How to tell if a guy likes you: 27 signs he likes you more than a friend

You like a boy, or you feel that someone likes you but you are not sure, here we will tell you what signs to look for to know if they like you or not.

Many of these signs appear in any romantic movie, others are not so obvious.

Here are 27 signs that a guy likes you:

1. His body language tells you

One of the best ways to tell if a man likes you is to see his body language when he’s around you. Body language is scientifically proven to communicate attraction.

In a study by Vacharkulksemsuk, in a speed dating situation, researchers found that people who used expansive body language, such as having their arms and legs spread, were more likely to be singled out as dates.

2. Gets nervous when you are around.

If you have ever felt butterflies in your stomach and have been nervous about your crush, he can also get nervous when he is with you if he likes you.

So if he likes you, he’s probably acting nerd in front of you.

Each person shows their nervousness in a different way.

He may start talking super fast.

He may tell bad jokes.

You may be quiet with nothing to say.

Your hand may shake.

Look for signs of nervousness when you are around him, when the conversation stops, does the situation get uncomfortable? Is there tension when this happens? Do you have the face of thinking “now what am I going to tell you?” If you answered yes, it is a good sign, do not rule it out for the latter, maybe if he likes you and is just nervous.

If he wasn’t interested in you, he probably wouldn’t care. Just take the courage to notice if he gets nervous when you’re around. Two of the signs of nervousness are that you talk a lot or talk very little, both ways are the same. If he says something silly and makes a Why did I say that? Face, that’s a good sign.

Just think how you act when you get nervous in front of the boy you like. Look for those signs to know if he feels the same as you!

3. Makes a lot of eye contact with you

He turns to see you very often, and you catch him looking at you from afar. He looks into your eyes when you speak and stares for a long time longer than other people, but hopefully, it’s not in an awkward way. When you attract him his pupils dilate and he probably tries to hide it.

4. Look away when you make eye contact

His eyes reveal everything, if you catch him looking at you and he looks away quickly and acts like he’s busy with something, that’s a very good sign. All he reveals is that he’s nervous when he’s with you or he’s trying to hide his interests – it’s a good sign overall.

This usually happens when they don’t know each other that well, in the event that you both know each other and have everyday conversations, he will probably not look away, in this case, see if he keeps his eyes on you, smiles, or asks you for something to start a conversation, just so you don’t think he’s intruding.

5. Smile a lot when talking to you

Let’s say they are talking about something and you see him smiling while having a drink in a bar with a group of friends, he says “cheers” his glasses collide and he smiles and laughs.

If a boy smiles it does not mean that he likes you, but, if they smile every time they look at each other, for no real reason (no one said something funny) This strongly means that that boy likes you when you like something or someone you smile. The same goes for him.

Connect eye contact with a smile, if you catch it looking at you and smile at it, does it smile back at you? Start a conversation with him and see if he tries to keep it up or if he just rejects her and continues what he was doing.

6. He sends you a request on social networks

If he sends you a request to a social network, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, or any other, they are good signs, it is a plus if he adds you to any of those applications. Again, this depends on the social network you share, if you work together he will probably add you to Facebook, but if you know little about each other and have few friends in common and he sends you a request, that is a much bigger sign.

The best thing is if he starts following you on Instagram, basically this application is the best to snoop in his things, he wants to see your photos if he sends you a request and keeps giving you “likes” to your things, from time to time, is an even stronger sign that he likes you.

7. He does not use the cell phone when he is with you

I know, the fact that this is a sign that a man likes you means that we all live glued to the cell phone.

Many people when you talk to them prefer to see what’s new on social networks or the new messages on their cell phone without paying attention to what you say.

That’s an insult. But for many, it is very difficult to put down the cell phone and focus on real interactions with humans in front of us.

If his phone never leaves his pocket, or if it is on the table but he never picks it up, he is clearly giving you the most of his attention and it means that he may possibly like you. Guys only do that with people they like and respect. So count yourself within this group.

The best thing you can do is to correspond with the same and do not use the cell phone when you talk to him.

8. He asks you a lot of questions

He tries to have a conversation with you, he tries to get to the side with it. That’s why he keeps asking and asking, sometimes irrelevant things, he just wants the conversation to continue.

