What’s the best way to forget a great love?

There are several reasons why a relationship ends.

It could be unrequited love, an impossible love due to incompatible personalities, or different future plans. But what better way to forget a great love?

A love that has come to an end may have several months or years of history. All these situations, however, are united by one element: suffering.

Ending a romantic relationship is difficult and painful on an emotional level. However, to move on with your life, you need to forget that love that makes you suffer so much.

So check out some steps that will help you.

Understand the best way to forget a great love

1 – Release your pain

In any circumstance of life, to stop suffering you have to face the pain. Don’t pretend everything is ok, externalize your suffering. Cry and live your emotions – don’t feel guilty for being sad and hurt.

This first moment will seem more difficult when you realize that your ex-partner is leaving your life, but you have to face the situation.

2 – Leave the memories aside

We often hear that to forget an ex, a person you loved, it is essential to exclude them from your life.

So what’s the best way to forget a great love?

In reality, excluding him from your life will also eliminate the happy memories and positive experiences you had with him.

love story inevitably has moments of peace and happiness and helps both partners to grow.

Completely forgetting means destroying everything, and once the initial pain has passed, you may regret it.

For this reason, our advice on the path to new happiness is just to put the memory of that love away for a while, including with regard to the personal objects that bring those memories.

3 – Practice your favorite hobbies

With the end of a relationship, you find yourself with a lot more time on your hands, which can sometimes be detrimental.

Therefore, there is no better opportunity than to dedicate more time to your favorite activities. Playing an instrument, painting, dancing, reading, sports: what do you like to do in your free time?

Choose your hobby and you’ll see that it will play a key role. In fact, you will manage to distract yourself and this will make her forget about her unrequited or broken love.

4 – Spend time with friends

This topic is also relevant for us to understand the best way to forget a great love.

During a difficult period, friends are one of the best “antidotes” for pain and suffering.

So getting out and spending time with them will be a great cure-all. In the beginning, after ending an unrequited or hopeless love affair, you might just blow off steam and talk about your ex and what went wrong.

However, we suggest you go further than that. Appreciate their presence, the fact that they are with you. Listen to their opinion and let the conversation touch on other topics as well, unrelated to the end of the great love.

All of this is essential for forgetting discouragement and rediscovering the pleasure of smiling and feeling happy.

5 – Start something new

When forgetting a broken love, it is important to change at least part of your daily routine.

When you’re with someone, even if you don’t live together, it’s normal for habits to become part of your life.

All this, however, ends when the story ends and, therefore, we need to know how to reinvent everyday life.

Based on that premise, we suggest you start something new for this phase. Whether it’s a sporting activity you’ve never done before, an art or music course that’s always intrigued you but you’ve never taken, or a new language course.

Anything as long as it has nothing to do with your ex-partner.

6 – Meet other people

This item is also important to know the best way to forget a great love.

Visiting new environments will lead you to make new friends from which another love can also arise.

At first, try to leave the situation in a friendly mood, deepening the relationship only if you feel really interested in this new person.

Getting to know other people will not only widen your circle of friends, but it will further help you to break out of the habits that inevitably set in with your ex.

7 – Know how to forgive

The path taken at the end of the relationship is long and difficult, and you reach a step that may seem the most complicated for you.

When we said that it wasn’t ideal to completely forget a love, including the most beautiful and romantic moments of that relationship, it was to get to this point.

After months of the breakup, that initial aching pain will have subsided, as will the hate and anger. Therefore, it is important to know how to forgive.

Now is the time to reopen that box of memories and see them from a different perspective. The first time you said ” I love you “, romantic dinners, your first trip, and or the concert of your favorite band that you saw together.

That impossible love that just ended most likely provided you both with something beautiful to remember.
Relive everything in your mind and also think about how you managed to move forward.
You made the great initial discomfort your strength and got back on your feet. So why not forgive? You can go back to being happy without the ghosts of the past and you can fall in love again, especially with life.
Now you know the best way to forget a great love. Hope this content helped you!