8 clues that prove your best friend has fallen for you

Signs that your best mate is in love with you!

It is difficult to decipher the behavior of men. Love or friendship, we no longer know what they want and what they feel. Most of the time, we are so lost, they take a long time to declare their love. But don’t panic, some signs are never wrong. Then, you will discover the clues to know if your best friend is in love with you.

1 best friend in love consoles you

When you go through periods of conflict with your man, the best romantic friend is the first one you call. Quickly, he arranges to be available and joins you to console you and to cheer you up even if he does not approve 100% of the relationship you have with this person. He takes it upon himself and lets you know that he will always be there to support you.

2.The best friend in love keeps in touch

You will recognize the best friend in love when they are the first to strike up a conversation if you talk about your romantic relationship. He can’t go a day without seeing you and talking to you even to say a simple hello or ask how you are doing. What is certain is that he is very attached to you and cannot help but ask after you.

3.The best friend in love always sends messages

The best friend in love sends you messages all day long if you can’t see each other, to check on you, to tell about the crazy thing that just happened to him… He does this in order not to hide anything from you and so that you think of him from time to time.

4.The best friend in love is very tactile

When the relationship is purely friendly, friends don’t look for physical contact, but the best friend in love is always looking for a way to touch you, to hug you, to kiss you on the cheek, to tickle you, to pinch you … He will also create false fights to stick to you. Know that it is the attitude of a man madly in love who wants to get closer to the woman he loves.

5.The best friend in love seeks to know you more

A simple friend will get to know you over time, but the best friend in love always wants to know more about you. He does this by asking you lots of questions and paying attention to everything you say. However, you will notice that he knows you better than anyone.

6 best friend in love doesn’t hide anything from you

Of course, you are not as in love as him, but you will come to realize very quickly that he confides in you very often, and you even talk about sensitive subjects that concern him. The fact that he easily opens up to you like this is a clear sign that he has blind faith in you and wants you to know everything about him and his life. But more than that, he is honest and straightforward with you, because he loves you.

7.The best friend in love likes your company

When you see, you always go on a one-to-one outing, but when he is not available, he kindly offers to join him even if he is with family, with his group of friends, or any other person who is. dear to his heart. He doesn’t shy away from bringing you to his guy nights, because he appreciates your company. He wants you to get to know his loved ones, and he wants you to be truly included in his life.

8.The best friend in love always lets you choose

The best friend in love always gives you the choice no matter what you do together so that you are happy with them. He will never fight with you for the remote, he will watch the movie or the show you are watching, he will eat what you want to eat, he will leave you the choice of the bar where you go for a drink. If he does all that, it’s to please you, but above all to please you.