9 worst ways to get dumped

The worst ways to leave someone!

Plated, dropped, left, released… words abound when it comes to ending a romantic relationship. Some go about it with tact, but others do not spare their words to make themselves understood. Regardless, today we bring you the best of the worst ways to get dumped!

1.The breaking up of cowards, texting

In the best of Worst Ways to Get Dumped, # 1 is without a doubt the message breakup: “I think it’s not going to work between the two of us, sorry. Or “You and me, it’s over.” It’s both fast and efficient. In any case, the invention of cell phones is not all good! Of course, with that, it’s hard to get over it.

2.Another way of going about it very loosely, the email

You have arrived hard at the office and ready to start a beautiful new day. Mini-heart attack at the opening of the mall where Bob tactlessly launched the great classic: “It was a great experience, but you will certainly find better elsewhere. “A news like this deserves a little freaking out, right?

3.The famous breakup on Facebook

Casually, your darling went from “in a relationship with …” to “single”. So there, what nerve! Just wondering if we are still questioning him about this new status to have an explanation, or we simply give up!

4. breaking up in public

Yes, it’s great to get dumped in front of your best friends or in front of a few family members. Really, he chose the right time to announce that he wants you to clear, well done! Its goal is quite simply to avoid a scandal.

5 Cowardice in all its glory: the lie

So as not to hurt his little darling whom he replaced by a young Bimbo, he lies admitting that it is just a short break of a few days while ending with reassuring words like: still love, but just need to take a step back. Behind this sentence, you can imply: “Wait for me if you want, but I will not come back. ”

6 yet another lie

“Thanks to you, I realized that I love men… in other words, I’m gay. »,« No need to rephrase, I understood in the first sentence. This is not true at all, because Monsieur is seen in the company of a very pretty creature who hurts even more than separation.

7.The blow of total silence

No call, no message… nothingness, nada, nothing; no sign of life for several days. You worry, but he’s taking it easy with your replacement. It is just waiting for you to decide to say the magic words first. He does not want to say directly that it is over so as not to come across as the bad guy and not to feel guilty after giving you the reasons to do it. Really nice!

8. Another low blow, then really low!

For once you get off on the right foot you deserve a good breakfast, is that what you tell yourself? But wait until you see what’s written on a sticky note in the fridge. “I love you, but I’m leaving you. So what do you have to do: smash everything in the kitchen or pack up your things and throw them out?

9.The break with humor

These are the joking guys who love this line: “And the council has rendered its verdict: for you, the adventure ends here.” Laugh or tackle him to the ground, what are you going to do now?