5 Reasons why he doesn’t want to date you

There are many reasons why a man you hang out with may not want to partner. And most of its reasons often have nothing to do with you. Finally … this is not entirely true. They have to do with you, but not the way you imagine.

The men sometimes thought long and hard about it, but did not comment. We do not understand why the situation is stagnating or deteriorating. And finally, why he does not want to live a beautiful love story with us anymore.

Faced with this behavior, we simply want to know if he really loves us or if he is only playing with our feelings.

To get some answers to these questions, it’s here!

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1) He plays with you

Unfortunately, this is often the case. Not all men are good men. And you will often come across this category of boys who put their happiness before yours.

This is not to say that these men do not have the potential to be kind. They can be. They all simply chose not to be with you at this point in their lives.

This choice on his part does not mean that he hates or dislikes you. He may enjoy spending time or nights with you. He just didn’t have a crush on you. So according to him, you do not “deserve” that he really invests in a serious relationship. It also gives him the right to play with your feelings. Is it unfair and cruel? Yes.

Fortunately, when this is the case, there are signs that prove it very clearly. For example, if he treats you badly, it’s because he doesn’t care about you. It’s that simple.

If you are looking for a serious relationship, it is up to you to succeed in stopping this relationship that leads to nothing (except in bed).

2) He does not know what he wants and what he is looking for

Whether we are a man or a woman, it is often difficult to know what exactly we expect from our future partner and from our relationship.

We have a simple idea in mind, find better than the previous one. We are in an endless quest for “more and better”, with all our ideals and expectations in mind. And when it doesn’t work, we look for something – or someone – different. The notion of “couple building” is forgotten, the person must be perfect from the start.

And the current context, where we are overwhelmed by the possibilities of new meetings, does not help the cause. We can go from one single person to another by simply clicking on a button or by “swiping” on the side. With this embarrassment of choice, it’s difficult to be satisfied with what you have.

So if he is more distant with you when he had nevertheless ignited at the beginning, it is surely because he has realized the too great gap between the idealization he had of you and the reality. You no longer meet these expectations and he ultimately prefers to look elsewhere.

Should we blame him? Not necessarily. It all depends on how he made it clear to you.

3) He is not ready yet

It’s normal to want to put words on the nature of a relationship. But sometimes the man you are with just needs time to prepare for the label “couple,” and everything that goes with it.

The real question is, do you think it will be ready someday? Generally, when a man asks himself too many questions about the fact of becoming a couple, it is because he suspects deep down that this story will go nowhere.

So is it you who are impatient or he who veils his face? Only you know the answer. But what is certain is that if after six months you still have no words to describe your relationship, it is probably time to move on. Or create a purely s**xual relationship.

4) He is afraid of spoiling the relationship you have

Sometimes men are afraid to take the next step because they are afraid that by qualifying the thing, it will lose its magic. In the past, they transformed flirtations into serious relationships, only to realize that it was freedom and lack of taking or seriousness that made the relationship beautiful. And not the person they were with.

As a result, when a man finds a woman he appreciates, he is apprehensive about simply repeating the mistakes of the past. What is certain is that the only way to find out is to try anyway. But, we all know that our fears are generally irrational.

So maybe he would like your relationship to be exclusive and that you build something serious, but he is too afraid to take the risk that everything will deteriorate.

5) he is afraid of falling in love

This may sound like a very bad excuse, but the reality is that it often is.

Many boys are very good at playing “tough guys”. Some really are. In any case, when there is love in the air, men are (very often) cowards.

And being a “tough guy” doesn’t match very well with being romantic and in love. Love requires being vulnerable and gentle. However, he does not want to pass for a duck with his friends, or even for the image, he has of himself.

However, even if it sounds harsh, you can successfully turn his heart of stone into a marshmallow. And then if he is under your spell, he will end up becoming the perfect fiancé by himself, because basically no one can resist great love.