21 main signs your ex still has feelings for you

The separation was painful, but his heart still beats for her. And now you’re feverishly wondering: How do I know if the ex still has feelings? What are the signs of your interest? Does she miss me too?

I can understand why you are asking yourself these questions. Because maybe you’re still in touch and your love for her will be rekindled every time you see and hear her…

But whether the contact is blocked or not: the longing burns your soul and you can’t forget it.

21 Clear Signs Your Ex Is Still Interested

You miss her a lot and want to win back your ex-girlfriend. That’s why you want to probe your chances of relaunching your relationship.

Even if you don’t understand their behavior and it all seems like a big mystery to you, I can assure you: it’s not that complicated to see through women.

Now I’m going to tell you the clear signs by which you can tell if your ex still has feelings and misses you or even wants you back.

After reading this article, you will be able to correctly assess their interest and calculate your chances of winning them back after the breakup.

1. Ex-girlfriend reappeared again

The surest sign of interest: your ex-girlfriend calls you suddenly – maybe even after months. It shows that she has to think about you and wants to get in touch with you again.

Even if you’re overjoyed with the end of the contact ban and want nothing more than a new relationship with her:

Don’t react too violently to the contact attempt, but hold back, for now, to make them uneasy a little and increase your value to them.

2. There are signs that the ex regrets the breakup

Perhaps she says very clearly that she regrets her separation and that this step was a mistake. But the signs are not always so clear:

You can often tell the ex’s feelings from the fact that she says things like, “If only we’d pulled ourselves together in the end and tried again instead of arguing about everything.”

Or she talks about you (or your mutual friends) and how good times were during their relationship with you and that it will never be the same as it was with you!

3. The ex writes after the breakup

You are sitting at work or on the go and you have no idea when suddenly your cell phone rings. You look at the viewfinder and see: After the breakup, your ex writes to you via WhatsApp or Facebook:

“So how are you”? A clear sign of interest: she wants something new!

But this also applies here: hold on for now, instead of replying to her with thousands of long messages. Be worth something to yourself and don’t be so easily fooled!

If she really wants you, she’ll have to work a little harder. Only then should you remove the contact block.

4. Your ex still has feelings / still loves you

Even if she doesn’t say it so openly, you can feel it: your ex-girlfriend still has feelings for you or even loves you like in the best moments of your relationship.

Somehow, you can tell by her signs: she wants you back.

It’s this telling news from when she keeps calling and looking for contact, but also those deep looks, touches, and dreamy smiles at her meetings…

Here you can discover the signs by which you can tell if she loves you.

By the way: even if you notice a strong longing for love in her, this could be a sign!

5. Positive contact with an ex after separation

Some men also experience the rise of “she will contact you again” and “careful end of the contact ban”:

You’ll then have more contact with your ex-girlfriend after the breakup because she writes repeatedly (and maybe you’ll write to her too).

Are your conversations not just arguments, but do you flirt with each other, compliment each other, and remember the good times together? Can you at least laugh together again?

If you want more than friendship and she treats you with respect, chances are good that you can win her back for a relationship now.

6. Your Ex-Girlfriend Doesn’t Know What She Wants

Many people experience emotional chaos after a breakup and don’t know where their heads are.

Does your ex-girlfriend not know what she wants when it comes to relationships, behave in a changeable way, and constantly change her mind so to speak? You can tell by these signs: Your ex is upset because she still has feelings for you.

At least she didn’t make a clear decision against you. There is still a spark of love in her that casts her into doubt and makes her seek his closeness over and over again.

7. She remained single after the breakup

Maybe she is hiding from you any affairs and romantic relationships with other men, or she is actually still single.

Either way: it shows that she doesn’t want to hurt and scare you, so keep the possibility of getting back together with your open. She wants you back!

If your ex doesn’t really have a new boyfriend because of his lack of love, that’s also a sure sign.

From this, you can see how much she is probably still attached to you because she just can’t get involved with any other man because she still loves you.

8. She is wildly flirting with you on a date

The atmosphere between you is great – how was it when you were together?

When getting to know her, you should definitely pay attention to her flirting signs. It could be a sign that your ex still has an interest/feelings for you.

9. Ex-girlfriend wants contact (friendly)

Does she keep contacting you because she wants to establish friendly contact with you? Okay, that shouldn’t piss you off.

Maybe she still has feelings but doesn’t want a relationship right now.

And that doesn’t necessarily mean your ex just wants you as a friend. She may try to establish a certain closeness to slowly develop mutual trust again after the painful separation…

…and to set the course for a relationship!

For this cautious approach to succeed, you must do your part and be careful not to permanently slide into their friend zone.

