Find out if he likes you in 11 obvious signs

You usually meet in common places and by the way, they look at you or smile you sense a certain interest in you. Or are they perhaps your imaginations?

Do not be left with doubt: if you want to discover if that person likes you, do not miss this list of signals.

Find out if he likes you with these clear signs of attraction

Do you recognize in these signs that we tell you some of those that that person shows you like? If so, don’t doubt that he likes you too.

1. Coincidences (which really aren’t)

Do you have the feeling that you happen to meet in the most unlikely places? Okay, you know that by chance he has nothing. If it tends to recur, it is clear that there is a real interest in tracking you down.

Perhaps he has been attentive to details such as how often you visit a place, has observed your schedules, and has come to detect some of your habits. What is clear is that he wants to be with you.

2. Smile a lot when you talk or are around

And we refer to an authentic smile, the kind that extends beyond the lips to the eyes, where they reflect how much he wants to have your presence.

After all, when you are in front of that person who drives you crazy, you feel great, and it is something that can be seen in your own expression of happiness and well-being. In fact, if you want to find out if he likes you a lot, see if his smile is present as well as he talks to you about things that are not fun.

For this reason, do not be wrong if his smile does not correspond to the circumstances and remember this point; He is not laughing at you, he is simply unable to disguise how good he feels in your company.

3. You get their full attention

To you, to your words … and it’s because he really cares about you. He wants to know about you, your way of thinking, acting, you after all.

It may also be that they pay more attention to your reactions to their words. And in this case, this tends to occur more among those who are more about talking than listening, and even in their particular way of caring for you (and from their somewhat narcissistic way of being) they are trying to impress you for the same reason; In this case, don’t try to find out if he likes you, because he’s making that clear to you through his bragging as well.

4. Take a more masculine position

Thousands of years have passed since the beginnings of our species, but in terms of seduction, the picture has changed very little. And it is that since prehistoric times, men have maintained the unconscious gesture of puffing out their chests and straightening their posture to appear taller in the presence of a woman who is attractive to them.

In this way, they will convey the impression of being “good at physical activities.” It is understood, yes?

5. Friendliness

The details count and denote that that person to whom they are dedicated matters to us. They can be subtle, like the way they listen to you or the careful way of addressing yourself, but just as important and meaningful.

And if you want to find out if that person likes you, see if they treat you differently from the rest; Surely if you detect certain differences in your favor you will be before someone for whom you are special.

6. Treacherous nerves in your presence

As much as he may seem like a self-confident man, the signs of nervousness and insecurity also make an appearance when the woman he is attracted to is in front of him, and if it’s you, you will surely notice it.

When it comes to saying something, they take centuries because words don’t help, a certain stiffness may appear in their movements, they may be perceived as indecisive, they may even be a bit clumsy when they address you … and all this will be confirming what you imagine; yes, he likes you.

7. Protection; first from you and then to you from others

Body language gives us away, and if he likes you, so does he. It usually occurs in two usual phases: in the first contact, he will adopt a protective posture before you, such as crossing his arms, perhaps he will show a certain shyness if he also shrinks while doing so.

If you are trying to discover if he likes you, look at the next phase, and that is as he gains confidence, he will go on to “protect you from his competition; that is, your posture will be more upright and dominant. Perhaps he puts his hands on his waist or opens his arms in such a way that he creates a kind of “parapet” to create a barrier against others who might try to approach you, robbing him of the limelight.

8. Even in the crowd, always in your field of vision

Does it usually happen that, in even the most crowded and crowded places, I get to have you located and always visible? It is clear that it is not that the fates of destiny have agreed to place you each in view of the other, whatever your movements. It is rather his interest in not losing sight of you that makes it possible. Do you still need more signals to discover if he likes you?

9. Look for points of connection between you

You have your favorite movie in common, you both drink coffee strong, alone and without sugar, that you will study the same career even if you belong to different work areas, that you share certain curious oddities from your personal history …

If you have come to discover and celebrate that you share that type of peculiarities, surely the complicity is palpable; logical, it denotes an interest in connecting with you even in the small details.

10. His expression lights up when he sees you

And it is especially appreciated in his eyes. It is something very curious to observe when you see it from the outside; For example, you arrive at a place where there are more people and you see that person whom you sense that you arouse his interest when he has not yet seen you. You notice his expression as you see him talking to other people or attending to other matters.

Then you walk into their field of vision. When this happens, it usually leaves no room for doubt; because, when really likes you this person, it is even fun to see how you get to watch. It’s like seeing something wonderful for the first time. It’s like flipping a switch: off and suddenly it comes on.

If this is something that you have seen in that person you are trying to find out if they like you, it is very clear that they do, a lot.

11. Triangular look

It is called this when his gaze oscillates between the eyes and descends towards your mouth creating an inverted imaginary triangle called “proximity”. If he also lowers his gaze below your mouth, towards the area of ​​your neck, or glances escape to the rest of your body, we move on to the “intimate gaze”, a clear betrayer of his interests.