28 phrases to fall in love with and conquer a man you like

And since we can also take the first step, with these phrases to conquer a man we assure you that he will not resist your charms. Many say that love enters through the stomach, but do not doubt it: through the ears as well.

So get ready to take out your romantic artillery with these 130 phrases to make you fall in love and conquer the man you like.

Tender phrases to make a man fall in love

You have to start with something light to test the waters and get your boy used to hear phrases to fall in love with. Tell him that he complements you, something like:

1. You are the yang of my yin yang.

Phrases to conquer a boy

Men also like to know that they cause positive changes in you. One of the infallible phrases to make a man fall in love is:

2. You make me want to be a better person.

Phrases to make a boy I like fall in love

We continue in the beautiful tonic of the words to fall in love. With them you will let him know that he occupies a special place in your mind, for example:

3. You are the last thought I have before going to sleep.

Phrases for a special man

If you don’t have much time to think about phrases to conquer a man, just listen to songs by your favorite artist (don’t forget to give credit, ok?), Like this phrase from Puente by Gustavo Cerati:

4. I messed up atoms of yours to make you appear.

Short messages to seduce a difficult man

Among the messages that make a man fall in love are things that subtly hint at what you want from him. You don’t have to be so obvious and he will look more available:

5. I wait for you in the corner of my mouth.

Phrases for a special man

Thank Madonna for this sentence. We leave you the task to find the song to which it belongs:

6. You have found a way to touch my soul.

Suggestive phrases to make any man fall in love

This phrase is from one of my favorite movies. As you can see, it’s pretty straightforward and provocative enough to see how your guy reacts:

7. The cold you feel at night is from being wasted.

Words of love for a special man

As we have already told you, men like and deserve to receive their share of sweet words. But only if he really is special. We leave you a list to choose the one that best suits your style (and his, of course):

8. You came to light my life.

9. If I get lost on the way, let it be in your eyes.

10. Let’s make together a paradise from which they will never take us out.

11. Thanks to you now I laugh a little louder, cry less and smile a lot more.

Short messages to seduce a difficult man

These are phrases that make a man fall in love with. They do not have to be complicated, only original, but even more, sincere and beautiful:

12. You stole my heart and now I will take revenge… I will steal yours too.

13. I knew I loved you before I met you.

14. It doesn’t matter if we don’t talk about anything important, the important thing for me is to talk to you.

15. You are the reason I smile every day all day.

Examples of messages to make a man fall in love

If it is not clear to you how those love messages can be for a man, here we give you more options:

16. You are my comfort zone… where I feel comfortable in love.

17. I would like to be, sleep and wake up next to you.

18. We are colliding galaxies that form a new universe.

19. I feel butterflies in my stomach when I see you … I would like to release them by kissing you.

20. I love you just the way you are.

21. The universe expands, like my love for you.

Words to make my boyfriend fall in love

Not because the phrases to seduce a man are already there, they should disappear, on the contrary. With our romantic help, keep the flame alive:

22. You provoke in me those kinds of feelings for which people write poetry.

23. You are my favorite notification on my phone.

24. You are my heart emoji.

25. You’ve stolen my heart, but it doesn’t matter, I’ll let you have it.

26. I want you to be my “today” and my “tomorrow.”

27. Being with you raises my endorphins.

28. Everything that I have not done, I want to do with you.