23 signs that your partner really respects you

1. He’s not afraid of superlatives when he compliments you. You are “the most beautiful woman”, “the most perfect person” to him, and “the smartest person” that he knows.

2. He would rather study with you or do mundane chores with you than let you do these things alone, no matter how boring or unpleasant.

3. He wants to know your opinion on everything: wardrobe, politics, current events, career changes, etc.

4. If he is the expert in a particular area, he is not pompous about it. In any case, he takes great pride in sharing his knowledge and/or educating you in one way or another.

5. He considers it an accomplishment when he proves that you are wrong about something because in his mind you are right 75% of the time, whether it is true or not.

6. He pushes you to step out of your comfort zone, to pursue your dreams and ambitions – because he believes in you.

7. If you say something mean in the middle of an argument, he won’t let it influence his views on you because he knows he is just as capable of saying something stupid in the heat of. the action.

8. When he hurts you, he takes your pain seriously and is sincerely committed to being more aware of your feelings.

9. He leans on you when he’s sick, exhausted, sad, or when he just needs more love and attention.

10. He is committed to sharing your free time as a couple between your friends and makes an effort to integrate the two.

11. He goes out of his way to invite you to social events and work meetings.

12. If he goes somewhere without you, he will tell you that he would have liked you to come, not just to flatter you, but because he really has a lot of fun when you are there. He will probably come home sooner than if you had been with him.

13. He always focuses on your pleasure when you have intimate relationships.

14. He gets a little jealous when you talk about other people in your life that you respect and hang out with on a regular basis – not because he doesn’t trust you, but because he knows your worth and that he does. is always a little afraid of losing you.

15. When he doesn’t like something you are wearing, he tells you so without being offensive.

16. He is not afraid to express his opinions, even if they differ from yours, because a healthy debate will move you forward.

17. And when he wants you to listen to him, he doesn’t expect you to change your mind – unless it happens organically, in which case he will feel very satisfied because he really appreciates your. opinion.

18. He sends you articles that will interest you – things he would never have read before he started dating you.

19. He’s your biggest fan.

20. When you are stressed or upset, he tries to do his best to help you through difficult things, although he admits that your problems are not in his hands.

21. When he introduces you to his friends and family, his description of you makes you blush as he tends to exaggerate your talents and/or your greatest personality traits.

22. He likes to see you expressing a strong opinion, whether you are chatting with people you just met or with longtime friends at a group dinner.

23. He asks you thoughtful questions about topics that you know better because he really enjoys learning from you.