5 things to do as a couple (at least) once a month

In a relationship, intimacy and complicity, it is nurtured. To rekindle (or prolong) the flame with your partner, here are 5 little things to do for two at least once a month.

A strong and respectful romantic relationship is long-term work. It is not enough to grant yourself a romantic vacation once in a while for two to make love last and keep the bond intact. To maintain a happy, healthy relationship and especially to make it evolve, we have listed 5 things to do as a couple as often as possible.

Break the routine

To break the routine in which our daily life gradually locks us up, nothing better than to travel. So certainly, unless you have unlimited vacations (and a budget), everywhere on the other side of the world each month, it will be complicated. So, opt for micro-getaways of one or two days, or even half a day to recharge your batteries for two: romantic weekend in a pretty bed & breakfast, wilderness camping under the stars or even a simple tourist visit for two: these new experiences will only bring you closer.

Socialize solo

Going out with his or her campaign as a “couple” can be absolutely great. But what is also good is to create and maintain personal relationships without a spouse. No need to do everything together for fun . It can be stuffy, annihilating, and (let’s be honest) a little boring for your friends. Deepen each on your side your own friendly relationships, go out, do things without the other. You will only be happier when you find your other half.

Having a romantic dinner

We are not talking to you here about eating frozen foods in front of season 2 of Stranger Things once the children are in bed. But rather to reserve a real moment just for you, around a good dinner at home or in the restaurant, where you can exchange everything and nothing and forget for a few hours of being only every of them.

Make small gifts

The small attentions, those which are really thought to please, are the most precious . Bring back your favorite bottle of wine to comfort him or her after a bad day, bring him a small kitsch souvenir from your last work trip or simply a bouquet of flowers: these small gestures of generosity will subtly remind your partner that you are always thinking of her or him.

Get out of your comfort zone

Choose together an activity that both piques your common interests and allows you to open up to new horizons. It can be to attend a concert together, to go hiking or why not, to experience extreme sport together. These experiences shared by two cement the couple without the need to speak, they are a great way to challenge each other, to educate themselves and to create new memories.