10. Ex-girlfriend asks how you are

If she shows interest in your condition, it’s a sure sign that your ex still has feelings for you. She asks how you are doing after the breakup – and that again and again.

You can say this: she has to think about you because she cares about you. She cares about you – it’s important to her that you’re okay. And you only feel something like this in the people you (still) love!

11. Ex-girlfriend calls despite her new boyfriend

This is also a clear indication of feelings: your ex calls even though she has a new boyfriend.

She is probably not happy in her new relationship because she only chose one partner to fill her inner void after the breakup.

If she contacts you, it’s an indication that you’re still her first choice – not her current boyfriend.

12. She keeps in touch through mutual friends

Does she not break any tents, but does she keep in indirect contact with you through her mutual friends and send you greetings/messages? This is a signal you can see interest in.

Maybe she hopes to build a bridge with you again at the right time and get back into a committed relationship with you…

13. She doesn’t look happy after the breakup

Have you heard from friends that after her breakup she has fallen into a deep hole and is suffering from a severe lack of love?

That she no longer does the things that make her happy, like before, before, or during your relationship?

This is also a sign that your ex misses you and wants you back, better today than tomorrow!

14. She’s Dressed to Kill

Did she put on that perfume you like so much on her or the dress she knows will make you horny?

There’s no doubt about it: if she made the extra effort, it’s not just a friendly date, but a “date” for her that leads to a relationship!

15. She tries to make you jealous

The photos “randomly” posted on Facebook with other men, or when she gets in touch and says “casually” which guys I meet…

Women don’t just tell things, they follow a plan (even if they aren’t aware of it themselves).

In this case, your ex may want to arouse feelings in you and make you jealous. He tries to awaken your inner hunting instinct so you can win him back.

16. She wants to show you that she’s changed

We men (as well as women) like to get our hopes up after a breakup by thinking:

“  If she changed… then the big controversy would be out of the world and we could finally have a happy relationship again. 

Is your ex-girlfriend trying to show you that she’s now become a different person? This is a sure sign that she still has feelings for you.

But be careful and check her “through her footsteps”, if she has really gone through personality development, or if the changes are, in the truest sense of the word, just “cosmetics”.

17. She asks friends how you are

Often, the mutual circle of friends persists after the breakup. The question is, how does she talk about you there when you’re not there?

If your ex talks positively about you to her friends, keeps asking how you are doing, and makes a pitying face, that’s a sure sign that she’s still interested in you.

Or does she openly regret her relationship in the circle of friends and melt into passion?

So my tip: play the mouse (or secret agent, whatever you want to call it). Check with your friends how often, WHAT, and HOW she talks about you!

18. Clear Signs on Facebook

Even if she doesn’t contact you via Facebook Messenger: Somehow you get the feeling that your ex-girlfriend is “watching” you on the platform, “following” you, and trying to get your attention indirectly.

Does she like and comment on your posts or add her comment “by chance” wherever you post? Or does she write long texts and proverbs about passion?

These are the signs that you can tell on Facebook that they are still interested in you.

19. She gets jealous of other women

As soon as a person separates from someone, it is clear that he no longer has the right to demand loyalty from him as in a relationship.

Does she still react with jealousy when you have contact with other women? This clearly shows that your ex still has feelings for you.

Because otherwise, they would leave their women’s stories completely indifferent – ​​of course, right?

By the way, in this article, you will learn how to make them jealous in a targeted way to win them back!

20. She holds on to things in her relationship

Have you heard from friends that she still has a picture of you on her nightstand and the stuffed elephant you gave her for Valentine’s Day?

Or does she do things after the breakup you guys did as a couple back then because it reminds her of you?

And anyway, she keeps talking about your relationship, what did you experience?

Typical behavior in a love affair!

This is probably a sure sign that your ex still has feelings and is missing you…

21. She reacts positively to your contact attempt

Can’t you see any signs in her because you haven’t had any contact after the breakup, maybe not for months?

Then lift the contact pad, contact her and see how she reacts.

Does she immediately start arguing again or is she cold, short, and trying to get rid of you?

Or – and this would be the good news – is she happy with your attempt at contact and open to a good conversation? It is a good sign!

How many signs should you recognize…

Another tip: if you notice at least 3 of the signs above, it’s a strong indication that she still has feelings and wants you back.

So don’t hesitate in this case, just start the project “win your ex-girlfriend back”!

How can you get your ex back?

Okay, now you know if your ex-girlfriend is still interested in you. But how do you manage to get them back to restart the relationship?

Caution: If you do things wrong, you will permanently destroy her trust and you may never hear from her again… that would be a breakup forever.

Make sure it doesn’t get to that point!

I will help you make her your happy friend IMMEDIATELY…