first date conversation starters

You have managed to get a first date with the man or woman you have loved for so long!
During this first meeting, you will learn how to get to know this person who attracted you! It is also a somewhat stressful moment when one can easily lose one’s means, feel destabilized and even no longer know what subjects to tackle.
We therefore offer you some ideas for topics of conversation for a first meeting as well as those that you will have to avoid.

Topics for discussion

His work
This is generally one of the first topics of conversation that we tackle. Ask him / her to find out what his / her work consists of, if the one interests him / her …

Hobbies and passions
Vast subject! Ask him questions about his hobbies, his passions (outings, sports, travel, cooking)? Learn what she / he likes to do in her spare time. Maybe you will discover a common passion!
Some ideas of themes to address in the conversation on the theme of leisure / passions:
Outings: where does he / she like to go out at night and on weekends (cinema, bar, club, restaurant …)
Sports: What sports does he / she practice? How frequently?
Travel:Does he / she have a privileged destination? What places has he / she visited in the world?
The kitchen: What are his favorite dishes and his favorite type of catering?
Cultural passions: Films, types of music, favorite literary style, …

The places where he / she lived
Ask him / her where he / she grew up then lived alone. If you know these cities, talk about the places you know. If you do not know these cities ask him to tell you a little more about these places.

Topics to avoid

Here is a small list of conversation topics to avoid on a first date. Talking a little about it is good … but all retained.
– The ex. It’s really THE subject not to broach … well to be honest, you can talk about it but not too much! “With my ex we used to this …”, “his favorite dish was …”. This will only show your “future” companion or companion that you are still attached to him / her.
– The desire for marriage or a child.
– The money. Avoid mixing money with all your talking points.
– Politics. This is the perfect discussion topic if you want to create tension, so avoid it!

Small advices

Memorize important details of your discussion. During the conversation, do not hesitate to make small reminders on what you learned about him / her during the subjects discussed later. He will be happy to remember all these little details.