24 tips for a long-term relationship to work well

How to make a relationship work well despite the problems? Every relationship is a constant construction between two strangers. Therefore, for a relationship to work, each one must take care of their own happiness and personal growth.

A dating relationship as it should be to be preserved? We all dream of a lifelong love, but to achieve this we must take into account some fundamental things. It is not easy at all to share a life together and achieve a stable and passionate relationship at the same time.

1.- Share your life only with someone who makes you feel true passion


A love relationship can be the most wonderful event that happens to a person. But it is not something that happens by chance and to anyone. Well, love is also built and begins in the heart of each person.

Love, friendship and relationships are not exact sciences and therefore are unpredictable. That is why it is important to fall passionately in love. There is no point in dating just because you want someone by your side.


In every relationship there are small problems, headaches, and upsets. Therefore, if there is little love, if there is not that spark to maintain harmony, everything is over. Therefore, follow these tips to make a relationship work.

2.- Always love from freedom, differences and responsibility for your own happiness

Your partner does not belong to you, it does not have to do and be as you want. Learn to respect your own individuality and independence as well as that of your partner. The two have agreed to share their lives, not belong to each other.

If my relationship does not work, what can I do? You have not completely conquered it, so always shower that love with details. Each one has their tastes and loving means admiring, highlighting, motivating and allowing freedom for those differences.

3.- For a relationship to work, treat yourself and your partner with respect


For a couple to last longer in harmony and happiness, mutual respect and trust are needed. And even so problems will arise and continuing does not mean that the other changes, but respecting each other.

Your partner can make mistakes, so can you, but if there is trust and respect, everything is overcome. Lack of trust and respect decreases communication and misunderstandings begin.

4.- For a relationship to work well, preserve your independence and spend time alone


A relationship does not create dependence on each other. So continue with yours, sharing happily with your partner. Take advantage of the happiness of having someone to love to feel even freer to be yourself.

Your relationship will flourish as you flourish in solitude. Each time you will be happier with the love of your life as you live your own dreams. This is one of the keys for a relationship to work.

5.- To get along with your partner, listen and get excited more, and talk less


Lack of communication is responsible for a couple not working out. And miscommunication begins when we don’t hear or feel our partner.

Your partner always wants to tell you something, but if you don’t listen, you won’t know. That is why it is important to listen, that way your relationship will improve because your partner will also listen to you.

6.- Your partner is not perfect, neither are you, accept with love

There is no way to be perfect, perfection is only an ideal of thought. Sleeping in late, waking up unwillingly, forgetting something, etc., is very human. Therefore, for a relationship to work, it is important to tolerate each other and treat each other with love.

7.- How to make my relationship work: Stable couples improve their communication

Every person by improving their communication improves their emotional balance and their relationship with other people. Some people say, let him communicate first, and do nothing.

When you improve your relationship and communication with yourself, it becomes easier to communicate with your partner. One of the best strategies for your relationship to work is to increase verbal and body communication.

8.- For your relationship to work, always give special importance to the small details


Saying good morning every morning, congratulating on a small achievement, saying “I love you”, etc., should never be neglected. That he is your partner does not mean that there is nothing to do to continue conquering him.

The bases for a relationship to get along is to focus on those little details that generate emotions. You don’t need anything extra, just prioritize your love and be spontaneous with that love.

9.- Making comparisons does not contribute to a healthy relationship as a couple

It is very common, “my friend’s boyfriend keeps giving her flowers.” The most innocent comparisons create the habit and you end up making comparisons in discussions.

Accept your partner as he is, and accept yourself as you are. Work in you the change you want to see in your partner. Focus on what you can control. For a relationship to be healthy and work, you have to avoid uncomfortable comparisons.

10.- Keep your curiosity, keep experiencing new things as a couple

The safest thing in a couple falling into a routine is boredom and the feeling of lack of love. Always keep the spark by talking, exchanging opinions, browsing in bed, in the kitchen or on walks.

Curiosity is one of the main elements for a relationship to work. Satisfying curiosity renews emotions, play, passion and contributes to getting to know each other better.

11.- To achieve a healthy relationship, take into account your expectations

What lifestyle do you want to live and what role does your partner play in it? Are you engaged and does your partner share your enthusiasm? By clarifying your expectations well, you will know if the relationship is the most suitable for you.

It is important that you take these tips for the relationship to work. Especially taking into account your plans and expectations for the future that your partner must know.

12.- Tips for a healthy relationship: Understand, love is always under construction

Fortunately, no couple is happy and successful. There is no one waiting for you somewhere to become the happiness of your life. If you are not happy alone you will not be able to make your partner happy.

