9 Subtle Signs That A Guy Likes You But Is Trying To Hide It

Is your crush sending mixed signals?

Are you trying to find out if a guy likes you or not?

Too afraid to ask him?

If so, here are 9 subtle signs that a guy likes you but is trying to hide it.

It’s not always easy to know if a guy likes you or not.

Sometimes we women have to play the waiting game and hope for the best.

So there are those times when a guy likes us but he’s too scared to tell us or not ready to figure it out on his own.

Some men are naturally nice to their girlfriends, but there’s always a line between “nice” and “interested.”

These are the signs that a guy likes you and you should pay attention.

1 . He Remembers Every Little Detail About You

Was he one of the first people to wish you a happy birthday?

Does he remember your favorite flavor of ice cream or the way you drink your coffee when you go out?

When a guy remembers little details about you, he is definitely interested in you.

Most men have limited attention spans and are not as obsessed with details as we women are.

If your guy can remember something you said to him weeks ago (and even better, if it’s something small that you don’t even remember saying to him), then he’s paying a lot of attention to you because he’s interested in you.

2 . He’s There For You When You Get Your Period

When Mother Nature calls or “Aunt Flow” comes to visit, most men run for cover.

There are some men who still want a booty visit during their least favorite time.

However, if you have a guy who brings you aspirin and chocolate and then hugs you with a feminine touch, he is interested in you as more than a friend.

Men don’t naturally want to be around us when we’re in those days.

For good reason too (we are psychopaths).

But if he puts up with your madness, wanting nothing in return, then he’s interested in you.

3 . He Advises You Not To Date Your Friends

Guys often try to hook up their friends with women they know because it’s convenient and not too much trouble.

However, if you have any sort of interest in any of his male friends and he vehemently refuses to put you in touch with any of them, then he respects you and is also, most likely, interested in guarding you.

4 . You Receive Random Gifts

Flowers, candy, mixed ribbons… any gift.

If he thinks about you enough to give you a gift for no reason, then he really likes you.

Now if he gives you a gift for a special occasion it might just be a friendly thing, but if he surprises you with his favorite book or says he found a rare cup of tea to add to his collection for no reason, then he’s definitely interested in you.

5 . He Cleans Your Apartment/Room For You

Okay, here’s the tricky, ladies.

If a man has a woman coming, in general, he will at least try to tidy up the place a little, right, to remove the smell.

Sometimes, if you’ve been friends with him for a while, he doesn’t even bother trying to clean up, because he assumes you’re used to the three-day-old pizza boxes and beer cans on the couch.

If, on the other hand, your guy immaculately cleans the apartment the day you come over, then he is definitely interested in you.

If he has roommates, he’ll at least clean the room for your arrival (and apologize for the rest of the mess).

6 . He Shows His Collection

Star Wars figurines?

Old comics?

Old motorcycle parts or baseball cards?

Whatever he collects (no matter how trivial or ridiculous), if he’s interested in you, he’ll pull that collection to show you.

7 . He Refers To Other Girls As “Friends”

A sure sign that a man is interested in you is how he introduces you to other women.

If a guy is with a woman and introduces her to you as his “friend” or “buddy” (and if he makes a point of pointing out your platonic relationship more than once), then he is definitely interested in you.

8 . He Is Always Clean For You

There are some guys who are naturally more inclined to shower at least once a day (sometimes more often than that).

However, if your guy is always well-groomed and clean (clothes included) when you’re around (but looks like a bum whenever you go through a spur of the moment and chill with him and his guys), then he’s definitely interested in you.

9 . You Always Get What You Want

The number one sign that a guy is interested in you is how he treats you.

If he lets you have your way, he’s definitely interested.

Let me give you an example.

I knew a guy who let me choose the movie we watched, the places we hung out, the music we listened to, the restaurant we ate at, and everything in between.

After a few months of friendship, he told me he was interested in me (something I already knew).

On the other hand, I dated a guy who always had to do what he wanted and ended up breaking up with me because his way also meant his “freedom”.

Guys can sometimes be hard to read.

We’re not always sure if he’s interested in us or has put us in the “friend zone.”

You should know how to tell if a guy likes you, and these nine signs are ways to see if he’s thinking of you as more than just one of his friends.