Exclusive quotes: 8 signs that tell you to take the plunge

Exclusive dating versus relationships

When it comes to dating, it’s always exciting to meet someone new with whom you share a special connection. While it’s great to hang out with someone and get closer, how do you know when it’s time to take the next step and see each other exclusively? Let’s look at some signs that will help you make that transition to dating exclusively, in a relationship.

When does it feel good to have an exclusive relationship?

While there are certain rules about when you should be exclusive, ultimately, the decision is between you and your potential future partner. Many people follow rules like waiting 3-6 months if you meet their dog (hey, this is a big deal!), Or even if you put down the toothbrush and they didn’t complain, things can get serious. However, realistically, we are all different and what works for some will not work for all. The best way to assess when it feels good to go exclusively with someone too, is through communication.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been on 10 dates or 3 dates if you’ve spent quality time with someone and your interest in them is constantly growing, then let them know how you feel. The signs of sparking are never hard to see, and they may feel the same thing, but they are too nervous to tell you the same thing.

Yes, it can be a bit stressful because no one likes the idea of ​​rejection. However, while rejection can be scary, the thought of missing out on a great exclusive relationship is no better. If your nerves seem to hold you back more than anything, you can always give it a little more time to be completely sure. Because even though you are not in the destiny of a relationship, you are only one step below it and well on your way.

The meaning of exclusive dates but not in a relationship

Dating exclusive but not in a relationship can be defined in more than one way as this is up to the people involved to define what this will mean for them. Some people prefer total exclusivity, which is not seeing anyone else romantically while seeing each other.

Others may prefer to define this as seeing each other only while physically together, but once apart, they can see other people. Another option for some might be to only allow certain activities outside of the exclusive ones, but others are not allowed at all. It is very important to discuss the terms of what it will mean to be exclusive with your partner so that each person understands where the limits are.

Setting limits is another important factor when deciding to date exclusively. When limits are set, each party understands what to expect. This is for the best, so no emotion will be compromised and respect for others’ time will also be a priority. If you have decided to be exclusive with someone, but he prefers dating outside of agreed limits, it may be best to go ahead and find someone who prefers to be exclusive in the same way as you.

The rules of exclusive dating

Exclusive dates are great because you are somehow getting on with someone you care about. However, it can also be a bit confusing, as it is like being in “limbo”. You are very interested in this person and you are not with them, but you are not going to see anyone else either. The good news is that exclusive dates lead to even better things. So, if it’s something that you and your potential partner would like to follow, here are some rules that can help make the process even more amazing:

1. Get off the dating sites

Accepting to see a person and a person only means that you really like them and are eager and open to see where things are going. Because of this, it is best to exit whatever dating app you may be on. Failure to do so can only deter you and cause you to look elsewhere. But if what you want to explore is potentially being with someone you’ve been seeing for a while, it’s best to put the other options aside and focus on the one in front of you.

2. Keep taking it easy

As obvious as it may seem, this is where some people make the biggest mistake most of the time. Sure, things are going well and they’ve been seeing each other for a while, but remember they’re just dating exclusively. Therefore, it is better to continue to take things slowly. Don’t mention marriage or children just yet because you’re not official yet. You don’t want to scare your interest by talking about commitment-based situations before you even officially commit. Just relax and continue spending time together and things will continue to fit together naturally.

3. Don’t make your emotions so available

This is extremely important to both parties involved. They like each other and you can be sure that you would like to move on from the exclusivity phase. However, don’t be so emotionally available just yet. Think of this time as a kind of trial period. You know what you want, but you need to see what it will be like before you go all out.

4. Don’t talk about past relationships

During this time, it is imperative not to discuss past relationships. They want to give each other time to get to know each other for who they are, not what they did in the past. This is a new beginning and time must be used as such. Exes are in the past and when we move forward to build a future with someone new, it is always a better option to leave the people and decisions of the past behind.

5. Respect their space

The last thing you want, whether intentionally or not, is to become attached to the person you really want to be with. Most of the time, this is a major detour and will cause that person to drift. Instead, respect their space and have no expectations. Because even though you are actively watching where things are going, things may not turn out the way you expected. Just take things one day at a time and have fun, but keep in mind that you are not yet committed to this person and that the situation should be treated as such.

8 signs that tell you that you are in an exclusive relationship

Aside from the fact that they spend a lot of time together and are on cloud nine when they do, there are a few signs that tell you that you are exclusive before them.


1. You spend most of your weekends with them

After a long work week, weekends become a privilege. Having that time to yourself after working endless hours during the week is very, very valuable. So when your interest sacrifices that alone time to hang out with you, you know things are going in a more serious direction.

2. They reach out to you in public

Holding hands is one of the most classic signs that someone wants to call you their own. It is a symbol of affection and to show the world that you are an element. Even if you haven’t officially reached that point yet, you are heading in the right direction.

3. They tell their ex that they are together

This may be one of the most important signs you could receive. If you have notified your ex that you have moved in with someone new despite not having an official relationship with you, this is someone who really wants to be with you.

4. They tell their friends about you

If your friends know everything about you, then you are the apple of the eye of your interest. We all know that we only disclose our romantic life to our closest friends when we can see ourselves being with that person. So get ready because this person is in it for the long haul.

5. You were introduced as his important other

This is also a big problem. Usually, during the exclusive phase, we are introduced as close friends to the friends or family of our potential partners. However, if they have stopped and started calling you boyfriend or girlfriend, they are exclusive and plan to be with you.

6. Listening to your ex makes you feel bad

If your ex is still interested in figuring things out and you were open to it before, but now you feel awful hearing about it, this is a good sign. Both parties may experience this for fear of losing what has been built between them.

7. They make space for you in your home

As silly as it may sound, yes, if they’ve made space for you in your drawer, bathroom, or even your closet, it’s a great sign of exclusivity. Whether it’s your toothbrush on the counter or your pajamas in your drawer, they’re serious about being serious.

8. They told you they loved you

Perhaps the most endearing sign, if they tell you that they love you. It’s safe to say that not only are they exclusive, but they certainly want to commit to you and only you.

How long does it take to go from an exclusive date to a real relationship?

There is no textbook amount of time to decide when you want to take the next step in having a relationship with someone. However, it is recommended that you do so after knowing this person for a while. The time being at least two months. The reason is that you don’t want to jump into something so soon, only to find that it ends as quickly as it begins.

However, some may go out with a person multiple times a week for 3 weeks and decide that it is time to commit to that person. For others, two months is too fast. They may prefer to go for three months to make sure they want to commit to that person. It all comes down to connection, communication, and comfort level when deciding to take the next step with someone special.


Being exclusive with that special someone in your life is truly an amazing thing that you shouldn’t let fears get in your way. If you feel like you have a strong connection and excellent communication, you are on the right track. Love is a process and although it may take some time, it is certainly always worth it.