8 golden rules to keep your man in love

The fundamentals to keep your man in love!

It is so easy to fall in love however, there are a few rules to follow to stay on top of the relationship. So that your guy does not take the powder on the run, and that he does not look elsewhere, discover these 8 essential charts to keep him permanently. Some would do well to take the seed, really!

1. Maintain love every day

If you want to make Jules fall in love even more, taking him for granted is a big mistake. Love must be renewed every day. Little tender words and a few gestures of affection will already make a big difference. Stop being predictable, and avoid routine. So, do not hesitate to start improvising. There is nothing better than lovingly concocted candle light dinners or romantic getaways. See how your man will relish it.

2.Attach importance to the words spoken

If you tell yourself that men only remember what they want to remember, you are wrong, dear. They are real revenge, especially in times of arguments. Women are real talkers, and when shoutings surface, they don’t really care what they say, without weighing the words. Unfortunately, the repercussions are profound. So, turn your tongue 7 times before putting out a word if you want Jules to always stay in love. In the same vein, also avoid calling him in front of his friends by little names that may seem cute to you, but how degrading for him!

3.Resist temptations

Certainly, it is so beautiful your new colleague. His way of speaking to you, his looks, and the icing on the cake, he is always ready to help you… Hey! Calm down a bit. Come back to earth, and avoid doing anything stupid. Focus all of your attention and all of your impulses on Jules. How would you take it if he too did the same with his new secretary, because she too has everything to please. If you don’t want to destroy your story, and if you want him to always stay in love with you, then say chao to new favorites.

4.Listen to your man once in a while

You often complain about your migraines and your job…, but what do you do with his days? To oblivion? And you wonder all the time why it never works … A little “was it the day?” Is always good to hear. Care about your sweetheart from now on, and stop moaning. Take the time to listen to it. Because if love is a long adventure, having a good traveling companion is always essential, isn’t it?

5. ban annoying reviews

His snoring, his dirty socks all over the house, his band of friends who show up unexpectedly…. But was it really necessary to make a fuss out of it even when he least expected it? You could have spoken to him calmly without raising your voice and without resentment. There is also a whole other option if you really want to empty your bag: call your best friend, she is made for that right? So criticism always, avoid them like the plague to keep Jules still in love.

6. let him breathe

Now say stop to all types of harassment. Whether it concerns his dating, his telephone directories and his evenings with friends, do not make a big deal out of it. But above all, forget the messages and the incessant calls all day long to ask what he does, what he eats, what he thinks … Rest assured, he too, he asks himself the same questions. except that he keeps it to himself so as not to disturb you. Give him some freedom if you want him to always be in love with you!

7. take care of yourself

The best way to keep a man in love is to engage in an endless game of dating. You may have let yourself go through time. But for Jules, it’s like food, when he eats the same dish too often, he no longer feels the same flavor. Make way for seduction, and take care of yourself. A new wardrobe, a new headdress… and voila. Also forget the old panties of granny, adopt more attractive outfits! Do it for the both of you to enjoy it.

8.The 50/50 rule

Yes, you absolutely want to keep your man in love forever. However, always keep in mind that you have to find a balance in the relationship or else you will be taken for granted. It might appeal to him, to your greater disadvantage, but it could also seriously annoy him. But what do you want, love is so complicated! Also, no need to try to win him the moon, know how to balance between desires, projects, independence and concessions. Deep down, you definitely have a few things in common that you got together.