8 things you should never do when starting a relationship

In order not to get broiled, avoid anything that is really unforgivable!

Here you are, so much the better for you! Of course, it can start with a bang, but beware of the false start. If the beginning of a relationship is one of the most idyllic times, in two steps, it can turn sour. To prevent your Jules from taking flight, follow these tips.

1. harass him the next day

That’s it, the first date is successful. You had a great time, it was so intoxicating. You feel so carried away by a whole outpouring of emotions that you are already sending him lots of little texts. Mistake ! He will take you for an intrusive woman in great distress. Wait for him to show up first, and don’t be too quick to show your feelings. So, still keep a little semblance of dignity!

2.Change your Facebook status

You’re happy together, and the relationship is official, and bang! You are definitely “in a relationship” on Facebook, see folks! Tralala! Do you really want to formalize this relationship after two hugs? What if he no longer shows up after this madness, because it really is? People will surely wait for the eventual return of “single” status to like.

3. There you are, “I love you”

Although his kisses make you twirl and his little words put little stars in your head, it is not yet the time to embark on a parade all inflamed with passion after a week, or even a few days of relationship. If you discount an “I love you too”, you are wrong. At most, you will get a “It’s a little cold, don’t you think?” At worst, you will get your reciprocal response, but with an aftertaste of “no, thank you”. It would be a little too scary for him. Wait a bit, because the words will have a lot more meaning and weight in the next 2 or 3 months.

4. tampering with him after a few weeks

You’ve been together for two weeks, and you’re already cleaning up his repertoire and banning certain outings. It’s a bit early, don’t you think? Take all your time, you will have the green light in a few months, don’t worry, but certainly not now.

5. Daddy, mom, here we are!

Sure, your dad is a real cordon bleu, but the new man in your life doesn’t really need to know this on date 3, or your mom to bring out those old photo albums from your childhood. Get it right in your head, Sunday meals should be avoided at the start of a relationship.

6. move in together

There is a big difference between sharing the same bed over a few days and sharing the same apartment over several years, but yes! Be careful that everyone does not bring back from the first evenings their toothbrush, their favorite pajamas, slippers, a few spare clothes, 2 or 3 pairs of shoes, Papou the cat …

7.Open a joint account

You have so much in common that you want to share everything from your toothbrushes to your bank accounts. Oh, but, wake up! For now, just exchange a few kisses. Again, don’t confuse speed with haste.

8.Unpack all of your life at once

“If he doesn’t ask me enough questions about my life, too bad, I’m going to tell him all my story, my setbacks and my successes” Reverse! It is not after a few weeks of relationship that we embark on this perilous enterprise. Worse still, when you want to talk to him about your hair straighteners with your ex, it is totally prohibited at the beginning of a romance. Isn’t it more exciting to discover yourself little by little? Let it strip by itself your different SO impressive hidden sides.