8 ways to become an alpha male

Even though this type of traditional man has gone out of fashion in recent years, we all know the truth: girls like leaders – true leader wolves who know where to go. So you have to become an alpha male to cast a spell and attract women.

In this article, I’m going to tell you the secret of how to become that wanted alpha male. I’ll explain the traits to you and give you 8 tips on how you can change your behavior starting today – toward concentrated masculinity!

What is an alpha male? Definition and meaning

Of course, you’ve heard the word many times, but still, you might be asking yourself, “What is an alpha male? What are his characteristics? “We all have a rough idea of ​​this:

Gotta be a real demon who jumps out of bed at 6 am and does 100 push-ups with his toned body… an attractive guy who is always in a good mood makes millions as a corporate boss and flirts with tons of women while giving motivational speeches…

Even if that was a bit of an over-the-top cliché: to be honest, we’re all very jealous of this guy and want to become the same – at least a little bit.

The strong alpha animal and the beta male

In fact, the term “alpha male” is borrowed from the animal kingdom, where the term “alpha animal” is used. As a definition, this means the leader of a herd or pack, for example, wolves or gorillas.

The so-called beta males are subordinate to the leader. These secondary creatures have bad cards when it comes to looking for a mate: they have to let the leader take precedence in mating and then take what’s left.

The human world: type “alpha male”

In the narrowest sense, an alpha male is the leader of a group that you find in positions of power, especially in your professional life. There are such leaders in the private sphere, as well as in groups of friends, sports clubs, and music bands.

The meaning of alpha male can also be taken even further. So, by this, it meant a masculine type that usually has all the characteristics and characteristics of attractive masculinity.

The classic alpha male: behavior and traits

Before I tell you how you can change your behavior and become a real man, of course, you must first know where you are going. In other words: what qualities do you need to develop to become that kind of woman?

That’s why I’ve gathered the most important characteristics of the alpha male:

1. Qualities and Status of the Real Leader

Of course, Alpha has the highest social status in a community – whether in the private circle of friends, in the couple/family, or at work.

To do this, he places himself at the head of a group. And NOT planning blows and stabbings, but taking responsibility for the well-being of everyone involved as protectors.

It doesn’t have to be big. For example, he is often the one who drives the car and brings all his drunk friends home safely after a night of partying.

More knowledge and competence:

But he often achieves his position of power through special abilities with which he is superior to other party members.

A classic example of competence is the mountain guide: how a local knows the gorges and steep slopes and can go ahead to get the tour group safely to their destination on the hike.

So-called beta males and females recognize their remarkable qualities. They follow his advice and willingly (!) submit to him because they trust him and feel secure under his leadership.

2. Make bold decisions

One of the hallmarks of this behavior is following a clear path and making unambiguous decisions that lead to YOUR personal goal. The alpha male doesn’t go around saying “I would” or “I could”…

He takes the necessary courage and makes a very clear decision, also running the risk of gripping the toilet too tightly.

Even if he bought the wrong stock, the price of which then rushes into the basement… But then he at least tasted it, is richer by valuable experience, and can correct his course in the direction of success.

He is also the creator and decision-maker when it comes to dating and relationships with women. He suggests ideas about where to go on vacation, what movie to watch at the cinema at night, or what restaurant to go to for dinner.

3. Dominance: Take What You Want

The classic alpha male is dominant and takes what he wants. At the grocery counter, for example, he says with a smile to the specialist saleswoman:  “The slice is too thin – you can cut a slice a little thicker!”

But much more important when it comes to traits: He also needs courage in love (figuratively!) and is not afraid when it comes to flirting with women.

Most guys are very hesitant and shy. Sometime after the third date, you ask the woman very carefully and with her hands folded in her lap what she is feeling and how things should go on…

Not so with Alpha. From the start, he aggressively flirts with compliments and physical contact (without being intrusive) to seduce the woman as quickly as possible.

4. Attractive charisma as an alpha male

Not that we misunderstand each other when it comes to these traits: the male/human gorilla leader is dominant, but not aggressive, blackmailing, or tyrannical in any other way.

Your charisma is friendly as long as you don’t annoy, annoy or try to trick him. He seems relaxed and convinces people with his charm to willingly submit to him and follow him.

Humor is also not careless… Therefore, it always creates a positive environment in which both men and women feel comfortable.

5. Sociability and personal skills

The alpha male is not really a loner who crawls down his rabbit hole out of fear and regret. People appreciate him for his sociable demeanor and the witty conversation he has to offer.

When flirting, at parties, but also at work, he knows how to have fun, and – of course – he also leads the conversations that always interest him.

That’s why party guests or colleagues like to be close, for example when he tells the funny wasp sting story on his last surfing vacation.

But he can also moderate serious conversations and discussions to resolve disputes. Here he also has power and influence:

People like to hear his opinion and trust his judgment, so he leads the heated debate to a happy ending that makes everyone happy.

6. Alpha male body language

In general, his posture is towards the interlocutor and he looks his counterpart in the eye with confidence (not looking like two gun duelists in a western).

One of the alpha male’s dominant traits is expansive and offensive body language. He doesn’t put his arms in his pocket but openly gestures to underline his statement and express his willingness to lead.