Learn to be happy when you are alone, that way you will make another person happy. Therefore, for a relationship to work, each one must build love in their own life without depending on the other.

13.- A relationship works best when common interests and hobbies are cultivated

When they get used to it, it is very easy to forget that they came together to live happily, have fun and build a stable relationship. That is why it is important to share quality time and emotions.

Custom makes each one want to make their reasons prevail for how the relationship should be. Therefore, for your relationship to function healthy, keep looking for new ways to have fun.

14.- Argue with your partner at the right time and without offending


Disagreements are part of a healthy relationship. The important thing is to find the right time to resolve disagreements, respectfully, lovingly, and listening carefully.

The bases for a relationship to work is that even the arguments are healthy. Because loving each other does not mean overlooking mistakes and shutting up misunderstandings. For a relationship to work, discuss your disagreements with respect.

15.- Advice for a healthy relationship: Do not idealize love

Falling in love makes us happy. It may be that we have been waiting for that happiness for a while and finally someone appears. But the need to be happy can be so great that we idealize our partner. We give it characteristics that it does not have to ensure we are happy.

For a relationship to work well, avoid attributing extraordinary characteristics to your partner. You may feel like it’s the best thing that ever happened to you, but blind love can hurt your relationship. In a healthy relationship, both of you accept each other as they are.

16.- How to have a healthy relationship: Learn to love yourself alone

It is very simple, if you are happy with yourself, happiness with your partner will be easier. How to love yourself to achieve a healthier relationship? For a relationship to work, practice loving yourself on your own:

– Always value your own ideas
– Value your decisions, the right ones to follow and the wrong ones to learn
– Focus on all your positive qualities
– Remember that you are as valuable and intelligent as others
– You do not have to like everyone, the most important thing It is your own approval
– If you are going to share that it is with yourself yesterday
– Your life and your talents have great value to help and love others

17.- Always take care of your image, your hygiene and your emotional health

When your partner does not work, someone is neglecting their own person. Someone does something irregular, the other does not say anything, only assumes and misunderstandings begin.

The woman is not the only one who must be neat, groomed and attractive for a relationship to work. It is important that both of you support each other with your image, hygiene and emotional health.

18.- To achieve a healthy relationship, respect the intimacy of your partner

What to do for a relationship to work in a healthy way? Privacy and trust is essential for the relationship to work. It’s normal to be tempted to snoop, but there’s a fine line between innocent curiosity and unhealthy gossip.

19.- Healthy couples always share their feelings

What to do to make your relationship work in a healthy way? You or your partner at some point may feel sad or be having a bad time. At such times, it is sometimes said “don’t be exaggerated, get over it”.

Belittling your partner’s feelings opens the door to discomfort, selfishness, and a lack of love. Therefore, if you want a healthy relationship, share your emotions and do not assume that you know what your partner thinks of you.

20.- Be proud of your partner and don’t be afraid to show off


One way to make your relationship work is to feel proud of your partner. You introduce it to your family, your friends and even the neighbor. You are simply happy that he is your partner and you make him feel special.

One way to build a healthy relationship: Make a couple with the one you really love. So you will be happy holding hands anywhere.

21.- Healthy couples always face their problems on time

All couples have differences, they fight and have confrontations from time to time. This is normal among people who have a life together. Healthy couples deal with their problems on time, they don’t let it get worse or distorted.

22.- In a healthy relationship, love is always shown

What is a healthy relationship? At first the couple is very much in love and they feel that everything is going wonderfully. There are details, words are spoken and love is shown. Over time, healthy couples maintain that loving balance.

23.- In healthy couples, happiness and changes are personal

For a relationship to work, each one has to take responsibility for their happiness and for any necessary changes. When you want the other to change, you change. This is one of the best tips for a relationship to work.

Changing your partner is out of your power, but you can change yourself. Change the angle of your perception, that way your interpretation and reactions will be other, appropriate.

24.- Before judging your partner, try to put yourself in their place

How to maintain a healthy and balanced relationship? It is not easy to live as a couple. Although they feel that they know and love each other, in reality they are two complete strangers. With coexistence, little by little, they get to know each other better and in a real way.

Differences arise, arguments, but love continues. Therefore, for your relationship to work, do not look for things to be logical. Our reactions, opinions and actions are emotional.

When you see something that bothers you, when you argue, put yourself in your partner’s shoes. From your perspective, how are you seeing, how are you feeling? Understand their reasons, what they are understanding, etc.