Do I have to break up? 15 questions to ask yourself before

Your couple is struggling and you are not sure about their future? Do you hesitate to break up but don’t know if this is the right decision to make? Here are the 15 good questions to decide.

To end a romantic relationship is to break the heart of the one who made you vibrate so much, to turn your life upside down and start anew. And of course, all this is devilishly complicated, even if it is sometimes necessary when your couple is no longer working. To avoid mistakes and make the best possible choice, ask yourself these 15 questions. Perhaps you will see it more clearly.

1- What am I afraid of?

Be honest with your answers. The most common are the fear of being alone , of what others will think and that of making a mistake. Does this make you stay with your partner?

2- Are these fears realistic?

Once you’ve listed them all, review them one by one and ask yourself, “Are they real?”

3- If I was not afraid of this, what would I do?

Ask yourself what you would do if the fears raised were not a factor in your decision to leave or stay.

4- Am I in love with this person or with whom I would like to be?

This question highlights the problem of loving the “potential” of our companion and not what he really is. Finally, to be in a relationship with an “imaginary” guy .

5- If I received a letter from myself in 10 years, what advice will I give me?

It is a method that brings a new perspective to the problem and reconnects us to our own wisdom. You have to know how to trust yourself . Our instincts are often the best guide.

6- Does this relationship appeal to the best of myself?

Compare the person you have become in this relationship with the person you were before: do you like it? Do you regret the one you were before?

7- Did I do my best?

It is always easier to decide to break up when you can honestly tell yourself that you did everything to save your relationship . Since you have nothing to blame yourself for, do what you think is best for your well-being.

8- How would I feel if my brother or my sister were in this situation?

It might surprise you. It is often quite shocking to realize the standards we tolerate for ourselves compared to what we want for the people we love (the best). You shouldn’t devalue yourself!

9- Can I love this person as he deserves?

Basically, do you still like it enough to “treat it well” (and not spend your time tearing yourself apart)?

10- Do I make up excuses to justify the attitude of my partner?

Turn to your family or your best friend . They will give you the answer.

11- If my couple does not evolve, will this be enough for me?

This is a question that allows you to ask yourself: if nothing changes, will you still be happy with this person?

12- If I was not angry, would that change the situation?

Often when we do not express our feelings over a long period of time, the resentment experienced can lead to a rage that obscures our thoughts, making them irrational and excessive. With your head rested, perfectly relaxed, think about the situation again.

13- If I forgave him, what difference would it make?

Error is human but forgiveness is divine. A motto says that “refusing to forgive is like drinking poison and hoping that the other will die”. If your partner has hurt you, ask yourself what would happen if you offered another chance.

14- If I forgave myself, what difference will it make?

Caring for yourself can be a way to grow and soothe yourself. If yesterday did not exist, would you feel the same way? Because if forgiving others is a beautiful gesture, forgiving yourself is essential to our happiness.

15- If today was my last day, would I regret breaking up? Or would I bite my fingers for not having done it earlier?

This question allows you to realize the issues of your couple. This gives you an idea of ​​how you would do things if you had no other chance. Life is fleeting, you have to know not to waste your time and on the contrary, to blossom in love every minute.

Ask yourself all these questions to determine the future of your couple. Remember to believe in your intuition. Deep down, you know it is the best decision to make. Good luck !