Does he care about me? 14 Signs That Prove You Are Very Important To Him.

In the old days, if the guy you threw his arms around your shoulders while you were walking down the street, you would make sure he likes and cares about you.

These days, it’s much harder to know if a man cares about you, or if he’s just being nice and nice to take advantage of you.

If you’re thinking, “Am I important to him? Does he care about me?”

Maybe he’s just a nice guy, then it’s impossible to know.

These 14 proven signs will answer those questions.

People are getting more and more enigmatic in the way they show that they like and that a certain person is important to them.

Truth be told, some people also do certain things to make you think they care when they really don’t give a damn about you.

This makes it difficult for your judgment to determine if a man you’re dating really cares about you or is just faking it.

It’s All Manipulating Men’s Fault.

Let’s be honest here.

Before men discovered that they could just pretend to be nice to win a woman over, it was a lot easier to separate the good guy from the bad boys who only make you suffer.

Now, women look at a sweet, gentle guy and think, “he must be faking it,” because of past experiences with the manipulative type.

Those guys who played with your feelings and made you think they thought and cared about you ended up ruining your trust in men, preventing you from identifying a legitimately good guy.

Instead of being happy to have a man who shows that he thinks about you and cares about you, you’ve turned into a suspicious woman suspicious of their actions.

Does he care about you?

It’s not going to be easy to determine if a guy really cares about you or if he’s just faking it and then disappear.

By the end of this article, you will be able to separate the manipulators from the real, authentic guys.

If you’re with a guy who looks amazing, but you keep thinking “does he care about me?” then you’re in the right place.

The list below shows you if a guy is legitimately thinking and liking you.

1. He Listens A Lot And Offers Advice.

This signal is difficult to identify.

Many guys have improved their ability to pretend they’re listening when they’re really thinking about something else or don’t give a damn what you’re saying.

The trick is to see if he gives you any advice.

If he offers realistic solutions to your problems, then he really paid attention.

He wants to see you better or free from any problems.

It shows that he cares.

2. He Remembers Things That Aren’t Very Important.

Not every guy will remember that you can’t stand olives on pizza and will take them out for you before serving.

If he remembers the little things you didn’t even know were important to you, then he really cares.

3. He Gets Excited When You’re Excited.

This is a super easy sign to identify.

If you’re extremely happy you got that job you wanted or that promotion you wanted so badly… and he’s just as happy as you are, then he cares.

When your happiness becomes his, that’s when you’ll know he truly cares about you.

4. He Turns To You For Advice.

Men don’t usually seek advice.

Most of them just want to deal with problems and doubts their way.

That said, if a guy is looking for your opinion and advice, he really cares about you and what you have to say.

5. When You Seem To Be Annoyed About Something, He Cancels Plans To Help You.

There are times when women get stuck.

They can’t handle something and end up freaking out.

If your man sees this and cancels any important commitments he had to help you, then he cares.

6. He Introduces You To His Friends And Family.

Friends and family are very important to men.

If he thinks you’re ready to step in and meet the most important people in his life, you are now one of the most important people in his life.

7. He Uses “We”.

When he talks about the two of you together, instead of saying things like “you and me”, he uses the word “we”… he cares.

When he starts seeing the two of you as one and starts saying it openly, he just proves how much he cares.

8. He Asks About Your Day And Really Pays Attention.

Asking about the other person’s day is kind of a habit thing.

“Hi dear, how was your day?”… and he quickly changes the subject.

But if he’s asking questions and showing concern about certain things that happened, he really does care.

9. He tries to fix things after a fight.

Some guys get into an argument with you and then disappear and don’t give a damn about making things better.

If he’s trying to talk things out with you and suggests solutions, he really cares about you and the relationship.

10. He Makes Efforts With Your Friends and Family.

If your friends and family are really important to you, he’ll think they’re important to him too.

If he invites himself to do things with his family and makes an effort to get to know your friends, he definitely cares about you.

11. He Sacrifices His Own Happiness For You.

That doesn’t mean he just lives because you forget about all the things he likes and that makes him happy.

This means that if he’s not too excited to see the movie you’re dying to see, he’ll go anyway.

Things like that show that a guy cares about you.

12. He’s Very Understandable.

Men who care about you will understand your situation and your side.

Even if they think you’re being unreasonable (or even a little crazy), he’ll sit down and talk to you until he understands what it is that’s bothering you.

A boy who does that is a boy who cares a lot.

13. He Doesn’t Lie—Even If The Lie Will Hurt You.

No matter what, he’s honest with you.

A person who cares doesn’t lie just because he knows the truth hurts.

He tells the truth because he knows he must if he wants a successful relationship and lying is worse in the long run.

14. He Is Not Possessive.

Many people—especially younger girls—have a habit of thinking that possessive behavior means a guy cares a lot about you.

This is not true.

A guy who cares about you wants you to have your freedom.

He’s going to want to see you hanging out and having fun.

He will not try to control your freedom.


Knowing if a guy really cares about you or if he’s just faking it can be hard to decipher.

With these 14 signs that he really cares, you’ll be able to separate the good guy and know what’s best for you.