20 reasons a man may be suddenly ignoring you

Did you know that there are at least 20 reasons why a guy may be ignoring you? I bet you just thought he just doesn’t like you or that you’re the one who doesn’t know how to get noticed, but my friend, it’s not necessarily like that.

So why does a boy ignore a girl? Before answering you, we have to be sure if the subject under observation is really avoiding you.

Did you notice any significant interest that made you believe that he had feelings for you from the beginning or did it just happen a brief coexistence at school or office, in which they happened to spend time together? This type of confusion happens a lot.

Have you recently noticed any clear signs that he is ignoring you? Could it be that it was something you said or did?

All these questions must have clear and honest answers to determine what happens with the connection between that man and you.

Let’s start our count on the 20 reasons a guy ignores you.

1. lose interest in you

At first, he was infatuated with you when he met you, but as time went by maybe he got bored or found something better to do.

2. You got it wrong

This happens very often. Maybe the boy was never interested in you, he never liked you, at least not the way you want. Maybe he was just nice and you misinterpreted it as an act of interest.

3. No interest in romance

You are not struggling with emotional relationships but you are not thinking about them either. Perhaps the conditions were conducive at some point in the bond with you, but as time passed, he simply no longer thought about it.

4. Discomfort

He doesn’t like you, but he’s very uncomfortable admitting it head-on, so he prefers to play the flirting game until he can’t hold it anymore.

5. Other interests

There is a new interest in his life that motivates him more than you. It can be a hobby, a physical activity, work, or school, without ruling out another girl. It hurts to think about it but it is like that.

6. He is confused

It also happens a lot.

He is confused about his own feelings and has decided to distance himself from you, believing that it will help him to think things better, give him perspective. In this scenario, this does not mean that he stopped liking you.

7. Very high expectations

You may be confusing indifference with prudence.

Maybe you expect him to call or write you three times a day and when it doesn’t happen you think he is ignoring you, but it is very likely that the boy does not want to overwhelm you, that he is giving you your space.

If you can make this distinction and understand it, you will save yourself headaches.

8. Moral dilemma

The boy may be crazy about you, but maybe he has stopped because he already has a partner and he knows that if he continues to visit you, he will end up giving in to desire and will be unfaithful.

This happens very often in men, although it is hard to believe. A lot of guys are really uncomfortable in this position of breaking their loyalty.

9. He doesn’t care

He may not voluntarily ignore you, maybe he just lost interest and hasn’t stopped to think about how you feel about it.

10. Needs space

You pushed it too hard and now it needs space. It does not mean that I no longer want anything with you, only that it demands a little breathing.

11. Nonconformity

Do not rule out that you love him more than he loves you, so you do not receive the love you expect. There a painful nonconformity is born in your heart. No matter what you do, in a dynamic like this, you will always feel ignored.

12. He is very busy

There is nothing wrong with you, but he has a very tight priority list in which you, unfortunately, do not figure.

13. Is there someone else?

Perhaps another person has appeared in your emotional landscape who is occupying the space in your head and heart that used to be yours.

14. He doesn’t like you

He never liked you and he was just being nice. When he realized that you misunderstood him, he walked away.

15. He’s being honorable

The boy realized how much you like him and does not want to give you false hope. Before hurting you, he prefers to move away.

16. You don’t want to neglect priorities

The boy loves you but dedicating time to yourself implies neglecting other priorities such as school, work, or sports, activities in which he has invested a lot to begin to neglect them for you.

17. You are too easy

Oh yeah, it usually happens too.

Sometimes the basic guys like things easy, not giving themselves such a bad life in the achievement of a goal, but luckily the basics are not the only ones.

There are men who prefer to win a freehand kiss, with seduction and mischief, they choose women who resist the conquest. This turns them on and motivates them.

If you fell into his arms the first time, in addition to having lost interest, he may even think a little badly of you.

18. Is he looking for something else?

Although you seem cute and pleasant, you may not fit the profile of the bride he wants. He also believes that he can find someone better in the bachelorette market.

19. He likes you too much

This is the reason we all want it to be the cause of our boy’s estrangement. What happens is that he likes you too much and does not know how to act, what to say or how to look at you, so he avoids you.

He is afraid of taking the wrong step, that you will reject him. It is possible that it thinks that it is not at your level. All these fears and complexes make the ice between you a thicker and thicker block.

Go ahead and be the one who breaks that cold wall!

20. He’s a selfish guy

He ignores you because he is selfish and does not think about what you may or may not feel in your heart, about the pain that may be causing you. He might also like you, but if he’s looking for you to share and have fun only when he’s in a good mood, trust me, he’s not worth it.

With these 20 reasons why a boy may be ignoring you, you should already have a clearer idea to determine what the true cause of indifference is. But what if you just go and ask him?

The truth is that you have every right to ask what happened if the boy first showed interest and then walked away. Don’t give it too much importance, listen to it and make decisions based on that answer.