29 date ideas in the rain and “bad weather”

You want to meet this woman soon, but disaster is predicted from above. Therefore, the question arises for your first date: where to go when bad weather and rain chase you?

You can find the best activity ideas and suggestions here so your date doesn’t fall in the water.

Also, at the end of the article, I will give some valuable tips for planning the date, so that in the end you DO NOT end up with “soggy poodles”, but a warm romance arises despite the bad weather!

Ideas for rainy dates and bad weather

The weather forecast does not bode well and dark clouds are gathering in the sky. St. Peter obviously doesn’t mean well with his love – at least you think so.

So now I cancel the date with this girl and wait for a sunnier day? No, out of the question!

You still want to meet her and get to know her in person.

So here are my winter date ideas, especially when it’s cold and raining…

… and here are some interesting suggestions for what you can generally do on a first date.

But now back to the question: where to go on a first date when rain and bad weather beckon? Here are my ideas for activities that inspire women:

Eat and drink

Let’s start with the classic: many men go to a cafe with their loved ones when they meet for the first time, and rightly so.

Here, singles can easily meet each other on a date. I recommend these places, especially in bad weather:

1. Restaurant with fireplace

There’s nothing cozier on a rainy day than a crackling fire in the corner. In this environment, the woman will feel at home when it rains outside.

2. Visit a tearoom

As warm as a fireplace (but more likely inside) is a nice cup of tea during courtship.

In a tea room, you can try many delicious varieties that are a sensual experience for your taste buds.

3. Complete a barista course

If you both like coffee, this class is the perfect first date idea in the rain and bad weather.

Not only will you learn how to prepare the most delicious coffee specialties in accordance with all the rules of the art, but you will also have the opportunity to taste one of the warmed drinks at the end!

4. Cooking or baking together

One bad-weather second date idea: Gathering at home to conjure up a delicious meal or cake together.

Then you can watch a DVD and cuddle up on the couch until you kiss…

Young couple watching TV

Experience art and culture

Most women like men with intelligence and education – especially when it comes to a serious relationship. So here are some tips on where you can go to enjoy culture (in the broadest sense):

5. Go to the movies

In another article, I explained why going to the movies on the first date is not a good idea. In bad weather, you can still get to know each other if you go for a drink in a cafe in advance.

6. Theater and concerts

If you’ve been crouched on the bench for an hour or two and looking straight ahead, it might be something a little more extraordinary, right?

A good concert or play is, therefore, a successful change from cinema…she just doesn’t experience something like this with every man!

7. Comedy show

Laughter always creates positive emotions – especially on a date when you’re both still a little excited.

Having a fun comedy event will help to relax and make the woman laugh. She will connect this beautiful moment with you!

8. Take pictures in the rain

Also funny, but only for die-hard singles: Consciously go out to take funny pictures while dancing in the heavenly shower on a date.

And let’s be honest, “bad weather” is really just a matter of definition, isn’t it? You also have a lasting memory with the photos!

9. Go to the zoo

Especially if your companion loves animals, she will be happy to visit a zoo with you. And not just in the summer!

For the campaign, you should choose an indoor zoo, where you can marvel at the cute creatures mostly in the halls (or at least with a roof).

Otherwise your date will be a dud for even the biggest animal lover…

10. Tour of the port or city

Sit comfortably on the bus or go aboard the ship for a tour. Or buy a train ticket and go around the world.

Even if the attraction’s view gets cloudy in rainy weather – your companion’s view is even more beautiful!

11. Visit the Horror Cabinet

If your mate latches onto you in shock because she’s looking for a male protector, you’ll understand why the horror show is such a good date idea…

12. Go to the fair

No, please don’t visit a trade show on the subject of plastic packaging or nanotechnology – choose an event that inspires you both!

A camping fair exudes a touch of adventure and you can even rave about your summer vacation together. Otherwise, there are, for example, book fairs or games …

Think about what the woman is interested in! You know her a little (hopefully) now.

