8 wordless ways a woman falls madly in love with a man

A woman in love and sure of herself does not wait, she does what is necessary to attract what she loves the most. A woman, if she wants, falls madly in love with the man she likes, because she has everything to do it. For example, when an attractive woman smiles at a man, she will most likely fall in love with him.

When a woman treats a man in detail and does it well, she doesn’t need words to make him fall in love. Every woman can take advantage of the fact that men are visual, that is, they fall in love just by seeing. A woman falls in love with a man with loving attitudes because she wants that love for her future home.

1.- The woman falls in love with the man just by touching her hair in a playful way

The best way a woman shows herself to a man is by playing with her hair. Because there is nothing that compliments a man more than a woman noticing him. And one of the symptoms of a woman in love is precisely playing with her hair.

Whenever a woman pulls or plays with her hair in front of a man she gets noticed. Why does a woman play with her hair in front of a man? Because he is interested in meeting him and seeing if there may be something between them. The hair of a woman has a lot of power to attract and fall in love.

2.- A woman falls madly in love with a man playing, singing and dancing


What kind of woman makes a man fall in love with? The one who has good self-esteem and is sure of what she wants. When a woman smiles at a man, sure of herself, she knows what she wants and does not need words to tell him. She can be shown playing, singing and dancing and the man who sees her can be captivated.


Remember, a man is visual to fall in love. For this reason, a woman who behaves with security and tenderness will always attract the attention of a man. That man is going to think about her, he is going to dream about her, because a confident woman is ideal for the mother of her future children.

3.- Body signs of a woman in love: Indulging herself


A woman falls madly in love with a man when she loves and is aware of herself. That image awakens the instincts of man and he cannot get it out of his mind. A woman flirting with a man is very powerful if she knows how to be subtle and intelligent.

One way a woman in love acts is by speaking with her body language. A woman who leads a good positive life, dresses up, exercises, rests well and is emotionally balanced, she looks very attractive. With such a woman, a man will instinctively pay attention and may be madly attracted.

4.- A woman flirts with a man by directing her face towards him with full attention


A woman looking smiling and confidently at a man looks wonderful. A man cannot resist that attitude that makes him see where his happiness is. A man instinctively feels that this wonderful moment is the one he wants to see reflected in his future home and in his entire life. That man can be madly in love.

When a woman flirts with you, you can’t help but be surprised. It is nice to feel the interest of a woman, it is very nice to feel observed by an attractive woman. You cannot erase that image from your mind, those eyes looking at you and the expression on that face, all for you.

5.- Signs of a woman in love: Direct her attitude and attention to you

A woman with attitude and attentive falls in love. For a man, a woman is wonderful when she is dedicated to what she loves and when, at the time, she pays attention to him. For every man instinctively desires a happy home with loving children, and that love is formed by a good mother.

A woman can make a man madly in love by simulating subtle romantic moments. Everything is unconscious, she just wants you in her arms and feels sure of herself. What a woman in love feels when doing this is a desire to perpetuate her offspring.

6.- A woman flirting with a man looks him up and down

When a woman flirts with a man, she looks him up and down, inviting him to meet her. Symptoms of a woman in love: Every time she sees him, she smiles at him and explores his body. The woman makes the man fall in love with her body language, a simple glance goes a long way.

When a woman is in love with a man, she lets herself be carried away by her instincts. Looking up and down is instinctive and happens quickly that you sometimes don’t realize it. If you do it over and over with the same man, he will notice and may also be interested.

7.- What does a woman in love do: Caress the body of the man she likes

It can be your best friend and you are used to physical contact. But a woman falls madly in love with a man when she caresses him lovingly. It is not the same to caress a friend than a man you like. He will notice the difference and will feel deeply flattered.

A woman falls in love with a man by treating him with love. She goes looking for physical contact. A woman flirts with a man by approaching him and stroking his hair, his neck, even touching his thigh. While man imagines, they are carried away by their instincts.

8.- Things that a woman in love does: Look at her eyes and lips

A woman flirting with a man showing interest in a kiss. She looks intently with a little joy and nostalgia at your eyes, then at your lips. It is a moment of great emotion that can make a man fall madly in love.

A woman flirts with you when she looks at your eyes and lips. You cannot be oblivious to this powerful sign of attraction, your instinct tells you to kiss her. And when you do, you will know if he really is the love of your life. Because in that kiss you will feel everything you need to know.

A woman falls madly in love with a man when she is authentic and never gets hurt because she always loves herself. Her love for herself is greater than submitting to any man who doesn’t make her feel good.

In short … a woman can make a man madly in love with her body language.