9 things even worse than infidelity

Did you cheat on him or did he cheat on you? Know that there is even worse!

The years spent together have changed you, and the flame that once animated your couple is slowly dying. You don’t know what happened, but little by little, your romance has deteriorated to such an extent that all you think about is breaking up. Misunderstanding, arguments, sulking, difference of opinion… you see all the colors. For you, breaking up is the one and only solution to free yourself. It is also true that infidelity is not the only obvious cause of a breakup, there are others. Next, 9 things even worse.

1. addiction

Deep down, you don’t feel anything for your boyfriend anymore, and yet you are still together. Why? Because you are simply dependent on it. You have the impression that without it you will be lost. Is it true? No, in the story you are the victim, and sooner or later you are going to suffer because you are staying in a relationship for the wrong reasons.

2.The duty

Despite the absence of love, you are still together for fear of “what will we say” and to preserve a good image of you both towards your loved ones. You just stay because you think it’s your duty. Also, you don’t know how to get it over with without hurting yourself too much.


You are strong and very intelligent by nature, and you tend to always want to be above your man so you keep him down by showing off your superiority. It is a complete lack of respect. Know that your character as a strong woman is one of the things he certainly appreciates about you, and that difference makes you come closer. So, learn to treat him as your equal, he’s still your lover no!


In a relationship, you must always learn to respect each other. Your partner might disagree with you on something, it’s their choice, and you have to respect them. If you do anything to change his mind, that would be pure manipulation. With such a lifestyle, your relationship is heading straight for separation.

5.Rejection of compromises

Your man is not your little pooch, he has every right to disagree with you. If you stubbornly do whatever goes through your mind without compromising, you’re going to hurt him without realizing it. If you want a stable romance, and if you want to go deep in your romantic relationship, learn to compromise, as they can be beneficial.


You know it very well, jealousy is a “kill-love” so, it is important not to do too much. A girl turns around him, it’s normal since he’s a guy. Just talk to him calmly without making a fuss, and learn to trust him. A jealous girl can become a real stalker if she doesn’t learn to control herself from the start.

7.Lack of communication

You live under the same roof, but you don’t talk to each other, because as soon as you speak to each other, it always ends in an argument. No more “I love you” every two minutes and going out for two. You can’t understand each other anymore, no matter what he does or what he says. The fact that you don’t communicate with each other widens a gap between the two of you, and it leads directly to the breakup.

8 refusal to show feelings

You are rather reserved, and proclaiming your feelings is not your strong point. Your partner, on the other hand, does not see things the same way, because he needs to hear from you that you love him, that you care, and that he makes you happy. You are not at fault, but to avoid making matters worse, let him know every now and then how you feel about him.

9.The lie

You lied to protect him, and you think you made the right choice, but no, you are wrong. Once it is okay, but by dint of lying you will get lost, and you will be trapped in your own game. To break this bad habit, learn to communicate is the secret. Also, don’t try to pass yourself off as someone else to please them, because that’s a lie, always be yourself.