9 signs he’s lying to you

Isn’t he telling you the whole truth? Unmask it quickly!

He’s charming, funny, intelligent, well built… and he has a good appearance… BRAVO, it looks like you’ve stumbled upon the perfect man, the one all women are looking for! But are you 100% sure he’s telling you the whole truth? Far be it from us to make you descend on your little cloud, but it is better to know in advance than to know after the betrayal. Here are 9 signs that will help you unmask a liar!

1.He escapes your gaze

You speak quietly maintaining good eye contact, but suddenly his gaze turns after you’ve brought up a particular topic. You ask a question at random, and he answers you by turning his gaze and avoiding looking you in the eye. Be careful, because this shifty look is fishy, ​​it may very well be telling you stories.

2. he justifies himself all the time

A simple question like “What did you have last night?” », And he immediately provides you with detailed explanations of what he did, and most often unsolicited information. Looks like he’s already been waiting for this question, and he’s already had some ready-made answers in his head. Know that behind these excessive justifications, there is always a small lie! To get it, re-interview it numerous times without allowing it to dodge on matters that seem suspicious.

3.He responds with vague answers

His way of responding is also a way of detecting if he’s a spiel or not. You ask a simple question: “Are you still seeing your ex?” », You wait for a clear and precise answer in the affirmative or the negative, and he begins to answer vaguely while repeating your question. There’s a high probability that he won’t tell you the whole truth, and he sure is still having a relationship with his ex.

4.He changes his voice

When we hide something, our voice fails us because we cannot control it. Emotions and stress follow one another, and that causes the voice to change, it becomes high or low. So pay close attention to the flow of his words and the intonation of his voice. However, be careful, because a liar can speak very quickly to quickly move on to another subject or, on the contrary, take his time before uttering a word, he may even take several short pauses.

5.He stutters

We tend to stutter when we are not telling the truth. To find out if your man is lying to you, take a good look at the way he talks. If he is not sure of his own words, he will stammer and stammer while swallowing his saliva. So, from now on, beware, and work your listening style to detect any verbal mess. The best way to unmask him is to quickly ask for details by going back over what he said a few moments ago.

6.He makes facial expressions

When we tell a lie, we tend to fiddle with each other in a sudden, repetitive and unusual way to hide the discomfort. Most of the time, it is the parts of the face that are the most stressed. The liar often puts his hand over his mouth or regularly touches his nose. Keep your eyes peeled when chatting with your Jules to quickly find out if he’s taking you on a boat!

7.He is scratching his head

Nervousness often betrays the bullshit. Scratching the head indicates that the person is thinking, but it is not only that, the liar who looks for a valid excuse or a plausible explanation to support his lies is also scratching the head. Don’t be fooled anymore!

8.He hides his hands

When we are not telling the truth, our body often betrays us with uncontrolled and excessive hand gestures. So in order not to get caught, the liar hides his hands behind his back or in his pockets. Otherwise, he joins them firmly on the table or sits on it! There is eel under the rock when your boyfriend makes these gestures!

9. he sweats a lot

For fear of being unmasked, the liar has a strong sweat, and he is very tense, because the apocrine and eccrine sweat glands, responsible for sweating, are directly connected to the nervous system. But he’s breathing heavily too, because his heart rate and blood flow are changing. It displays a series of short breaths followed by a deep breath. All this, because it stresses its body and causes the heart rate to accelerate, which makes the lungs require a lot of air. But he can also have a dry mouth.