9 good reasons to get into a relationship with a man who knows how to cook

What good meals with a man who cooks!

Are you fed up with guys who are football fans or teenagers who just think about playing video games? What if you try the guy who spends most of his time cooking up and cooking delicious little meals for you? Unlike others, there are a lot of advantages to dating a man who can cook. For proof, discover without further delay all the reasons that will push you into the arms of this kind of guy.

1.No more grocery shopping

With your Darling who certainly loves to cook, you will no longer need to go shopping since he is the one who cooks and therefore, he is the one who manages the list as well as the budget for the food. Besides, he will never let you go to the supermarket, because you risk taking the wrong ingredients. If he is keen on doing this chore so badly, let him be the king in the kitchen, you just have to wait for his delicacies on the sofa.

2.Swarm up on the couch after work

After a hard day’s work, you come home super tired, and all you want is one thing: slump on the couch without setting foot in the kitchen. Know that with the guy who loves to cook, you can do that. Every evening after work, you watch him quietly from the couch preparing the meal. You can watch your favorite series while smelling the pleasant smell of food that comes from the kitchen.

3. the taste buds feast

Since Jules likes to prepare good little dishes every day, your taste buds will be delighted with his mushroom risotto, beef bourguignon, veal blanquette, caramel pork and many more. Sure, you might put on 2-3 pounds, but you won’t overdo it because you are sharing your life with a great guy. Besides, you no longer have to worry about going to dinners, but also, you will feel like a queen once seated at the table since he will bring you your delicious plate.

4.You can invite your friends over to your house

Since you and the kitchen are not good friends, you never invite your girlfriends over for dinner. You are afraid that they will flee when you see or taste your scorched gratin dauphinois. But with your Darling who cooks, you are sure that he will concoct good little dishes for your friends without fuss. Obviously, your girlfriends will only compliment you, because you will never tell them that your guy did everything.

5.Every Sunday is breakfast in bed

What woman does not dream of the clichés in the films where the man gently wakes his sweetheart by bringing her breakfast in bed? With Jules who loves to cook, you will be able to have this experience, and that, every Sunday. Croissant, glass of orange juice, bowl of coffee, flower pots… you will be treated like a real star. Besides, you will quickly realize that you have the perfect guy in your life!

6.You will enjoy your dinner guests more

When Jules decides to invite his group of friends home for dinner, you can take advantage of them, because you will no longer be in the kitchen. Say goodbye to going back and forth in the kitchen to monitor the cooking of a particular dish, to bring back the cheese board or whatever, because Jules takes care of everything. You will sit quietly at the table without even lifting a finger. If that’s not great!

7.You will have a superb kitchen

The guy who knows how to cook loves to prepare good meals, but he also likes having a well-equipped kitchen. So he will not hesitate to invest to enhance the kitchen and the dining room. You will find in your cooking space a latest generation oven, a multifunction robot, beautiful dishes, gadgets and practical utensils … Even if you want so much that he saves for the holidays, you do not say anything, because you have a superb and functional kitchen.

8.you will be proud of your guy

Obviously, many women dream of being in your place, since you have in your life the perfect man, the one who can cook and the one who is suitable for marriage. When you hang out with your girlfriends on the shopping spree, you will find that they will piss you off by saying how lucky you are to have such a guy by your side. In response, you say: “Yes, I really found the perfect guy”

9.You will eat with joy and happiness

Since Jules gets along like a real chef in the kitchen, it’s almost impossible for you to know any failed dishes. It is certain that you will eat in a good mood and in joy while enjoying your boyfriend. Also, if you have children, they are not likely to sulk, cry, scream… even if there are fish fillets or peas on the menu.