5 ingredients for long-lasting relationships

While there are some relationships that last where partners come closer and closer over time, others are simply fleeting. No matter how specific they are, there are certain ingredients that make relationships last over time.

There are, in our opinion, certain things that are essential: tolerance, common values, a bond of friendship, shared words, empathy, dreams, and projects….

Enough to found happy and lasting couples. They do exist, to be sure, and listening to them attentively is to receive a lesson in wisdom and hope.

Here are the ingredients to know about relationships that last:

1. They admire and respect each other

Couples who live happily ever after don’t just love each other, they truly admire each other. Love is their springboard and they truly admire and respect their opinions, values ​​, and goals, in a shared way. It is a practice that requires constant effort.

A knowledgeable clinician is able to tell in less than 10 minutes of meeting if a couple has a chance to last. How? ‘Or’ What? By asking a simple question: “How committed are you to the survival of your relationship?” “. Everyone’s commitment to the relationship not only reveals whether it will last, but also indicates the overall level of satisfaction of both partners.

It must be recognized that in a relationship, both partners must be ready to get involved together in an honest and sincere manner. It is important to note that disputes serve to enrich and bring new impetus to the relationship, if handled well.

2. They have empathy

Empathy, as opposed to sympathy, is about understanding how the spouse feels from their point of view, rather than projecting your own beliefs. Happy couples are actively engaged in understanding and supporting their emotional states. Being sincere with your partner is essential to build trust.

3. There is a great bond in the relationships that last

Happy couples love spending time together and make it a priority. Sometimes it’s good to do things on your own to get away from it all and rejuvenate yourself. But just as communication takes work, so does creating quality time with your partner.

It might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many couples spend time together just to run errands, discuss childcare, or have an argument.

4. They have regular intimate relationships

The human being is conditioned to believe that the attraction inevitably disappears with time. As they age, men experience a drop in testosterone. Women, on the other hand, produce proportionately more estrogen and remain more sensitive.

This increase in desire, coupled with the decline in arousal in humans, can impact self-esteem and the relationship itself. At this time, it is important to communicate well and create the circumstances to strengthen the physical and emotional attraction.

5. They make plans

Long-lasting couples put into practice Saint Exupéry’s famous quote, To love is to look in the same direction. Whether we dream together of being the most fulfilled couple, of devoting our life to the most disadvantaged, of buying the house of our dreams or of creating a family, the main thing is to have a common project.