5 small flaws that make our man crack

There are flaws, like our exacerbated “boring”, which men hate and which they would love to see disappear forever. And then, there are others, unsuspected, which make them completely crack …


Gluttony is a bad thing? For us, yes. But not for them. Men prefer, by far, a woman who has some curves but does not deprive herself and is a good living, than another who spends her time restraining herself and refusing the good little dishes that they have taken a long time to eat. we cook up.

So, of course, we do not fit into a size 36, but at least we are full of life and not frustrated  ! Because, in addition, frustration makes it unpleasant … If men love this ugly flaw, why deprive themselves?


We don’t talk about the anguish that he is deceiving us. Rather, we hear the fear that a monster will appear in the middle of the night, the fear of insects… Which forces us to snuggle up in his arms. Why do guys love? Quite simply because it boosts their ego, they feel powerful, manly, “hehe, I am the man for the job…”

The Blue Flower side

A little romanticism doesn’t hurt anyone. Are we the type to cry in front of a film with rose water? Dreaming of great feelings, of a fairy tale? If, apparently, he can tease us a bit with that, basically, it makes him crack. Again, it highlights his manhood and the fact that you need him for all of this …

Well-dosed jealousy

We can already see you jubilant, “owl, if men like jealousy, I can continue to be a candy-breaker then!” ” Especially not. We are not talking about excessive jealousy that pushes us to want to control the other.

To make his life impossible with “but you’re sure you love me, eh?” »,« And your new colleague, you don’t like her, reassure me? »,« Last night, you were really with Matthieu, you swear to me? Arghhh, there is nothing worse to scare a man away.

It is a question of measuring your jealousy well, sending a little tip from time to time, and expressing it with tenderness. This will melt it …


Red cheeks, stammering, not daring to go talk to others… For us, shyness is a fault. But, they find this character trait ultra-cute. Whatever they say, they like the fact that we’re a little fragile . Especially since it reassures them, since we will not easily flirt with other guys …