8 reasons why men like difficult women

Do you think that you are too complicated for men? Maybe you are wrong. Women who are difficult to conquer or who have complex personalities are often thought of as having a difficult time finding a partner, as they are assumed to be contradictory or “strange in their way of being.”

In fact, women themselves often try to be “less complicated” and change their personality when they meet a boy they like, in order to attract him by acting as they think these men want them, simple and without criteria.

But that is a mistake. In fact, these “complicated” women are often the most attractive to men. The truth is that if you are most likely not “difficult”, you just like to take your time to meet the men who approach you before falling in love with the wrong one.

And no, that doesn’t bore men. On the contrary, we will tell you why they love difficult women and who take their time before starting a relationship, like you:

1. Rejection can be a great compliment

Although it seems incoherent, a mature man will appreciate it if on his first attempt you reject him or refuse to indulge in his conquest tactics. A woman who does not accept the first invitation they offer shows that she is respectful and is not desperate for male attention.

If it is also beautiful and interesting, this first refusal will not be more than an incentive to continue trying to conquer you. That’s where the next point comes from: men love challenges.

2. You become a challenge

The more you reject him (as long as you do it politely and without offending) something inside him will motivate him to insist and show you that he has more qualities than you see in him with the naked eye. You will become a challenge that you will not want to abandon without having conquered it.

If you show yourself as a “difficult” woman, you will feed her interest in meeting you and being close to you, since you will make her feel that not everyone has that possibility.

3. Independence is attractive

That reluctance to meet boys and play their games the first time shows that you are an independent woman who does not need a man to be happy. That independence is a quality that men appreciate and that makes you even more attractive in their eyes.

Men tend to see themselves as more independent than women, but when roles are reversed and it is the girl who comes and goes without explanation, neither calls nor writes like women in love and desperate do, as this upsets them a little and they will be the ones who want to fight not to lose you.

4. They are daring and curious

“Complicated” women tend to be very daring. They are always looking for new opportunities, whether at work or personally, they enjoy trying new things and dare to go on many adventures. If they don’t like something, they are not afraid to say no and walk away safely from any person or situation.

They also do not hesitate in what they want and are not afraid to demand to be pleased. They are usually sure of themselves, or at least of what they want.

5. They are not controlled

A “difficult” woman’s instinct for the competition is quite high, so her standards of living also include standing up for her ideas and decisions.

As they are sure of what they want, they do not allow anyone to decide about their lives or their tastes. That is always attractive because it goes hand in hand with the independence we talked about above.

6. They are not compared to others

This is an aspect highly valued by men. Many times it can be quite frustrating for them to discover that most of the relationships they have been involved in have been with girls who are complicated in trivial ways, such as comparisons with other women, based on insecurity and fear of losing their partners. boyfriends, instead of enjoying the relationship more.

As long as you have high self-esteem, don’t stalk your boyfriend to find out who he talks to, who he visits after work, and don’t measure yourself with other women, then he’ll be happy to find out he’s with the right woman!

7. They aspire to more

Their dissatisfaction with what is enough for others makes them better prepare themselves in the professional field and take care of their personal life in order to grow as a professional and as a person.

They are not afraid of challenges! It is thanks to this that they achieve their goals and strive to give their best every day. The ambition to improve is always an attractive trait for men.

This quality serves as inspiration since if the girl of his dreams is a fighter, it will also drive him not to give up in the face of difficulties and to continue growing in his interests.

8. You will not fall in love with another so easily

We have reached the most important attribute on the list! Many men worry about being cheated on by their partners.

But if they manage to conquer the heart of a “difficult girl”, they can have full confidence that she will be a great life partner, that she will remain faithful and by his side, because as long as her boy values ​​her, it will be almost impossible for her to fall in love. someone else.