How can I know if I get ghosted and how to avoid it Complete guide

First of all, let’s see what ghosting is. This is a term that is in vogue in many of today’s relationships, originating in the early 2000s, but 10 years later that became popular as such. Ghosting is the cessation of communication, contact with a partner. The curious thing about this method is that the person does it without any reason, or prior notice, the person who does it, tends to ignore any type of approach or communication by the other person.

According to studies, it shows that the use of this method became so popular due to the use of social networks. In the same way, in 2015, it became quite popular, because some famous people decided to use it to break up with their partners. Which made room for many people to decide to use it to somehow get away from their partners.

Many blame this method on social media and dating apps. This type of application is always used is anonymity. Although some experts in social sciences assure that all this is due to the fact that society is less and less empathetic, promoting selfishness. This term is not only applicable to love relationships, but it can also be applied to friends and family.

How should I react to a Ghosting Find out here

We must take into account the following, currently, the use of social networks, have helped us to communicate in a great way with people who are not close to our location and even who are outside the country where we live. Many of those people, we don’t even meet her in person , just through digital media.

Taking this into account, we must know how to classify people in a certain way, this in the case of friends or acquaintances. Now if it is on the part of your partner, it is a great idea to control the emotions that we feel at that moment. When we do not control our emotional impulses, we can act in an improper way, we must investigate a little about why I made this decision. Perhaps you did not do it deliberately and without bases, but there are some personal and even family problems that are affecting you.

On the other hand, it may be that a certain feeling of guilt appears for what has happened. But we must bear in mind that the term Ghosting is characterized by not knowing the reason why the person left the communication. In many cases, people who act in this way do not even know why they made that decision, this tells us that what is happening is not your fault.

What consequences does ghosting have for you? Here the answer

According to psychological studies, the main aspect that can affect a person who is ghosted is misinformation . This method is totally unforeseen, which leaves the affected person with a great intrigue as to why it happened and also the state of the other person.

The other person leaves without giving any reason, without saying anything, later blocks you from their social networks, does not answer the phone or the messages. This can create a feeling of anguish in not knowing what went wrong or what the problem was. Not knowing the reason for the event, or where that person is, whether or not they will return, makes the duel last longer and a little more difficult to overcome.

What is ghosting and what to do if you suffer from it?

Very well, we already know that Ghosting is to get away from someone in our environment, it can be the couple, a friend or family member. The people who do this, try to leave all kinds of communication with the person . Subsequently, they stop going to places where they can get the person they want to avoid.

Personally, this act seems quite selfish to me . The fact of walking away from someone, without talking to that person, commenting, informing him about it or simply showing his face and being honest, is an act of cowardice. I could tell you that if you suffer from this situation, you should bear in mind that the person who did it to you is not a good person and it is not really worth having in your life. Of course, as long as it is without reasons, if the other person has or had reasons to get away from you, only you know why this has happened.

Have they ghosted you?

Currently, the vast majority of young adults have suffered from this situation. As it is something that has become very popular and is one of the easiest ways to leave a person aside without explaining what happened. It is something that at some point we are prone to go through, the best we can do is control our emotions in that moment and be a little strong about it, knowing that the person who did this to you, is not worth it.

Ghosting WhatsApp

This case happens in the same way, usually the person who does Ghosting blocks you from WhatsApp, so that you do not see any of their photos, videos and status. In the same way, he is not forced to respond to you, because we know that when we chat on WhatsApp, we know when the person receives the message, whether they read it or not.

They do this to completely lose the possibility of communicating with the affected person in this way they will know that by that means they will not be able to locate him. Of course, a part of Ghosting, blocking the person from social networks and communication platforms, so we should not be surprised if this happens.

Ghosting Victim

It is difficult to be a victim of this event, everything will depend on the person who does it to you. If it is a person with whom you are starting a relationship . This stage is usually quite painful, since you are just getting to know your partner, you could say that you are in that stage of happiness and going through this event can be quite difficult.

Now is the Ghosting when they are still dating. In this case there is less responsibility, this will depend on how they met. If they met in person, at a party or through social networks or a dating portal. Social networks have given us the possibility to interact, without having a great emotional participation, which makes it easy to do this.

Now, one of the most painful and difficult scenarios to overcome Ghosting is when we have known the person for a long time. Whether it’s a long-standing relationship or a friend we’ve known for a long time. In these cases it is more difficult to overcome, because we are much more attached to the person, this makes us worry more about what happened and constantly think about it.

What to do in case of ghosting?

There are some tips that we can follow in case of suffering this type of eventuality at some point, it should be noted that Ghosting is different for each person, the type of relationship we have with the person matters a lot.

  1. Worry about yourself: When we go through this type of situation, the first thing you should take into account is how you feel, remember that you are the person who is suffering from this event. Maybe at some point that person wants to communicate with you again and it is acceptable that you want to refuse.
  2. Do not motivate anger : being angry about this situation will make you give it much more importance, which will make you think much more about it and perhaps create a small obsession. Don’t let this happen, don’t waste time thinking about what has happened.