6 signs that you love him a little more than he loves you

In love, we often ask ourselves a multitude of questions, including if our relationship has been going on for some time. “Are we made to live together?” “How long is it going to take ?” And then of course, there is THE question: “Does he love me as much as I do, I love him?”. Here are some clues to get to the bottom of it.

Between the fear that it will not work, the confidence to gain each other, the compromises that are sometimes difficult to accept and the conflicts of the daily grind , living as a couple can sometimes represent a real challenge (but worth it). On your side, RAS, you feel perfectly ready to commit yourself 100% to your relationship. It is rather at the level of your partner that it gets a little stuck. So, is he really in love or is it just you who are asking for too much? These few clues will get you started.

1- He shows few little attentions

Do you find that he gives you few hugs and sends you little SMS compared to you? If you are an overly demonstrative and emotional person, then it may simply mean that he is more measured than you. It can also be linked to a very high level of requirement on your part on this subject, which it does not necessarily reflect. But in the event that you consider yourself quite reasonable, then it may be time to ask yourself a few questions. Because if we all have significantly different levels of romantic expectations , there is still a minimum trade union to provide.

2- He runs away from confusion and does not try to settle your differences

When two people are in love with each other and a clear commitment in their relationship, they normally less difficult to tackle sensitive subjects to solve problems and manage conflict . If your partner constantly avoids disputes and does not seem to attach importance to bridge the disagreements that exist between you, then it may be time to talk to him frankly, to better understand what happens in her head…

3- He doesn’t like to project himself too much into the future

He changes the subject when you tell him about your next vacation destination and / or freaks out when you tell him that you would like to move into a slightly larger apartment? Well. We are certainly not going to teach you anything by telling you that this is not a very good sign. Because either he doesn’t care … or he’s afraid. In the second case, patience will be your best ally. But in the first case, it may be time to state your expectations very clearly to your partner, in order to know whether you can envisage a future together or not.

4- You take all initiatives

“We need to talk”, “I think we will have to review our way of behaving about this”. Do you always seem to be the one who utters this kind of sentence to defuse a painful situation? It might be a good idea to point this out to your partner by explaining to him that for you either, it’s not a piece of cake, but that it remains essential. Because this ostrich policy clearly shows a lack of involvement on his part in your relationship.

5- He does not reveal his intimate universe to you

Knowing everything about your half – from their first day of school to their most difficult experience, including an exhaustive list of their ex – can take time. It is also quite understandable that some people avoid unpacking their entire intimate life in the space of just a few months. Moreover, it has been proven several times that couples would benefit from maintaining a certain amount of mystery. On the other hand, in the precise case where your partner does not tell you anything about his personal life or refuses to introduce you to his loved ones , then there is certainly eel under rock.

6- You do not feel completely serene

You constantly ask yourself if he loves you enough (it is not for nothing that you have read this article until the end), and if he will not suddenly leave you one morning without warning? One of two things: either you are completely paranoid and this feeling of insecurity is not attributable to your partner, or you are completely sane and the problem indeed comes from him. In both cases, it is important to talk about it together to take stock and find solutions that will improve the situation.