Maybe you are in a club or at a house party or just on the street. Some questions you ask are polite, but when you realize that the things he asks are not necessary, he probably likes you. Now, just because he asks you “Where are you from?” It doesn’t mean he likes you, use your common sense, maybe he’s just having a little conversation and just wants to be nice.

It also depends a lot on where he asks and what he asks, but the point is, if he’s trying to chat with you and you’ve just met him, he probably likes you. A short talk is not enough to interpret it as a sign, however, it is a plus.

When a guy doesn’t like you, he just won’t put in effort unless he has some reward to do so (like a job, or just because he needs you to help him with his grades or with a test.)

The fact is that he is talking to you when there is no reason to do so is a good sign. If he asks you and wants to know more about you, it is a good sign.

9. Pay attention to what his friends are doing

If you’ve already met his friends, it’s a very good sign that he may possibly like you. That means that they already know about you and that he is proud to introduce you to his friends.

Maybe you met his friends when you met him, or you may already know his friends. Either way, they can give us clues to how this guy really feels about you.

Are they surprised when you arrive with him at one of his events? Or they greet you familiarly as if they were already waiting for you.

Do you get the feeling that he talks about you with them? Do they tell you things like Juan is a good boy, did you win the lottery? What you are looking for are keys that your boy is comfortable talking about you with his friends. You don’t want to be a secret. You want him to be so surprised that someone like you notices him, that he shouts it to the 4 winds or anyone who hears him.

If you still don’t know his friends, tell him that you want to meet them. Tell them you’d like to go for coffee with them. If he doesn’t like you, he may not want you to meet his friends. If a man likes you he quickly makes plans with you and his closest friends.

10. Asks you if you have a boyfriend

Okay, guys rarely ask you when they don’t like you, if a guy doesn’t like you he won’t care if you’re single or not, this is a simple way for him to know if you’re available or not… he was just asking.

If he doesn’t ask you directly, he will probably ask you in an indirect way, Are you with someone? Or do you come alone or do you have roommates? Or any question that makes you say if you are dating someone, this is another clear indicator that he likes you, but remember that a single signal is not enough to know if he likes you, but with small signals, you will realize his feelings.

11. Gets jealous when you talk to other men

When you talk to other guys and laugh. Somehow you can see on his face that he is jealous, just take a look at him, he will try to look like he is having fun, but with one eye he will check if you are with another man, noticing if that boy is making any progress or not. .

It may make a frown face, notice these little signs. He will notice whether or not you smile with other boys. If you go out in a group with friends and a boy approaches you, he will get super nervous but will try to hide it, it may be that he appears protective and takes you by the hand or that he goes somewhere else.

12. Act differently when you are around him.

Observe when he is out with his friends and when he is alone with his friends, watch him from afar to see if he behaves differently or if his behavior is 100% the same.

Sure, men and women are different when they are only with their close friends, or only men, or only women. Still, he’s probably quieter when you’re around, or more chatty, nervous, shy, or tries to act cool, or be funny to impress you.

The point is, if he’s not 100% natural, he might like you and that’s because he’s trying to impress you with something.

This case is usually of the youngest, the boys with less experience, but in general, it is normal to shape the behavior. Look at it carefully and realize.

13. His body leans towards you.

He wants to get a good view of you, he doesn’t want to make it obvious to betray you, but his body is expressing otherwise. You can tell if a guy likes you by watching his body language when he’s around you. Does it stick out your chest a bit? Are you trying to look more macho? Are their feet pointing towards you? Some guys try to hide their interest, others openly see you from head to toe and lick their lips. Look at these signs. It really depends on the confidence that the boy has in himself.

A guy who really likes you should be more open about it and tell you, Wow, you look great! But he knows he can get away with it because he can read that you are probably interested in him too.

The problem is that many of the boys do not want to be rejected, because of them they play it safe, especially in situations that may have social consequences, such as at work, school, friends, or their family. If he messes up he will probably keep looking for you, he doesn’t want to take a risk without knowing that he likes you too. Anyway, watch their body language. Does he listen with his body when you speak?

14. He remembers your name

Let’s say you meet him at a party and they didn’t talk much the first time, when you meet him again you realize he remembers your name. Now, it could be that he is a little boy and has a good memory or that he likes you (which is good that he is smart).