13. Stroll to the mall

It has nothing to do with “culture”, but it doesn’t always have to be the most unusual program:

Some women love to meet their potential partner on a regular walk around town (this time, you’re going to the indoor, dry mall).

14. Museum and art exhibition

A visit to the museum allows you to delve into times gone by. He turns a little in the conversation and wonders what it would have been like to have lived back then.

Or does your loved one like a certain painter or sculptor? Then an art exhibition would be the right choice.

Cool activities indoors

Do you want some action? Games, fun, and excitement? Indoor amusement parks and similar venues are a great date idea in the rain and bad weather. Here are my tips:

15. Play billiards

You don’t just have to play the standard 8 ball… there are many other pool versions that offer variety, for example, 9 balls or 10 balls.

But find out the rules beforehand so you don’t look like all the unsuspecting idiots.

16. Go bowling

Do you still have a lot to say? In bowling, between shots, it would be a great opportunity.

17. Play indoor miniature golf

Black light miniature golf is a particularly exciting experience for singles. Here you can not only deliver an exciting duel but also immerse yourself in a bright magical setting that guarantees romance.

18. Live escape room escape

In this game, you are locked in a room and have to solve tricky puzzles in a given time to break free again.

Pure emotion in dating!

When you achieve this, the woman will have the feeling that you have mastered an adventure with you. And that brings them together, especially when it comes to a relationship…

19. Bodyflying / indoor skydiving

If you got wet on a date in rainy weather, it’s a good idea to let yourself dry again (no, fun…).

However: flying in the wind tunnel here creates a positive feeling that the two of you will surely remember fondly later on.

20. Go indoor climbing

Here, in the climbing hall, you won’t just have a little adventure. You can also test whether your potential partner is capable of mastering a sporting challenge.

21. Visit the trampoline hall

As a child, almost everyone jumped on the trampoline. Why not go back in time for a date?

As you jump, you can share memories from your childhood to go along with it. This gives the woman great confidence in you because she has the feeling that she knows you very well.

22. Drive a kart

To deliver a hot rush, which guarantees a lot of adrenaline for singles!

23. Game night at home

On the second date, you can also meet at home to play board and card games. Cook something with him or order a pizza, and the night will be perfect!

Enjoy wellness and relaxation

Maybe you’re looking for chill second-date ideas when rain and bad weather derail your plans.

Then these activities are just the thing for your meeting:

24. Take a walk in the forest in the rain

If it’s not raining too much, you can easily go for a walk in the forest. The trees act as a kind of natural “umbrella” and capture most of the droplets.

If you still get wet, this is the perfect opportunity to dry off and stay warm at home afterward…

25. Go to a hot spring bath

Attention, only for the second meeting on a rainy day!

Because seeing the woman in a bathing suit is good for you…but she needs to know you relatively well to be involved in a comparatively intimate situation.

26. Go to the indoor pool

If you want to combine bathing with a bit of action, an indoor pool with slides, a diving tower and the like is also suitable for dating.

27th Session in the Salt Cave

The air is particularly beneficial and you can enjoy relaxing moments (about 45 minutes).

The big advantage over other wellness programs: here at the salt cave you don’t have to wear a bathing suit, you can come in normal everyday clothes.

This avoids an awkward situation.

First date in the rain: for you or for her?

It doesn’t hurt to create a busy day where you dig through various program items.

However, you have to plan well in bad weather to literally “dry” your meeting.

So always make sure you get from A to B quickly and don’t have to run outside for hours!

If you still feel a little wet and freeze at the end, that’s not bad. So now is the ideal time to move your pair from the rain to your cozy home in bad weather.

The woman (hopefully) knows you pretty well now and trusts you so she can go with you with a clear conscience.

But you should always provide a good reason for her to accompany you home.

By that I mean, for example:

  • You make delicious tea or soup to warm her up.
  • You still have a towel and some dry clothes she can put on (something like socks, a shirt, sweater)
  • In general, you are very comfortable warming up and watching a movie.

The ingenious thing about this is: