

There are times when you think you might be wrong, but you don’t want to admit it.

Then there are moments when you know you’re absolutely right, but if you don’t apologize, it’s going to drag on forever.

How to apologize to your boyfriend.

Most men are very stubborn and sometimes even when you say the words “I’m sorry” they will hold a grudge and act passively-aggressively for an eternity.

So if you want to throw in the towel but aren’t quite sure how there are ways to apologize where both sides are satisfied and the relationship can then return to normal.

Try these heartfelt apologies that will smoothen any rough situations with your boyfriend:

1. Send a joke or something fun to make him laugh.

One of the reasons he loves you is that you have the ability to make him laugh and make him feel good.

If you see something fun that you know he’ll have a lot of laugh, share it with him.

Laughter is the best medicine and also the best way to make your boyfriend forget what you did and forgive you.

2. Just Smile.

Have you ever been in the heat of an argument where your boyfriend is really mad at you and you burst out laughing?

There are muscles in your face that literally release endorphins in your brain.

When you smile, it’s contagious… and he’ll smile too.

Before you know it, you’ll both be asking why you were angry.

A smile is a great way to reassure him that everything is okay and that what you did was nothing serious.

3. Simply Say “I’m Sorry”.

Something so simple may seem very difficult at the moment, but if he’s truly mad at you and all your attempts to make him see that you’re not wrong don’t work, you may have to swallow the frog and literally apologize to him.

The words “I’m sorry” have a healing effect on a broken relationship.

In addition to bringing a sense of relief to you, the words “I’m sorry” will also allow him to enter the process of forgiveness for what you have done.

4. Make Him Dinner.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

If you did something that made him angry and you don’t know how to make him forgive you, show up at his house with his favorite food and leave it there.

While he’s enjoying his fabulous dinner, he’ll think about it and realize that the only thing missing is you.

He’ll be back in your arms in record time.

5. Send Him An Office Lunch.

If you know he’s stuck in that cubicle and can’t go out to lunch, surprise him by sending him some delicious food.

Deliver it yourself or have his favorite restaurant deliver it with a note saying “I’m sorry.”

This will make him see that you think about him all the time.

6. Wash or Have His Car Washed.

Men are relaxed.

If you notice that his car is full of water bottles and soda cans that he has been drinking in the last three months, take his car keys and take it to a Car Wash.

How can you be mad at a wife or girlfriend who does such a nice thing?

This is a gesture to reflect that goes beyond just saying “I’m sorry”.

7. Clean His Apartment.

Fixing his apartment might take all day, but it’s something he’ll truly enjoy.

Wash his clothes, clean the dirty bathroom and put all his favorite things in the right place.

When he gets home, he’ll have no choice but to forget he’s mad at you.

Making his home more comfortable is one of the best ways to apologize and show him that you love him.

Just be sure not to touch or see anything you shouldn’t.

You don’t want to make a mess trying to solve another.

8. Buy Tickets For Him To See A Football Game With His Friends.

This tip is hit and miss.

He sure is looking forward to seeing his team play at the stadium, especially with his friends.

Surprise even more and buy special seats in the stadium.

Your generosity followed by non-possessive behavior will ensure his forgiveness.

9. Plan a Beach Weekend With Him.

Pick him up at work on a Friday with his bags packed and everything packed in the car.

Sometimes we start to get mad at the boyfriend just because of the stress of everyday life.

A great way to say you’re sorry for what you’ve done and want to start over is to plan a weekend at the beach, just the two of you.

You can go apologizing along the way, or not.

10. Give Him More Freedom.

Sometimes the problem isn’t stressing, sometimes it’s the fact that you spend too much time together.

If you are fighting a lot and most of the time it seems for no apparent reason, it could be that you need some time apart.

If you want him to forgive you and you want him to find a way to start over, then tell him he’s free to spend the weekend however he wants.

Tell him to take time alone or with his friends, and you will do the same.

That way you will have space to miss each other.

11. For Something Unforgivable, Let Time Pass.

If you’ve done something unforgivable, and you’ve tried to apologize countless times, the best way to handle the situation is to let time pass.

If you keep begging for his forgiveness, you can make him angrier.

He won’t forgive you until he’s ready to forgive. Stop pushing things and give him more time.

Texting needs to stop and talk to his friends and family to show your side isn’t going to help.

Just let time pass.

If and when he’s ready to accept your apology, he’ll know where to find you.

If you want him to forgive you, try doing something nice, try to distract him, or try to leave him alone.

Those are the only options you have.

If all else fails, and you’ve done all you can do, back off and let him run after you.