Most guys are lousy with names, especially at parties, they are more focused on seeing your ass and drinking beer, than remembering if you are Monica or Claudia.

If he likes you, he will want to know more about you and will remember your name.

The next time you see him, he’ll probably act like he has no idea who you are, and it’s probably a trick, yeah right, he doesn’t remember your name? I was just playing. But if he remembers your name, it is a very good sign that he likes you.

He may not be super interested in you, but at least he thinks you’re cute, which is a good start.

15. Asks for your number.

Alright, another obvious sign that a guy likes you.

A guy who asks you for your phone number = He likes you, period.

The only time a guy asks you for your number and he doesn’t like you, is if he needs your information for some obvious reason like you to contact another important person, or to help him with something, you know what I mean, use logic.

If he asks for your number, you will know that he wants to keep in touch with you, ask you out, etc. Now, this depends on the situation, if you are in a bar and he asks you for your number, that is an obvious sign, but if you work or study together, or if you only see this guy from time to time, and he asks for your number, it’s a good sign. The problem is shy guys like you might not want to be so obvious with the number, because they assume that if you ask for the phone number, they will assume they like them, so you have to have a good excuse. If you want to know if a guy likes you, send him a signal to see if he catches it.

16. Adds you to Facebook.

Guys don’t send requests to girls they don’t like, it’s that simple, maybe, in some cases, they have mutual friends, and it’s good to be in touch, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he likes you, he just thinks you’re cool and only that.

Now if he texts you, touches you, or likes your photos, these are obvious signs that a guy likes you. Look at this point in more detail.

17. Ignores you completely.

Some guys use the strategy of acting like they don’t care in the least.

He knows that all the guys around you are after you, and you’re just hitting them all, so “Why be another chimp?” It is their way of thinking.

He talks to you later, when you’re alone. She probably likes you, but she doesn’t have the courage to come to you when you’re surrounded by a bunch of bodyguards (girlfriends) or other guys who are trying to seduce you.

He needs to give you a sign (just watch) that you are open to having a conversation with him. Hint, he can’t read your mind.

Anyway, usually, when a guy is ignoring you, it is also because he is not interested, or really does, but he knows that when he acts cool or cold. You may be wondering how it is possible that he is the only boy who has not realized that you are there. It’s a trick as old as fire, look at him from his perspective, if he’s putting a lot of effort into ignoring you, he likes you.

Think of it this way, when a guy is not interested in you, he may behave normally when you are around him and may have regular, short talks (depending on the situation) but he (usually) has no reason to ignore you. A guy who likes you instead of being shy or kind sends you confusing signals. Guys show cross signals when they are trying to hide that they like you because they are not good at hiding it, they do something that clearly indicates that they like you, but when they change and start to ignore you or are indifferent to you for no reason. The point is, look at the abnormality, something out of the ordinary is a good sign.

18. Goes for the kiss.

Very well, there is nothing to explain at this point. Even if he is very, very drunk and tries to kiss you, no matter how much alcohol he drank, a guy rarely goes for the kiss if he doesn’t like you even when he’s sober, I don’t know why some women ask if they like if you’ve already tried to kiss them. They obviously like them. The question is if they just want him to be for a little while or if he’s really interested in dating you. One way to find out is to see your ex-girlfriends, do they have any similarities to you?

19. Hey, my eyes are up here!

He knows that your eyes are up, but his breasts are a magnet and it is very difficult for him to control himself.

Just look at his eyes and where they go, no matter how hard he tries to look disinterested, his eyes reveal everything, when you walk in front of him and he looks at you from head to toe.

When you speak he sees your lips and he does it frequently, he likes what he sees, the best way to know if a boy likes you is by looking into his eyes. Doesn’t he look at you when you walk in front of him? Try to put yourself in a position where your attributes stand out and see if he turns to look at you more.

20. His voice tone.

Alright, it can’t get more obvious than that, if a guy tells you he likes you, he’s probably not lying. The next question is, in what way does he like you? He wants you to go out together, or because he feels sorry for you, he thinks you’re cool but he would never be with you.

Try to pay attention to the tone of voice when he says it, so you will know immediately what kind of “I like you” it is. Just see straight, it can’t get more obvious than that.

