6 tips to know if your husband doesn’t love you anymore

Sometimes, in a long-term relationship, you find that something isn’t the way it used to be. In this situation, how do you know if your husband doesn’t love you anymore?

The complicity and passion that previously linked you to your partner now seem to have disappeared and this causes you a series of doubts and, above all, a lot of pain.
It could be a passing crisis or a moment of stress, things that happen to everyone and that can be resolved with a little patience and a healthy conversation.
On the other hand, it could be a more deep-rooted issue that affects your partner’s own feelings towards you. How to understand this?

Marriage Problems: How to Tell If Your Husband Doesn’t Love You Anymore

1 – He wants a lot of space

If he wants a lot of space, what does that mean? For example, at night he came home after work, and on weekends you organized things to do as a couple.
But now none of that happens. He comes home later because he goes out with friends and doesn’t bother doing couples’ shows on the weekends anymore.
It’s like he needs more space for himself, to have more freedom, and that somehow takes you out of his life.
Unfortunately, this is a huge sign that your husband doesn’t love you anymore. Have you ever heard the phrase, “I need space”? That’s what’s happening. If he feels stifled, he probably feels that the marriage is not going well.

2 – He gets angry easily

This is usually a symptom that the relationship is strained and that he no longer has the same respect for you as he once did. This could be a sign that he doesn’t love you anymore .
You know something is wrong, you both know it, but you can’t understand each other.
Of course, there are people who, by temperament, get irritated from time to time. But if this happens too often, it’s a red flag for marriage.
If you give him all your support, but he still shows that he is always in a bad mood and doesn’t want you around, maybe this indicates that he doesn’t want to know about you anymore.

3 – He makes a lot of complaints

When there is love and the couple understands each other, complaints are made in mature dialogues, without the need for endless discussions.
You don’t keep looking for the person’s flaws and, if you notice them, you overlook them. But when love runs out, even the smallest flaws annoy you and lead to unnecessary criticism.
You feel like nothing seems to go right, whatever you do is never enough.

4 – Lack of respect and distrust

Another essential topic to answer the question: how to know if your husband doesn’t love you anymore?
When you guys fight, he’s verbally abusive and rude. Before, when everything was fine, he didn’t criticize you or say things just to offend you.
He behaved with civility, but now he changes his tone of voice, opens wounds, and feeds resentments of facts that happened and he brings up.
Also, anything you say is cause for distrust and he tends to doubt what you say without giving you credit.

5 – He’s cheating on you

How to know if your husband doesn’t love you anymore and if he is cheating on you?

If he doesn’t need to hide anything, why do you believe there’s another one in his life? Here’s a basic example: if your friend sends you an email, you’ll have no problem showing it to them.
If you receive innocent messages, then you will not worry about protecting your cell phone from your husband.
On the other hand, if the email you receive isn’t so innocent, you’ll want to hide it from him.
Something isn’t right, isn’t it? Does he act that way? Are there any other signs that he might be cheating on you? Or do you already know that there was a betrayal and still decided to continue the marriage?
You may need to spend some time figuring out if your husband is in love with another woman. This can hurt, but unfortunately, it is a sad reality.

6- He was attracted by another woman

The problem can come from the other side too, as there are many women interested in learning how to attract a married man because they want forbidden love.
Finally, this is something very difficult to reverse and if he cheated on you, he most likely doesn’t love you anymore.
The best way to try to solve these marriage problems is with honest dialogue.


 Couples therapy is often necessary for you to understand each other again. If nothing helps, the solution, unfortunately, turns out to be divorce.

I’m rooting for everything to end well in your case.

Hope this article helped you!