Habits happy couples should avoid at all costs

A happy relationship is a blessing so it needs to be cared for and given time and attention to it, as it is dedicated to a plant that as it grows, flourishes and bears fruit.

Happy couples maintain and care for their relationship, trying to make it blossom like a rose. The bond must be nurtured and cultivated daily. On the other hand, it is important to banish bad habits of cohabitation. These habits appear over time, and can be very harmful and cause the healthy couple:

  • Wear
  • Mistrust
  • Distance
  • Lack of interest in each other
  • Lack of support

8 habits happy couples should avoid

It is essential to recognize these bad habits to avoid them, if what we really want is to be happy with our partner.

1. Want to change the other

A couple doesn’t have to agree on everything. Indeed, it is usual that it does not happen that way. The success of a relationship lies in the ability of both people to get to know each other, respect each other, accept and understand that differences have always been determined.

When a person doesn’t accept his partner for who he is and wants to change him constantly, it can mean that he doesn’t like him and maybe he loves another person.

2. Do not dedicate time to the couple

It is good to have a common space, despite the activities, the responsibilities, the stress of everyday life. Happy couples try to maintain this place, this personal space to enjoy moments of privacy. But betting on sharing moments to be quiet, to communicate, to enjoy being together, becomes more difficult for the relationship due to a lack of harmony and a distancing occurs.

3. Be on the defensive and criticize

Always being on the defensive and letting someone know the first thing you think about, without asking them, always criticizing, is very often exhausting. We all have shortcomings and when the criticism is repeated it affects self-esteem which can lead to wanting to run away or wanting to be with another mate.

4. Fall into a routine

It is a difficult habit to overcome because we cannot have a continuous adventure. It is inevitable in many areas of life. What the couple cannot allow is routine to make the relationship monotonous.

5. Lie and deceive

There are people who lie and turn the relationship into something toxic, where the lack of trust in the other generates a great attachment. Infidelity and betrayal kill love in a blistering way. It is very difficult to trust the other after going through a similar experience.

6. Be selfish

Happy couples share the decisions that affect their daily lives and their futures. If decisions are made regardless of the other person’s life goals and dreams, the likelihood of the couple breaking up will be high.

7. Turn your back on problems

All relationships are different, none is perfect, there are always disagreements, disappointments, discomforts. The most destructive thing is to turn your back on the problems, to do nothing, to isolate yourself, to be silent, or to avoid talking about the problem.

This lack of communication does not help to overcome the conflict, on the contrary, it creates stagnation which can generate misunderstandings. Stable and mature couple try to have honest communication and give their all to try to solve any problem.

8. Not having s**x

For a couple to stay together over time, having intimacy – that is, satisfying s**x – is essential. These help bond and keep the couple bonded, although they are often left behind due to fatigue and daily activities.

S**xual relationships become different over the years. But it’s essential to learn how to keep them alive and share those essential moments of the relationship.


Relationships are complex and require constant attention. However, by avoiding these habits, happy couples can prevent bad times and misunderstandings. Thus ensuring a healthier and happier connection.