21. He looks for interests similar to yours.

One of the reasons he’s asking you questions is to get a little information so he can “hook you.” If you say you like something and he goes on and on telling you how much he also loves that music, movie, or anything else, he (maybe subconsciously) is trying to see if the two of you are compatible with the same tastes. A guy who likes you will avoid arguing with you or disagreeing with you, on the contrary, he will agree with you and try to be likable.

If your conversation has a lot of “Me too!” it’s a good sign, they could be compatible.

22. He coincides with you in many places that you go

… with everything you say. Maybe he doesn’t have an opinion of his own, which is a shame, even so, when you notice a guy who agrees with everything you say and puts a lot of effort into making you see that they have a lot in common, it’s probably very good to be true.

Now, it is totally possible that you and a cool guy have a lot in common, but the normal thing is that they do not have identical opinions about EVERYTHING. Disagreeing and talking about something in a challenging way can be fun, if he agrees with every word you say, he’s faking it, and he probably likes you. Look at each sign as… being on your side in an argument or argument, or if they do it to like you better, if they put effort into it, it’s a good sign.

23. He offers you a drink.

In some cultures it is normal for boys to give you a drink if you are with a group of friends and it is not so bad, he does not expect anything from you. Obviously, if the two of you are alone and he insists on paying, it may mean that he is a gentleman, or also that he likes you.

Look at it this way, do you buy your friends drinks?

If he does, he could consider you as a friend too, if he doesn’t, it means he likes you or wants to be with you, he’s a generous guy in general. But if he’s stingy with his friends and only pays for his own drinks, and he buys you a drink, he definitely likes you. But maybe he’s not the guy you’d like to be with.

Anyway, if a guy insists on paying for anything (if you share a taxi and he doesn’t want them to separate the bills) or they go for a coffee on a break from work and he insists “Don’t worry about it, I’ll pay for it. “Those are good signs, it’s not really a sign of wanting to show off, it’s just a coffee after all, but even the little things count.

24. He is protective of you.

You have just met him, through friends, for example, they talk a bit and now you are part of the team.

So, you realize that when people push you trying to get past a bar full of customers, they position themselves in a way so they don’t push you, they try to protect you in some way.

If you are walking in a disco, he shakes your hand and walks in front of you to make your way, that is another way to know if a boy likes you, he is being protective of you, he offers to help you, or he gives you his jacket if he gives you cold, or anything like that is a good sign. He’s probably just being chivalrous, but in most cases, he just likes you and tries to make sure nothing bad happens to you.

25. Wishes you a happy birthday

People already use Facebook as they did before. But Facebook has this cool feature of remembering people’s birthdays.

Imagine that you do not have Facebook, you will wonder how people never know your birthday.

It’s a good sign that you don’t congratulate all of your friends on Facebook who have a birthday. But he texted you, he may be looking to start a conversation. Answer him something and see how he tries to keep the conversation going. Ask him for something neutral and see how the conversation goes.

A good way to know if your gallant likes you is by throwing signals at him to see if he catches them, he is probably looking for an excuse to have a chat with you and a chance to meet you and get closer to you.

26. He tries to impress you all the time

Well, first I wonder why you like this guy, but anyway, a guy who constantly shows off his car, his job, money, clothes, possessions, status, or whatever. He’s very pedantic (because cool guys don’t try to impress why they don’t need him) but he even likes you and tries to impress you.

It might work for you, however, there are many different ways to impress yourself. If he’s cool and brings out his benefits in front of you, you realize he’s trying to present himself to you in a positive way, he might like you.

27. He starts the conversation

Let’s say you are at a party in a house, with many people and suddenly he starts talking to you, asks you something or looks at you and smiles at you, it does not necessarily mean that he likes you, it may be that he is just nice, on the other hand, Does he do the same with other girls around him? Always watch how he treats other women who are close, is he slightly different from you? Yes? This guy might like you.

When you detect that he is trying to have small talk or is positioned near you waiting for you to start your conversation, they are also good signs.

Just pay attention to every detail so that you know once and for all, if your beau is really interested in dating you, now you can use these elements to your advantage to achieve your goal, Good luck! and remember that you can investigate your doubts about the relationship.

These are all signs that a man really likes you.