When sitting, for example, in a restaurant, it also takes up a lot of space and spreads the arms and legs (without squeezing or pushing other people).

Likewise, her body language is very open during flirting. He doesn’t shy away from physical proximity to the woman, but sits next to her at the right moment and quickly initiates contact to seduce the queen of hearts.

8 tips on how to become an alpha male when flirting

I have already explained in another article how you can become more masculine in general.

First, correct behavior as a leader: don’t try to become an alpha male by aggressively pushing male competitors to the side and forcing yourself ahead of the pack like a dictator.

This form of power has nothing to do with real leadership. As like I said: “beta males” and “females” follow the alpha animal voluntarily because they trust him, sometimes even admire him, and feel safe and secure with him…

Remember: you are NOT subordinated to him out of fear or intimidation. This is an essential difference that you need to understand first of all!

1. Become the leader of your group

I don’t necessarily mean absolute mastery of everything. As I said, the dictator’s number doesn’t work. When it comes to behavior, a “gentle” nudge is needed to steer your people in the right direction.

Until now, for the sake of comfort and uncertainty, have you preferred to send your friends to plan your evening party or vacation? It’s over from today! Take the initiative and make suggestions about where “the journey” should go.

And if you guys go somewhere together (eg to celebrate), go ahead and be the first to enter the room…yes, those little gestures also show the alpha male!

Likewise, you must be the driving force in flirting, dating, and relationships so that the woman can get carried away and enjoy your leadership.

2. Get more power in your work

At work, you can achieve a position of power by no longer selling yourself below value and sorting paper clips by color for the boss… but also taking responsibility for higher tasks/important decisions and trying to get a promotion.

If that doesn’t work for your company, you can also look for another employer where you can get a higher position with more pay and people “below you”.

3. Become a protector

If you are traveling in a group, always look after the well-being of all group members. You achieve this by having a head start in competence and knowledge over other men.

It is not for nothing that it is said: Knowledge is power…

For example, are you in a strange city and tired and hungry after a long walk?

You prepared well at home… and now you know the best restaurant in the area where you can lead your rogues right away while all the other guys are still desperately pressing down on their smartphones and searching Google Maps…

Or if, for example, you get into an argument with weird guys somewhere, as an alpha male you can be the one who calms the waves and thus ensures the necessary safety of the group again.

Of course, all this also applies to a date with a girl and later in the relationship! Will you take her home after the date? Then wait until she unlocks the front door and disappears into the safety of its four walls.

Your loved ones will thank you for such behavior. Women, in particular, love these fearless protectors because they offer the “weaker gender” much-needed security.

4. Gaining confidence in flirting

As has been said: an alpha male does not hesitate but takes exactly what he wants in a dominant fashion without much fear. Even while flirting, he “gets” the woman he wants.

This means for your behavior: Flirt aggressively and ride the “attack department”. You should definitely get over your shyness towards women, whether to talk to them or to date.

Learn to address any girl you like. Even on a date, you shouldn’t waste too much time talking about empty topics, but rather give her clear compliments to understand that you like.

5. Practice confident body language

In addition to self-assured behavior, alpha male traits also include self-assured body language (see above) during flirting and in all other parts of everyday life.

Always remember to walk upright! And practice keeping eye contact with other people (especially women!) instead of looking shyly into the corner.

Of course, you shouldn’t look at your counterpart, but a high head and an occasional look in the eye don’t hurt – especially beautiful women appreciate this as a sign of self-confidence.

When you sit on the train or other public seat, don’t crouch in the corner, but take up the space you deserve (without sprawling like a male).

In addition to your attractive body language, open and calm hand gestures and a friendly smile should also be added. So you get more charisma.

Take a mindful look at the physical signals other alpha males are sending and first try to mimic their typical facial expressions and movements in front of the mirror!

6. Make clear opinions and decisions

Alpha males know what they want and have a mission in life. So set goals and work to achieve them!

For example, do you want to build a lot of muscle or learn a musical instrument again? Then make a plan for it and make your dreams a reality.

You must also represent clear values ​​and opinions… and express them honestly. Women love men who know what they stand for and who announce their views to the world – even if they face strong headwinds.

7. If you are shy, become a sociable man

Until now, have you been alone in a quiet little room or have you been in the background in discussions? So you must finally venture out onto the “big stage” and show yourself your sociable side.

Blend in with the crowd and chat with everyone! Visit parties, (sports) clubs, and other events where people gather. Even if it seems strange at first and you are still a little shy:

Over time, you will develop your social skills, lose your fear, and learn to deal with the opposite gender through flirtation.

Then, in the next step, you can also start to dominate the conversation every now and then and tell a joke at a party.

8. Observe the behavior of alpha males

One more hot tip at the end: it’s often very difficult for us boys to develop a sense of how to properly behave as an alpha male.

We just lack male role models who show us how to do it the right way.

So look out for other alpha animals – whether in your personal environment (professional or private) or in a movie.

There you can see exactly what traits these men have and mimic the positive (!) traits of their behavior and body language.

Even if it seems a little artificial and inauthentic at first: this “copy” is the easiest way – and over time, everything becomes an integral part of your new personality!