Going out with a younger man, good or bad idea?

The age difference in a couple is quite pleasant … but it is not without some drawbacks all the same. A bit like in any love story, in the end.

He is attractive with thunder, endowed with stripping humor, adorable, attentive, in love … The only problem is that he barely leaves university while you are nearing your forties. And, the forty may be the new thirty, you wonder if putting yourself with a younger man is wise. So the advantages and disadvantages of dating a younger than us: we take stock.

1- He should make you take your foot

It is a fact, it is during their twenties that men are s exually best performing because of a testosterone peak and good endurance, while women generally reach their s exual maturity during their thirties or from quarantine. And they also have more experience and more self-confidence. This union should, therefore, lead you straight to nirvana.

2- He is motivated and motivating

A trek in the mountains? Going away. A rock concert? The same. A night under the stars? Definitely. The advantage of a young man is that he is curious about everything, rarely tired in advance and that he goes out of his way to please us because he thinks we have already experienced a lot of things and that he will have to amaze us. The problem is that in the long run, we have trouble keeping up. The sleepless night under the stars of the day before has left traces, we do not have the faith to continue on a concert at the other end of the city.

3- He has fewer “files”

When you meet a guy of his age, you have to deal with his past, understand his / her ex for long dates. If he’s 25, you should be able to tolerate having one (or two) high school loves. That said, his youth did not prevent him from having, all the same, a very long relationship which is not yet fully settled or that he had conquered to the point of making you doubt his real will to want to engage with you.


4- You do not (always) have the same way of life

You live in a two-room apartment, maybe you have even taken out a loan to become a homeowner. He lives in a roommate, or is helped by his parents to pay the rent for his bachelor. Financially, moreover, he usually has something to offer you a pizza from time to time. For more chic restaurants, it will be necessary to wait until he leaves the trainee status.

5- He is not (necessarily) ready to commit

Of course, he does not see his end of life alone, but he has time before embarking on real projects for two, he is young. Suddenly, you could expect more than what he is ready to offer you for the moment (a good pizza), or even flank his fear with your involuntary small pressure shots when he only wants to benefit of life and its freedom.

6- He does not (yet) want a child

Is your ticking clock ticking faster? He doesn’t even think about it. First, he wants to travel, find a real job, take an apartment … In short, live as you did a good decade ago. So, you will have to be patient if you want to have a child.

7- The “mom” syndrome

You may love yourself like two teenagers, only he is the “real” youngster. Besides, even without wanting to, you could start behaving in a maternal way with him – putting away his clothes, bringing him back in the car because he is not licensed, buying him more chic clothes, giving him what to take a taxi – but, in the end, these attentions risk only accentuating this generational gap.

Let us remember first of all that some young men are very bad in bed and already old in their heads, others quite mature and ready to commit. As always, in love, there are no fixed rules, regardless of the age difference, and it’s much better!