45 questions to ask on the first date

No matter how daring or self-confident a person is, there will always be a time when they can’t avoid nervousness and uncertainty – during a first date. Whether it’s wanting to impress the other person or having a good time, we want to do our best and keep the conversation flowing.

But this is not always easy. It may be that our nerves are playing tricks on us or that we simply do not know what to talk about with the other person. If you think that is the case for you, we suggest a few questions to ask on the first date, which will serve you at least to break the ice.

List of questions to ask on the first date

Avoid the dreaded awkward silences by asking these questions. They will help you create a topic of conversation and discover more about the other person.

1. What do you do?

It’s one of the most basic questions to ask on the first date: you study or work your whole life. It is essential to know how the other person makes a living or how they invest their time. It also helps us to create a topic of conversation, as it will allow us to open a whole range of new questions related to your work.

2. Have you always dedicated yourself to this?

This question helps us discover if their work is in their field of interest or if they are working on something totally different from what they studied. They might surprise us!

3. What do you like most about your job?

This is one of the questions to ask on the first date that helps us show interest in what the other person is doing.

4. Do you live alone?

By asking this question on the first date we get clues about his purchasing power, his level of independence, or, if we are thrown, about the chances we have of ending up at his house if the date is a success.

5. Have you always lived here?

It may be that you grew up in the city or recently moved. Find out with this question.

6. What do you do in your free time?

Another essential question is to know what your interests and hobbies are. It also helps us to know if we see ourselves sharing part of that time with the person.

7. What would a perfect day be like for you?

One of the questions is to know more about your date and how he likes to live.

8. What is your favorite place in the city?

It could be a park, a favorite cafeteria, a store … A simple but revealing question!

9. Do you have a favorite movie?

Whether you like movies or not, it never hurts to know your taste in movies.

10. What is your favorite book?

Knowing if he reads or what type of stories he prefers can also be revealing.

11. Do you follow any series?

Almost everyone is following some series, so ask what is yours. Hopefully, you will continue the same and you will have a topic of conversation. Beware of spoilers! They can break relationships.

12. What kind of music do you like?

Another ideal question to ask on the first date and find out if you have shared tastes.

13. What song don’t you get tired of listening to?

Because it is not enough to know what musical style you prefer… knowing what your fetish song is can tell us a lot about the other person.

14. Do you like animals?

Is it more about dogs or cats? Do you have a pet? Would you live with one? Important if you are an animal lover.

15. Do you have siblings?

This question helps us introduce the family topic into the conversation and can tell a lot about your relationship with your relatives.

16. When is your birthday?

It is not that we should know what his zodiac sign is far from it (unless it interests you), but it does not hurt to know what month he was born.

17. What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you?

Anecdotes help us to create a more relaxed atmosphere and to connect better with the other person. It also gives us a lot of information about what experiences you have had.

18. Have you had a horrible first date?

This is a very good question to ask on a first date, as it gives us clues about what you don’t like on a date (so we can avoid it!).

19. What are you looking for right now?

It is important to ask this question on the first date to know what type of relationship you are looking for or what he expects from you.

20. Do you have any uncontrollable mania?

What things get on your nerves? What can’t you stand other people doing? Perhaps you should find out before it is too late.

21. What is your favorite dish?

With this simple a priori question we can find out what type of food you like, and obtain information on the type if you are a vegan or eat everything.

22. Do you like to cook?

It is not about wanting to know if the other person is a kitchenette, but it never hurts to find out if they are managing between stoves or whether they need a helping hand.

23. What word describes you the best?

How do you perceive yourself? A very revealing question to ask on the first date.

24. What kinds of things make you laugh?

Sharing the same sense of humor helps a lot to connect a person and is one of the aspects that most unites a couple.

25. What are you most passionate about?

What motivates you in this life? Why do you feel true passion? Important to get to know the other person and know what they like.

26. Do you consider yourself someone spontaneous?

Is it someone who may surprise us, or is it more of a squared person? If we ask it on our first date, we will have an advantage.

27. What do you think you do best?

It may be related to your job, a hobby, or it may just be an absurd skill that you don’t expect.

28. What do you consider clumsy or bad at?

And as ideal as our date may seem, no one is perfect. There must be something wrong with him and it is important to know that he has self-criticism from the first moment.

29. What do you value most in other people?

You will like to know what qualities you admire in other people and if you have any of them.

30. What would you really like to do if you could?

You’ve already talked about his job and what he likes about it. But it is also interesting to know what you would really like to do in this life if you could choose.

31. What topic could you spend the day talking about?

Do you like to talk about politics? Are you an expert on birds? Accept any answer unless it is talking about yourself.

32. Do you consider yourself more than mornings or nights?

Do you wake up in a good mood in the morning? When is the best work at night? This question can reveal a lot about your habits or way of being.

33. What would be your ideal weekend plan?

This is ideal as a question to ask on the first date, as we will find out if you are a person who likes to be at home, party, or if you prefer to go out for a walk in the mountains.

34. Who would you say has been the greatest influence in your life?

It may be a family member or a famous person whom you admire. Knowing which person has marked your life can tell us a lot about our date and its values.

35. Do you have any vital goals or dreams in life?

Important to know your aspirations and if they are realistic or you are a dreamy person.

36. Do you have any favorite childhood memories?

This question helps the other person open up to you and have a little more trust. It can also reveal a lot about your life and your way of being.

37. If you could travel or live in another part of the world, where would it be?

Are you a traveler? Do you like to discover new places? Do you see yourself living elsewhere? Not a very personal question that nevertheless tells us a lot.

38. Is there something you’ve always wanted to try?

It may be an activity you haven’t experienced yet, like bungee jumping. Although if the person is daring, his answer may go in other directions and surprise you.

39. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in your life?

Another question is to become more intimate and to know if we are in front of a daring person or with a person with many experiences.

40. If your life were a movie, what would it be titled?

A curious and fun question to ask on the first date that allows us to know how the other person is perceived.

41. What do you think I should know about you that I would never think to ask?

In this way, we can know something that the other person wants us to know and that we would not have even thought about asking.

42. Is there something about you that could surprise me?

It can be an amazing skill, a curious fetish, or your most well-kept secret. Do you dare to ask?

43. How do you rate our date?

Ask to get to the point and find out if your first date went well. The person may not be sincere or does not want to hurt your feelings, so do not take this as the definitive proof that it went well.

44. How do you see this week?

If we want to be more discreet, with this we can know if you have a lot of work in the next few days or if you will have room for a new appointment with you.

45. Do you want to go out again?

This is a good last question to ask on the first date if we don’t want to waste time, as this way we cut corners and make sure you are interested in meeting again.