5 signs that he is no longer in love with you

In a couple, sometimes feelings fade, for no reason. If your partner’s behavior changes, whether suddenly or gradually, it may be because he is no longer in love with you. And sometimes, certain signs do not deceive.

No, romantic relationships are not always perfect. Some couples separate because they no longer get along, others because of adultery and others because the feelings have gradually evaporated. Yes, love sometimes leaves, sometimes without reason.

There are small, sometimes imperceptible signs, others more obvious. And this deterioration will lead to a breakdown or at least a great conversation to take stock. Because obviously, you should not get stuck in a relationship that will not progress and in which you will be unhappy. Take the lead.

Attention, if it happens that one day your lover is in a bad mood or quite simply that he does not listen to you, it is useless to question everything. These signs are to be watched for in the medium or long term, to really realize if his feelings towards you have changed.

He no longer shows any signs of interest to you

One of the most obvious signs that your partner is no longer in love with you is that they are no longer interested in you. He goes out without you, doesn’t ask you any more questions about your work, doesn’t try to see you and doesn’t listen to you when you tell him about your day.

You seem to be invisible. Whether you’re there or not, it’s a bit the same for him (and it’s not very nice for you).

He blames you for all his misfortunes

Ok, boyfriend is going through a tough time. He quarreled with his parents, his best friend is bothering him, he just got fired or he broke his watch. Suddenly, he blames you for everything that can happen to him negatively in his life. However, we agree, you have nothing to do with it.

This can be a sign that he no longer loves you since he holds you responsible for all his misfortune instead of seeing yourself as his sunshine and support.

He always has an excuse for not seeing you

Recently, your partner has a minister’s schedule. It’s simple, you can no longer come across it. It seems he always finds better things to do than join you for a romantic evening.

If he is trying to avoid you, it may be because he has no interest in doing so. Her feelings were blunted.

His future plans don’t involve you

You have realized that your partner wants to leave to live abroad within two months. The problem? You are not aware of it and even less invited to follow it.

If your partner does this, for a trip, a future trip, a weekend with friends, it means that he no longer wants to include you in his future life. It is, therefore, time to move forward on your side and for yourself.

He acts without asking for your opinion

If your partner has decided that he no longer wants to be with you, he will act without asking your opinion and without explaining anything to you.

Worse, if you tell him that you are unhappy because of him, he will not try to comfort you and will not make any effort to change. In this case, it is recommended to go far away and never see it again.

On a daily basis, you suffer from his behavior. You disrespect him, he lies to you, he avoids you. If you are still in love with this mischievous boy, take the lead and have a serious conversation with him. If the latter does not always want to hear what you have to say, it is very simple, it is not worth it. You clearly deserve better.