A talker and the man of your life: the big differences

“A talker will do everything in his power to make you feel comfortable with him, until he realizes that you are not his ‘cup of tea’. “

Always be on the lookout for talkers.

He will do everything he can to distinguish himself from others. He will be irresistibly attractive and will do everything in his power to attract the favors of a girl. He will have subtle gestures, he will throw you provocative looks. He will stand out clearly and do his best to let you notice.

At the beginning, a talker will play the perfect gentlemen.

He will organize perfect and exciting meetings. He will offer to pay the bill. He will do his best to respect the principles of chivalry and courtly love. It will always let you pass by. He will walk by your side and hold your hand if you allow him to. He will hold the door for you and offer you his jacket if you are cold.

He will tell you that you are exceptional and that you fascinate him, like no one else before you. He will make romantic statements that are truer than life. You will end up being mad at him. It will cover you with the most wonderful compliments and make you the most incredible promises. The worst part is that you will really believe it. It will be your first mistake.

You will end up developing deep bonds with him.

You will be more and more comfortable with him and you will open up more. You will find yourself thinking more and more about him during the day. It will manage to give you chills in the heart of the stomach. It will make you hover. It will make you feel like you are touching the clouds.

You will be at the height of happiness at the idea of ​​finding someone who finally treats you as you always wanted. You will finally have a chance to be with the man of your dreams; except that there it will be real. You will trust him with all your heart and will have the impression that he will never betray you.

Everything will be fine, everything will be perfect. Life will calmly run its course until it changes. It will change and you’d better accept it. Everything will collapse in an instant and there is nothing you can do to stop the avalanche of emotions about to overwhelm you.

A talker will do everything in their power to make you feel comfortable with him, until he realizes that you are not his ‘cup of tea’ . It will fill you with joy and joy, until it discovers that you no longer make it happy. He will take you to dinner. He will court you and be swooning before you.

He will do whatever he can to keep you happy until he says you are no longer worth it. A talker starts a relationship in order to satisfy his own selfish desires. And it is for the same reasons that he ends and extricates himself from a relationship. He will not care about the damage he is about to do to you. A talker will avoid any engagement, because he is loyal only to himself.

But in parallel, there are also the men of a lifetime . These men of a lifetime are not as exuberant and sophisticated as their counterparts. They will be more subtle in their approach. They tapestry, they observe before acting. They are shy and tend to stay away from the limelight. He will not make great declarations of love to you and he will not use ostentatious gestures. He is not pretentious and he expects nothing in return.

He is not the type to have everything from the first date. He will be a little strange and most of the time he will not really know what to do. He will act on impulse and let his feelings guide him to your heart. He will let his emotions take over and he will surrender to what he will feel for you.

At first, you will be hesitant because the man of a lifetime will be something new for you. At the time, you will hesitate and be on your guard. You will not want to throw yourself headlong into a relationship because of what the talker made you endure. You will not want to offer ground for emotional manipulation and you will not want to suffer.

But, little by little, the man in your life will make his way to your heart. He won’t do it quickly. He will be waiting for you. He will be patient because he knows you are worth it. It is not certain that you will notice it but it knows that you are worth the risk of suffering. He is the one who will treat you as you have always deserved, but not necessarily as you thought you wanted.

Above all, the man in your life is the one who will hold your hand and never want to let go.