7 Signs that a Capricorn likes you

Those of the Capricorn sign are people born between December 22 and January 20. You may perceive Capricorns as tough, distant, and cold, but underneath all that shell you will find a kind, mature and focused person.

Here are the 7 signs to know if a Capricorn likes you:

1. He acts … strangely

Capricorn men act a bit bummed when they start to feel something towards you, as they are not used to dealing with those kinds of emotions.

You will even notice them intimidated by the first dates and with everything that includes the word “LOVE.” But if he can overcome that shyness and talk a lot more, he will fall madly in love with you. A Capricorn in love tends to be loyal.

2. He wants to show you his sensitive side

Capricorn men don’t always handle emotions well, but he understands that sensitivity is a good thing.

That is why a Capricorn, once he discovers that he feels something for you, is very expressive in terms of his feelings towards you.

This means that you have to be there for him when he achieves this achievement. He is a passionate lover so you can rest assured that 90% of the time he will not want to play with your feelings when he is proposing to you.

3. He wants you to be the one to set the pace

Don’t take a Capricorn’s willingness to step back as a sign of weakness, just that he will seek your consent and approval in everything to make you happier.

Capricorn men want their partner to have the power to go faster or slower in the relationship and, although it is strange that he gives you control in matters of love, this only means that he sees you as a strong woman.

And that is exactly what he is looking for: a woman who complements him in his character, but who also keeps up with him.

4. He is mellow with you

A honeyed person is one who shows his affection very often. Capricorn men when they fall in love are like this: sweet and attentive even in the smallest detail that perhaps you go unnoticed.

They have a strange change, right? At first, they are shy and reserved, but when they feel comfortable with their emotions they are affectionate, gallant, detailed, and very romantic.

5. He invites you into his private life

Capricorn has a weird way of being, as he’s cold and distant at first, but when he’s comfortable with the idea that he likes you, he seeks to include you in all aspects of his life.

You shouldn’t be surprised if out of nowhere he invites you over to his house on a Tuesday afternoon to share and then ends up making you dinner. Including you in his private life is a gesture to let you know that he likes you.

6. Gets jealous when you are with other men

Capricorns are jealous by nature and are very territorial, so you will always see him alert to other men who try to “steal” you.

It’s their way of showing how seriously they take the relationship. You may even notice that when you talk to friends he becomes cold or distant; It is not really for anything bad, but it is part of its essence to give you your space and that you act comfortably.

7. He wants to build a lasting relationship

These types of men are generally looking for long-term relationships, and if you’ve noticed him telling you about his future together, it’s a great way to tell if a Capricorn likes you.

Her nature is stubborn, a bit shy, and she doesn’t always communicate her commitment to you, but when she finally does, she won’t be afraid to talk about the future she wants with you.