8 types of glances between a man and a woman, power of body language

A look says much more than words or at least lends itself to many more interpretations. The looks between a man and a woman can range from indifference to love. It should also be noted that there are several types of looks of love.

It is common to try to know a person by their look. For example, what is the meaning of the stares between a man and a woman? To be more certain it is essential to consider the whole set of body language.

1.- Boys and girls understand each other by their gaze

The easiest thing for a boy or a girl is to use the language of the gaze to express their feelings. But the message does not always reach its recipient. Although it is said that women have a sixth sense to detect these looks.

The looks between a man and a woman are never the same. There are looks and looks, for example we sometimes say, “I loved it with that look,” or “it undressed me with the look.” Men are usually very obvious with their eyes, women not so much.

2.- The gaze of a man at a woman can be of hatred or resentment


It’s not just the eyes. A look of hatred is unmistakable, staring and tight-lipped. But it works especially with someone you know and with whom you had some kind of relationship. A look of hatred takes its meaning thanks to a context that precedes it.

For example, the looks of a man in love with anger can turn into a look of hatred. With couples where there was a lot of passion and then they finished, the looks of hatred can also be given. From hatred to love there is a very narrow margin.

3.- Looks between a man and a woman: Look at each other with disgust


We would have to talk about the gesture of disgust, where a penetrating slightly drooping look and a lip gesture stand out. This type of glances appears in all kinds of people who have had at least a small exchange of words.

This type of look is more frequent in women because men are more daring. For example, when a man is besieged by a woman he clearly does not like, he may stare in disgust. In this way it is communicated that there is no interest, rather disgust.

4.- What do the looks of a man in love say: Desire for love


When he is honest to his nature, the looks of a man in love always express his love. It is an instinctive reaction of a male who wishes to make his family. He is sure and that fixed look that is nailed in her eyes says, I love you for the mother of my children. She feels it and knows it.

The looks between a man and a woman can be to the eyes or to other parts of the body. For example, a man can look at a woman’s hair or body, her gestures and express that he likes it. An insecure man can look very fast, but the woman can see it anyway.

5.- Shy look of a man or a woman towards the person they like


The look of a man in love or a woman in love can also say, “I like you but I don’t dare.” They may be unsure or just shy. It all starts with a quick, furtive look. You notice and he turns around so as not to be obvious.

The look of a man in love can be furtive, but there is an exchange of glances for a few seconds. It can be an intermittent look, which is repeated over and over, both of you do not know whether to smile or not. But they already know that there is attraction and they wait for a sign to be more confident.

6.- The look of a lover can be one of intense love, you need it

The meaning of a man’s glances towards a woman can be intense and explicit love. The looks between a man and a woman, when there is trust, can become a ritual of mutual love. Nothing will happen immediately, but they do it because each one feels sure of himself.

It can happen between a man and a woman who have been looking at each other for a long time, or between two complete strangers. They are people with a lot of self-confidence and allow themselves to handle these emotions without fear. They know it’s just a look.

7.- A man and a woman can exchange looks of contempt

Behind a look of contempt between a man and a woman there is a passionate story that ended badly. It may also be that each has their own story and the other person brings back a bad memory.

Loving relationships with high hopes for one of them can end in disappointment, which then leads to contempt. We idealize our partner so much and then they are nothing of what we think.

The glances between a man and a woman when there is mutual contempt come like poisonous spears. If they do not know how to handle their emotions, they may feel that those gazes pierce their chest and soul.

8.- The look of a man in love is always of love

The meaning of the looks of love is simple and recognizable, you want that person to be in your arms. Man or woman in love look as if the other person is the best option of their life. They smile and their heart beats when that person passes by.

The look of love lasts as long as the idealization lasts, then, if nothing feeds that illusion, it will fade away. For a man love feeds on images, and for a woman with words and affection. The frequency with which two people treat each other dilutes any idealization.