9 Secret Women Facts Men Should Know

We men are already brilliant minds: we write computer programs, clone sheep, and build spaceships – all this is child’s play for us, jack of all trades. But when it comes to understanding women better, we are faced with an unsolvable puzzle.

Understanding women: 9 secret facts about the female gender

But some ambitious Casanovas also set out to crack that code. In this article, I would like to give you an insight into my secrets and help you to decipher the “mystery of women”.

1. Why does she only want me as a good friend?

Someone should understand these women! You helped her move out, you went to the vet with your Chihuahua, and you also comforted her about breaking up with Carlos. Still, you’re just their best friend. “Because that’s how she sees him.

Those who end up in the famous friend line usually only treated the loved one as a good friend and didn’t dare contact them physically through kisses or cuddles. She unconsciously pays you back with the same coin – as difficult as it may seem. Overall, in their eyes, you are certainly not a “real” man and potential lover.

So it’s time for you to leave the friend zone and work on classic masculine virtues such as courage, assertiveness, self-confidence, and willpower. So you come from the detour to the fast lane!

2. Understanding women’s signals: How do I recognize their interest?

Men, hear (and see) the signs of the times! You can tell if she is interested in you on the one hand, by her body language:

Is she facing you when she talks to her body? Does she smile or even laugh in embarrassment? Does she tilt her head and run through her hair? Does she touch you in conversation? All of these could be signs that something has awakened in her.

The way she talks to you can also be an indication that she is in love with you. Is she pestering you with personal questions to find out more about you? Does she ask trick questions to put you to the test? So maybe Cupid’s arrows hit here!

3. Understanding Women: Do Girls Really Like Idiots?

Women love men who can approach them openly, do their own thing, and are adventurous – and at the same time don’t give a damn what the rest of the world thinks about their adventures. But where do you find such a nice guy?

Unfortunately! Because this type of man still carries a series of negative traits that can become hell for women (violence, jealousy, etc.). But before women have to give up their coveted masculine virtues, they’d rather be involved in the famous pact with the devil… because they want a good boring even less!

To become the perfect Casanova, you just have to adopt the Positive Traits (!) and integrate them into your personality. In this way, you can save the woman and yourself from unnecessary suffering and build a harmonious relationship.

4. Why does the woman wants me to make the first step?

Women want to be conquered by men – that wisdom has not changed until today. So your tasks are clear: always take the first step! Talk to her, take her by the hand, take her to a nice place, and kiss her whenever you want!

You have to be the driving force in the date or later in your relationship. This gives the lady a very accurate idea that you are a guy who has masculine virtues like assertiveness, leadership, and courage. And those are qualities that make you strong!

5. Why are women so shy around me?

Don’t worry – especially in the beginning, many women are a little more reserved with men they don’t know. So give her the time she needs to get used to you. But if your loved ones seem tense on the date, are nervously fiddling with their napkin at the bar, or just can’t open their mouths, you should build more trust.

Tell them about your desires, interests, family background, and other personal matters of your heart. The woman of your dreams will realize that you are a reliable guy and not a bad Jack the Ripper. She will gradually find trust in you and be able to let go of her presence.

6. Understand the language of women: they communicate differently!

In the female world, conversations are much more exciting than between us guys. Men report quite sober facts – of course with the necessary brevity. Women, on the other hand, like to memorize their stories and like to sprinkle a lot of personal feelings and experiences into their rambling descriptions.

Example of summer vacation: while the man announces how much the hotel costs, the height of the mountain, and the temperatures of the beach, the lady raves about the “wonderful” turquoise blue sea, the salty smell of the water, and the warm sand under her feet. If you want to reach your loved one’s heart, you would do well to adopt this emotional way of speaking. Otherwise, if you look masculine, your ear (and hopefully other parts of your body later on) will stick to you!

7. Why do women desperately want relationships and to build families?

Let’s face it: the days when the man was his wife’s protector and breadwinner are almost over. Fortunately, modern women live with self-reliance and independence and are very capable of supporting themselves financially.

Are men still necessary for a relationship? Definitely yes! Because of all the independence, women are looking for a strong shoulder to lean on. You want a person who can offer you protection, support, and security in every situation.

In the minds of many women, there are also the traditional romantic clichés: they seek the famous prince on the white horse, who will marry them and live with her in the castle for the rest of their lives. So if you are Mr. Sure of her, she’ll do whatever she can to tie him to her permanently – in addition to the marriage with children, which the two of you bring into the world.

8. Does she like gifts?

What did you do wrong? You give gifts when you first meet, then buy bouquets of flowers and fragrant chocolates – and still, they make your stomach flutter.

You have to understand one thing: women don’t want to be put on a pedestal! In fact, they hate submissive men who kneel in front of them and shower them with gifts – without you having to do anything. Because she’s just under the impression that you want to buy her affection rather than win her over with her personality. Also, a guy who considers a woman so easily “in the bag” is going to be bored in no time.

So don’t be sloppy, be a challenge! Only give her gifts if they really come from the heart and you deserve it – for example because she was especially kind to you and you love her. Then you will be happy to receive attention from her.

9. Understand women: why doesn’t she respond?

No calls,  no responses on her WhatsApp – and it’s been for days! When the person they love becomes scarce, many men begin assembling a crisis team, as if it were Cold War nuclear negotiations.

First of all: keep calm! Maybe she just doesn’t find you more attractive and therefore moves away from you. But it could also be that she is interested and puts you to the test. By going too long without answering, she wants to test how dependent you are. If you text three times a day and panic and try to get her on the line, you’ve failed.

A guy who instead waits quietly and also withdraws shows that he has a life of his own and gets along without his wife. And something like that makes you attractive! Our tip: Send her an interesting and fun message that she has to respond to. Do not try to contact her by phone more than once. If she is really interested in you, she will contact you at some point. What if she doesn’t want to? Then it says as in the beautiful aria: “Time to Say Goodbye”…

How can we learn to understand women even better?

Hand on Heart: What is the proportion of women in your circle of friends? Platonic friends are a great help on your path to becoming a charming woman. Because the friendlier you are with women, the better you’ll understand what drives them deeply. You should also talk to women more often about intimate things to gain deeper insights.

However, you should be wary of your mates’ direct statements about what drives the female gender. Because very few women understand each other so well that they know what makes them and their mates really work. Even though she assures you that she’s happy with bouquets of flowers and kisses on the first date – how she actually reacts in real life is a completely different role. Because often they just reflect general social rules that have nothing to do with your real needs.

The golden rule for better understanding women is, therefore:

Don’t listen to what she says – watch what she does!

So don’t trust what they say, but study their behavior towards men and draw your conclusions from them. In this way, you can solve the woman’s riddle little by little.