5 signs that you’re disconnected from your boyfriend

In a romantic relationship, it can happen that time changes personalities. By force, you are no longer really on the same wavelength as your guy and you tend to move away from him a little. 5 signs that you are losing sight of yourself.

In a romantic relationship, you will necessarily go through various phases. As time goes by, your two personalities evolve. Don’t panic, it’s completely normal. The goal is to try to remain yourself while avoiding moving away from your partner during these changes.

Some of these developments are beneficial for your couple and allow you to move forward together. Others, on the contrary, will be real steps to be overcome by two, to remain united. Unfortunately, it happens that your two personalities no longer agree and that you are no longer on the same wavelength. Here are some red flags.

You make more projects without the other

Perhaps you have planned weekends with girlfriends or your man cannot be free for the next weekends. Again, not all couples need to stay together every day and do everything together. But if you used to do more things together and now you hardly find the time to see each other, it is because you have moved away.

You do things together, but don’t talk to each other

Even if you have some common activities ( going to the movies, the theater or chilling in front of the same series in front of Netflix), the most important is to communicate. You must be able to speak freely, to exchange. If you no longer communicate, it means you have very little to say to each other.

You’re always on your phone

How many times are you on your smartphone, playing Candy Crush or scrolling Instagram while your guy is next to you? Certainly, some moments are more relaxed than others and you only want to rest a little. But if it happens every time, it’s a bad omen for your relationship.

You argue more often

If you are no longer on the same wavelength, you will necessarily argue more often, because you no longer share the same desires or the same opinions. Doctor Fran Walfish, a psychotherapist, advises the She Knows site: “In this case, you have to face your problems face to face, to try to solve them.”

You have less lovemaking

Yes, the frequency of your physical intercourse is an excellent indicator of the well-being of your romantic relationship. If you can no longer be so intimate, surely there is a good reason. You must, therefore, discuss it and find out how to overcome this problem.

How to get closer to your partner?

If you have noticed these signs in your romantic relationship, there is a good chance that your couple is going through a little crisis. Kate Balestrieri, a psychologist, recommends starting with eye contact.

“You have to stand in front of each other and look at yourself. This activates different parts of your brain and that of your partner, to make you feel empathy, for example,” she. She also advises taking time, every evening, to tell you about your mutual days.

Make sure you listen to each other and take the time to care about your partner. Your relationship should be based on sharing and communication.