He cheated on you? You will get over it

Did you break up because your partner cheated on you? Dry your tears, it could benefit you.
Women deceived by their partners would do better afterwards. Surprising, isn’t it? And yet, this is the conclusion of a study by the American University of Binghamton. This research has shown that this betrayal would make these women more able to learn from their mistakes and to meet a new person more in line with their values.

The group of researchers led by Craig Morris, anthropologist at the University of Binghamton, thus became interested in this subject, little discussed until now. He collected the testimonies of 5700 anonymous participants, one day deceived by their partner to assess how this trial had affected their decisions a posteriori. And the results are clear: if women experience more moral and physical suffering than the opposite s e x, surprise! It seems that these women have a positive impact on their personal development.

Craig Morris explains to us that a woman who loses her partner gone for another will undergo a period of “mourning in love”. But that this break will allow him to develop a kind of signal detector to identify men with unfaithful tendencies. So certainly, it must go through a painful stage but ultimately, this penalty would not be in vain. The failure of the relationship would therefore lead to a gain of knowledge allowing to build a new, healthier and more satisfying one.

Evolve into better stories

Learning from the mistakes of our past relationships would therefore make us develop a kind of coping mechanism after the breakup. This triggering a radar for “bad boys”. It is perhaps for these reasons that after a separation, whether there has been deception or not, we may feel different, as if we were a new person. Our perceptions evolve and the lessons prove to be beneficial in the long term.

We could therefore see the betrayal suffered as a step closer to great love. Finally justice for deceived women?