Couples: people who don’t love each other but stay together

If you stay with your partner when there is no love, you must realize that you are sacrificing your happiness and that of the other person by not daring to take the step to separation.

A lot of people don’t love each other anymore but stay together. Couples who live in constant misfortune and who limit themselves to living the life they really want.

Today we’re going to dive into these types of relationships that are much more common than we think. But, above all, we invite you to think about whether or not it is worth it to be in a relationship like this.

The reason lies in low self-esteem

Many couples who don’t love each other stay together because they have very low self-esteem. This can be clearly seen in cases where there is emotional dependence.

When we have low self-esteem, we believe that we can’t be happy if no one wants us. That is why we entrust this responsibility to our partner.

Also, there are a lot of beliefs in our mind that increase this low self-esteem that we have.

Thinking that we are not going to get married, that the absence of a partner is a failure, or that there is a time limit in finding love promotes this type of relationship.

If we have all of these fears, it’s only natural that when we have a partner, we don’t want to lose them. Also, we will think that we can’t find anyone the same way or that no one will satisfy us again.

Because of these fears, we did not make the decision to leave this relationship. However, today we want to give you an example of someone who did.

Isabel Allende is a famous writer. At the age of 73, she separated from her husband and never believed that her life was over for all that. To quote her words, she said, “It’s like a new world has opened up before me.”

Beliefs limit us. There is no age for love, nothing happens if you are left alone. Asking all of this will give you greater freedom.

They don’t love each other but they always stay together

Quite often, couples who don’t love each other but stay together do so out of habitThis happens in couples who have been together for many years, sometimes even from a very young age.

They ‘ve become so used to the life they lead together, to sharing the same friends, to having a set of habits that they don’t want to get rid of, that they consider parting to be a big deal.

Therefore, they decide to stay together even if they don’t feel like it. Although, sometimes there are underlying relationships behind this habit.

Often times, couples who don’t love each other but stay together do so because one member is financially dependent on the other. For example, in relationships where one takes care of the house and the other works.

You should also see the circumstances, the possibilities of paying a lawyer, and everything that involves a divorce process (separation of property, custody…).

For a lot of couples, this puts them off a bit, so they decide to stay together even if they don’t really want to.

Does this relationship bring us anything?

Instead of wondering if these types of relationships are worth it, it’s better to ask yourself if this brings us anything.

Do we stay with our partner for the children? Because we are too lazy to start divorce proceedings? To keep up appearances?

These are just other circumstances where people don’t love each other but stick together. However, we must keep in mind that, if they stay together, it is because they must find an interest in it.

When someone is not happy with their partner and doesn’t want to be with them, there is no way out but separation.

Each person and each cup is a world. However, we must take into account that we are sacrificing our happiness and well-being.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this? Do you know anyone who has been in a similar situation? Would you be able to sacrifice your happiness for the reasons mentioned in this article?