4 secrets never to reveal to our partner

You know the saying: not all truths are good to say. This is also true for couples.

Sometimes, when you want to be 100% honest in your relationship , you do yourself more harm than good. This can even give rise to irreparable damage to our couple. Now, is this really what we want? No, a priori. Let us therefore note the cases where total transparency is to be avoided.

1- What your loved ones think (badly) about him

Think twice before revealing a negative reflection that one of your loved ones may have made on him. He will probably be very hurt and will have a hard time seeing this person again without thinking about it. Keep it for yourself so if you want to keep a good atmosphere between your other half and your loved ones.

2- Critics of his family

If it can happen to criticize his mother or his brother rightly, do not see there a free field to put a layer and abound in his direction. He would risk being on the defensive, even feeling personally attacked. And in the end, it is you who will end up at the stake. So we listen, we nod our heads at best, but we don’t snuff, even if we dream about it. Subject too sensitive.

4- Your hope of seeing him earn a better living

When you started out, you loved the fact that he was an artist and too bad if he had neither a regular nor an amazing salary. Then, one day, you let yourself admit to him that you would like to see him occupy a more stable and better-paid job. However, far from pulling it up, this revelation could harm him / her, giving the feeling that you do not find it well enough for you.

Finally, of course, there are the truths that should not be confessed under any circumstances . He has no need to know that you are secretly fantasizing about his friend, or that it is you who finished the bottle of milk stored empty in the fridge this morning (even if he strongly suspects, hold on Well).

Lying may seem at first glance to be the opposite of a healthy and fulfilling couple relationship , nevertheless what we are talking about here is rather to withhold certain facts so as not to unnecessarily add fuel to the fire. Fire which will be hard to extinguish afterwards. We therefore protect our lover by showing discretion and restraint. For the rest, it’s sworn, we’ll tell him the whole truth, nothing but the truth!