18 Smart Ways to Make a Man Jealous and Want You More

Jealousy: A Man’s Expression of Love

If you want to know if the guy you’re dating wants to take you seriously or not, you can try some tricks on him by triggering a powerful feeling called jealousy.

If he falls in love with your attitude, then your man definitely loves you, but if he seems uninterested, he’s probably not in love.

First, a caveat: if you don’t know the rules of this mind game, it can backfire at any moment. So, before you start playing the jealousy game, it’s important that you know the rules of the game.

There are times in a relationship when you feel like you’re being taken for granted by the guy. That means he doesn’t try harder to please you, he relaxes his appearance, he becomes less ambitious, more selfish, and so on.

To give the guy you’re dating or dating a reality check, make him jealous.

He will also begin to realize how important you are to him and how incomplete he will feel if you are not on his side.

Making A Guy Jealous

When you’ve been married a long time, your husband starts to think he’s the only priority in your life.

You do everything possible to please him and make him happy.

But there’s one thing… doesn’t that rule apply to him too?

You should be his priority too and your married life should be filled with happiness.

If you feel neglected in your married life, it’s time to make your guy jealous and make him realize your worth.

It’s not that hard to make your husband or boyfriend jealous.

But always remember: if he finds out that you were just playing with him, he might get upset with you.

To make your guy jealous, start with something small that won’t hurt him.

If you do something stupid, it can hurt your man and also ruin your married life.

If you don’t like possessive guys, it’s best to stay away from these techniques.

Chances are good that once you start playing, he could become a possessive boyfriend or husband who will keep calling you just to find out about your whereabouts.

He may be suspicious of the things you do on a daily basis and the men close to you.

Be prepared to deal with it all and show your man that you still love him very much.

Ready to Make Your Guy Jealous?

Let’s start with text messages.

Yes, you can make your boyfriend or husband jealous through messages.

A simple twist in your message, like leaving out certain information, will force him to think you’re dating another guy when, in reality, you’re just taking your dog for a walk.

Yes, it can be that simple.

Excited to learn more? Keep reading.

When your boyfriend texts you, don’t respond right away, even if you’re not doing anything.

If he texted you at night, reply the next morning.

Just let him know you were busy last night so you couldn’t text him back right away.

Don’t let him know why you were busy.

Let him make some crazy assumptions.

If he’s inviting you via text, decline saying that you’ve already made plans with someone.

Remember to keep the mystery.

Here are 18 other smart ways to make a guy jealous and keep his attention on you.

18 Smart Ways to Make a Man Jealous

1. Look beautiful

There shouldn’t be any specific occasion to look pretty or take care of yourself.

Take time to get ready when you go out.

If you’re not into makeup, try wearing a little makeup for a change.

Don’t just use something simple; instead, select the dress that enhances your curves.

Make an effort to change your hairstyle too.

All these changes will not go unnoticed.

Your husband or boyfriend is sure to notice the change and will ask you questions about the change.

Don’t give details, just smile mysteriously.

It’s enough to make him jealous and he’ll start paying more attention to you to find out what’s going on in your life.

Isn’t it super cute?

For example, after being married so long, if you find your husband getting possessive of you, won’t you feel good about it?

You know you’re doing this for your husband, but why let the rabbit out of the hat so soon?

Enjoy all the attention he’s giving you, and when you feel things are taking a turn, blurt out the truth.

2. have fun

If you haven’t been out with your girlfriends in a long time, it’s time to ignore your boyfriend or husband and go out to dinner with them

Have a lot of fun and take lots of pictures randomly so you can show them to your man.

Tell him how fun it was to talk to old friends.

Keep smiling, thinking about the conversation you had with your friends.

This will attract his attention in a more organic, natural way.

When you ignore your partner a little, it not only makes him jealous, but it also makes him feel like other people are invading the space he thought was reserved just for him.

Your partner prefers to see you alone and would hate the idea of ​​sharing your time with anyone.

3. Make His Friends Praise You

When you’re in your boyfriend’s or husband’s circle of friends, try to do something that makes his friends like you.

When his friends start admiring you or complimenting you, he will start to feel jealous or possessive of you.

Don’t do anything overtly flirtatious, but be as charming as possible in front of his friends and they’ll take care of the rest.

Act innocent, as if you didn’t do anything intentionally, and you won’t have any problems with your boyfriend.

4. Keep the Details to Yourself

You may have noticed by now that you share more information with him than he asks for.

Eventually, he turns on you because quickly your boyfriend or husband gets bored with the details and starts yawning.

This time, turn the tables.

If your man asks for more details, answer vaguely.

Keep your conversation sweet and short. He will be confused because he is trying to figure out the sudden change in you.

That way, you’ll be able to keep the mystery. Let his mind wander through nature to collect the details.

Your work is done.

You wanted to make your man jealous and get his attention, and you’ve already achieved that.

5. Laugh A Lot With Your Girlfriends

If you and your boyfriend are at a party, this option is the best way to make your boyfriend jealous.

You just need to spend more time with your friends instead of being glued to them.

You can pose with them and them for photographs.

Can you stomach the fact that your boyfriend is giving more importance to other girls when you’re also at the same party?

The answer is a big no, we all know that.

So, don’t you think the same law applies to you as well?

Try this tip.

6. Make Your Boyfriend Jealous By Ignoring His Calls

When your boyfriend is calling you, don’t answer the call right away.

Ignore the first few calls, if he still calls after a while, answer the phone and pretend to be very busy.

But remember to land like a dream when you meet him in person next time.

Hypnotize him with your beauty so he forgets what happened before.

He won’t broach the subject of you not answering the phone.

If he brings it up again, be vague. This article helps you bypass it the right way.

7. Be Visible

You know he’ll come to pick you up at the office, so ask one of your friends to walk you out to the sidewalk.

When you notice your boyfriend’s car is coming, engage your partner in casual conversation to make him jealous.

Your boyfriend is sure to notice this small gesture and will immediately start questioning you.

Ignore his questions and ask him to stop acting like a jealous boyfriend.

8. Share Your Photos On Social Networks

Why not use social media to show your boyfriend that you can have fun without him too and make him jealous?

Your boyfriend seems to have forgotten how exciting your life can be even without him and how popular you are among his friends.

So these photos will give a subtle reminder of that and when he sees you all smiling he will be jealous.

9. Childhood Friend Can Be Enough

When you’re trying to make your boyfriend jealous, you can start talking more about your childhood friend.

How the two of you used to behave when you were young and what you did together.

His adventures with his childhood friend will make him want to mark his territory.

He may not show it, but his man is jealous of it.

10. Be Indifferent When He Flirts

If you see him flirting with other girls, don’t react.

Just stay calm and enjoy.

He won’t be able to digest this reaction and will start to wonder why you are indifferent to his behavior.

He will start to feel neglected and will come running back to you.

This is a great way to make him jealous.

(But don’t be so indifferent to the point that your relationship isn’t working).

11. Share Good Memories of You and Other Friends

Tell him how much fun you and your other friends are having and how much you enjoy their company.

Your boyfriend will be jealous to hear about your fun times because you’re indirectly telling him that it’s not fun to hang out with him.

He’s going to try really hard to win you back.

12. Dress Nicely While Hanging Out With Other People

Take more time to dress up when you go out with other people.

Your boyfriend will see how much effort you are putting into getting the perfect look, but when you go out with him, wear whatever is on the bed.

Your attitude won’t go unnoticed and he’ll start to feel jealous and ignored at the same time.

He craves your attention and would like you to spend more time getting out of the house for him.

13. Let Your Friend Speak For You

Have one of your friends spread the word about your popularity among other men while you proudly ask them to stop.

Stage this act carefully.

Don’t let him feel anything suspicious.

You should act like this is normal, making him jealous.

14. Try Not To Be The First To Contact

After the first date, even if you feel like getting in touch with him, don’t.

Contain your feelings and let him make the first move.

Make him curious as to whether you had a great time with him or not. If he asks this, don’t give a straight answer.

Play around a bit before responding positively to him.

15. Be Kind To Him

Be extremely nice and nice when you are with him and stop there.

Again, be available to him when you see him making a real effort to get your attention.

This will make your man jealous because he wants to be with you all the time but he just can’t seem to do it.

16. Gift Yourself And Then Pretend

Send yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers and act like you have no idea who sent it.

Act surprised to make your boyfriend jealous.

17. Run After Your Hobby

Spend less time on it and devote more time to your hobby.

If you’re in a long-term relationship, he’s used to your attention, but when something else suddenly becomes more important than him, he won’t be able to take it lightly.

18. Don’t Give In To Last-Minute Plans

If he’s asking you out at the last minute, don’t give in. Let him know you have better plans.

Making yourself available to him is not always going to help you in any way.

Then make yourself unavailable to him.

Make him work hard to win you over.


Always remember that making your boyfriend or husband jealous can be fun, but at the same time, it can also be risky.

Don’t push too hard.

Remember that you are only acting because you want to make him feel jealous and realize your true worth.