9 good reasons to date a shorter guy

While a tall man is often referred to as a quality, there are also many advantages to dating a guy who is shorter than you. The proof by 9!

1. It leaves us more choice among the men to meet

We have trouble finding the right fit. What if we stopped with our hyper restrictive and ultimately completely stupid physical criteria? By opening up to guys a little smaller, we may come across the right one this time!

2. We have fewer complexes

With a shorter man by your side, we put less pressure on our potential physical “flaws”. Be careful, however, not to neglect yourself, this guy is certainly smaller, but he is not acquired either, he needs to be seduced!

3. If he likes taller girls, he shouldn’t be macho

Do you hate macho men? That’s good, a man who is interested in a woman taller than himself should not have a problem with his virility, to constantly want to assert his domination. Bingo!

4. If he assumes a taller girlfriend, he must make fun of appearances

Again, a guy who cares about a girl taller than him is a guy freed from conventions. He does not care about not dominating, as we have said, and he certainly does not care about appearances in general and what will be said. An authentic being, especially not superficial. Re-bingo!

5. We hate the image of the “fragile little thing” woman

Yes, you are a woman, and no you are not a little being to protect. You don’t need to feel dominated, physically, or morally. You are not looking for a dad, but a lover to live a relationship of equal to equal, no matter the size!

6. You don’t have to struggle to kiss him

With a tall guy, it’s always hard to reach his mouth. You get on tiptoe, and if you want the kiss to last, you end up having a cramp. Not great! With a smaller man on the other hand, easy!

7. We have an excuse to go out in sneakers

Not a big fan of heels, even wedges and even less of stilettos? With a shorter guy, you’ll have a great excuse to wander around in sneakers, those adored shoes so comfortable you couldn’t wear too much since your late teens. Enjoy! And if not, there are the ballerinas too!

8. We have a pronounced maternal side

We are like that, in love we like to cuddle, protect, reassure, comfort, cuddle … In short, we have a very maternal side, and when we come across a guy who likes it (a lot in fact), it’s the osmosis! And it is true that the smaller guys attract us particularly for that …

9. We are very tall, so he is necessarily shorter!

When we talk about a guy shorter than you, you don’t necessarily mean a short man for everyone! Because if you are very tall yourself, it is better not to seek at all costs a man even taller than yourself. We risk missing the rare pearl!